Rule #1 - Amazon Web Services

This presentation will be taken
down forever on January 14th.
So watch this right now,
while it’s still available…
Hi, my name is
Jay Boyer and...
I want to share an
ingenious little GAMBIT…
That's going to
FIRE UP your profits in
2014 and beyond.
So if you're
frustrated with
your LACK OF
in 2013...
… stick around because I'm
going to show you how you
hottest niche of 2014...
or EXPERIENCE. And, you can
profit in less than 24 hours.
I promise to reveal what this
"secret" niche is in just a
minute, but first let me give
you a little background info…
It has made more
millionaires online than
almost anything else...
Yet, it’s still untapped and
growing like wildfire every day.
It's a multimillion dollar
market… with 73+ million
potential buyers who are
DESPERATE for what you’ll be
able to offer them.
I'm going to give you all the
details, PLUS this secret
"millionairre niche”…
on ONE condition.
You must watch this entire
presentation RIGHT NOW…
…because this is time-sensitive
information, and it will very
likely not be available for
you at a later date.
… and once it's gone, that's it.
You'll miss out FOREVER on the
hottest money making system
available for you in 2014.
So turn up your
speakers, make
sure there are no
distractions and
lets get started!
So how do I know this
"little gambit" as I like to
call it...
…that will let you create
life-changing income
almost on autopilot?
(Even if, right now, you're
SICK of information overload
and your online business is
going nowhere?)…
This approach has taken
me from DEAD BROKE…
To having a 7-FIGURE
online business today.
Plus, I've seen it get
results almost INSTANTLY
for thousands regular
folks, like you and me.
It has absolutely turned my
life around, because...
I’ve got from unemployed
to 6-figures per month
income online…
I have a list of over 50,000
loyal subscribers…
I've published
over a DOZEN
books on
Yes I’m even…
I've published
over a DOZEN
books on
Yes I’m even…
Most importantly...
I have complete control
over my day... More Time,
Happy Family, Freedom!
… But it wasn't
always this way.
4 years ago, I was in serious trouble.
I actually had a carpentry business
for almost 17 years…
Until the housing crisis hit
back in 2009...
…like a tsunami!
I was WIPED OUT…in a
matter of months. I kept
looking for work…
But there was nothing there.
It was like being stranded in
the middle of the ocean...
…on a boat that was
sinking fast.
I tried talking
to the bank
about my
They didn’t
Needless to say, I was
desperate to figure a way
out of this financial crisis...
I felt paralized by dread,
fear & guilt… not being able
to provide for my family.
I even had to drain
my kids' college
savings accounts to
keep our heads
above water.
Eventually my wife got so
frustrated she told me
to quit foolin' around and
“do something”.
As so I tried something new…
I pulled all-nighters in front
of my computer, struggling
to unlock the secret to online
And then, almost by
accident… I stumbled on the
“real" money-making secret.
… in retrospect, I now see
it’s laughably simple….
Here it is:
Step #1
Identify a hot online niche
Step #2
Figure out their #1 problem
Step #3
Create a high-value product
Step #4
Set up a high-converting
sales funnel
Hi, I'm Jay Boyer…and this is
my Magic Hammer.
This hammer is Unique, and in a few
It will reveal the surprising Secret… making 2014 the year that you
finally start earning consistent,
reliable income online.
Watch this presentation until the
end and you will also discover...
How to profit from one of the
hottest online niches of 2014 –
(in 3 different ways!)...
…without any technical computer
skills, previous marketing
knowledge, or financial risk.
I'll also show you the 4 PROFIT
KILLERS when it comes to making
money online…and why you must
AVOID these mistakes this
at all costs.
(Please Note: this is a mistake even
online marketing pro’s make, and it
will ruin your chances for success!)...
This presentation will be taken down
forever on January 14th...
So I recommend that you watch this
right now, while you still can.
Now you may think you've tried it all,
or seen all, when it comes to making
money online...
Yet I can guarantee that you've
NEVER seen anything like what I'm
about to reveal to you today...
And 1 tip in particular will totally
SHOCK you it's my absolute favorite
it's near the end, so keep watching!
Remember: I'm about to reveal
the #1 “secret niche” of 2014...
And share the best and easiest way
for you to profit from it in as little
as 24 hours from right now.
First, however, I'm going to share
with you a story from my personal
life that's quite honestly pretty
embarrassing for me to even talk
You'll see why I was reluctant to
even include this story in this
presentation in just a minute, so
brace yourself and keep your eyes
glued to the screen...
The fact is, I didn’t always have a
successful online business.
The fact is, I didn’t always have a
successful online business.
In fact, far from it...
I remember this as if it were
yesterday, but it was actually
almost 5 years ago...
It was February of 2009 to be exact,
about 6 months after the real estate
market crashed on the North Shore
of Chicago.
I was making a good living as a
carpenter back then…
…and I had just received a phone
call from my #1 client, a builder who
told me to meet him in his office.
As soon as I hung up my cell phone, I
felt a chill inside that had nothing to
do with the single-digit Chicago
And to be honest…I was nervous as
hell even though I had seen the
writing on the wall, and knew exactly
what he was about to tell me.
I remember knocking the snow off
my old work boots in the doorway of
the builder's office, and sitting down
in a chair next to him still wearing
my insulated Carhartt jacket.
As I expected, he got right to the
point with the bad news…
He told me that he had absolutely no
more work for me, because nobody
was building new homes anymore.
And as a result, for the first time in
my life, I found myself out of work…
with no way of generating an income
to support myself and my family.
So with my 17-year carpentry
business wiped out, I knew right
then that I needed to find another
way to replace this “bread and
butter” income of mine .
And I needed to do it fast!
I know it may sound a bit foolish,
but believe it or not -- here's what I
actually ended up doing...
I opened up my laptop computer,
headed over to Google, and
typed in these words:
I opened up my laptop computer,
headed over to Google, and
typed in these words:
"How to Make Money Online…"
..and that's exactly how I began
my own journey to building a
profitable online business almost
exactly 5 years ago.
As you might imagine, I was quickly
introduced to every 2-bit con artist
on the internet claiming to be an
“expert” at making money online.
And I know I should have known
But I vividly remember getting
suckered into paying $300 bucks for
a “push button system” that would
start spitting out cash for me in 60
minutes on “complete autopilot”…
…that ended up being nothing more
than a crappy little 10-page ebook
telling me how to earn affiliate
commissions by writing articles to
promote Clickbank products.
Needless to say, the learning curve
was steep because I was starting
from scratch, had zero marketing
experience…and I had no blueprint
to follow.
And in the meantime, things were
going from bad to worse at home...
I'm certainly not proud to tell you
this, but…
I actually drained my kids college
savings account (that took us years
to build)…just trying to keep our
heads above water paying the
monthly mortgage and bills.
At this point, we were in deep
financial trouble…
…and I realized that it simply wasn't
going to get any better unless I got
serious about this new online
business and took action, just like
you're about to today.
Still, it took THIS one event…
something so embarrassing and
…to really force me into action,
and take me from dead-broke and
jobless to the 7-figure business
that I have today.
Here’s exactly what happened:
I walked in my 5-year old son's
room with that "magic hammer"
that I mentioned earlier...
And then, I did it:
I proceeded to smash my little boy’s
piggy-bank to smithereens with the
very same tool I used every day for so
many years as a carpenter.
Lying among the broken pieces of
that piggy bank was my son’s life
savings – about $86.00 worth of loose
change and birthday money given to
him by his grandparents...
But here’s the thing…
I needed that money desperately
to buy groceries for our meals that
…because our credit cards were
completely maxed out, and the
money in our checking & savings
account had finally run dry.
I felt like I had hit rock bottom...
and that I had failed everyone who
loved me because I couldn't even put
food on the table anymore.
And I had now resorted to stealing
nickels and dimes from my little
boy's piggy-bank just to survive.
I decided at that very moment to
make a change that would affect
my life forever, and I made this
vow to myself:
"I will NEVER, EVER act or feel this
powerless again... and I will learn
how to create a brand new source
of income to support my family,
And so I jumped into this online
marketing business with both feet,
determined to unlock the secret to
profitability as quickly as possible.
I scoured the Internet, listened to
webinar trainings, attended
conferences, and picked the brains of
the top online pros to discover the
secrets of how to create a profitable
and sustainable business online.
And eventually, I discovered a
secret formula that works EVERY
And today, I'm actually going to
reveal this secret to YOU in just a
minute, so please keep watching...
Remember, despite my success today,
I'm really no different than you...
I'm just a regular guy who
stumbled upon a remarkably
effective System...
…a System that
allows regular
people just like
you and me –
real, everyday
men and women…
To create prosperity and
happiness in your life, and in the
lives of those you love the most.
To enjoy true financial freedom,
and do it from the comfort of
your home...
To not only get out of debt,
but actually begin saving for
your retirement or your kids'
college education...
Or even to fire your boss and
finally quit your day job (and
start doing what you love!)...
To achieve financial leverage by
actually working less and earning
more (YES, that is really possible!)...
This is the same System I've
shared with literally thousands
of other folks, and that I've
personally used to earn millions
of dollars online...
And it's the exact same System I'll
be sharing with you today, so you
can finally experience results like
this for yourself!
I'll share all the specifics of this
with you in just a moment, but
before I do...
I need to tell you the real
problem that most people face
when they dive into this whole
"make money online" thing...
This is the invisible villain behind
why most people fail to ever
make a dime online, and it's
keeping you from achieving the
success YOU deserve...
However, the good news is...
It's not your fault! (so please,
stop beating yourself up over
whatever challenges you’ve faced
so far with your online business).
In fact, the shocking truth is that
you've been lied to for years
when it comes to how to really
make consistent income online…
…and those lies have all but
destroyed your chances to create
the success that you desire and
Many folks believe that you need
previous online sales experience
or technical skills just to get
started with an home-based
internet business.
Maybe you are one of those
people, just like I was (I used to
believe this too!)…
You know something? That's
simply not true at all...
In fact, if you are one of the
MILLIONS that have fallen victim to
this lie, then you need to decide
right now to accept the truth,
You'll end up frozen by indecision
before you even get started, and
find yourself unable to take the
first simple steps necessary to
achieve your dream of true
financial independence.
You'll end up wondering why
"some people" are able to create
a profitable online business, but
for some reason YOU just don't
seem make the cut.
And worst of all, you may even
wind up throwing in the towel
after months or years of
frustration and failure…
…and end up dismissing your big
dream as nothing more than a
"scam" in the first place.
Listen: this is not what I want for
you, and I know it's not what you
desire for yourself...
If you really feel a need to blame
somebody for your frustration or
failure, please don't lay it on
Instead, have a look at the real
That's right...the truth is that in
2014 there's just:
That's right...the truth is that in
2014 there's just:
too many choices out there…
too many business models to follow…
too many niches available for you to focus…
And the simple fact that NOBODY
else is telling you…is that some
models are faster, easier and
more profitable than others…
…while others will send you down
a virtual rabbit hole for years
without any results to show for it.
Of course, it doesn't help that you
get bombarded every day in your
email account by virtual snake-oil
…trying to sell you the latest “getrich quick” scheme guaranteed to
make you a million dollars yesterday
(sound familiar?)…
Guys like this depends on your
deception to make a buck - I don't...
In fact, all that misinformation
spread by crooks like this is enough
to confuse even the smartest person
alive, and actually it held me back
for almost 16 months...
With the deck stacked against you
like this, it's no wonder that 97%
of all aspiring internet marketers
never even make a dime online.
Bet the FACT of the matter is that
most online businesses are doomed
to fail right from the beginning,
because of one simple reason:
They simply pick the wrong niche.
I can't emphasize how important
niche selection is.
I know some people that have
been banging their head against
their computer for years with
nothing to show for it...
...and it's all because they didn't
know how to properly qualify
their niche as one that will be
profitable in the first place.
Unfortunately, if you miss out on
this all-important first step,
you’re dead in the the water
before you even get started!
So now that you know the
…that your ability to generate
consistent income online has been
held back for years because you
may simply be barking up the
“wrong tree”…
Let's dive into those “4 rules” that I
mentioned that you can use as a
BLUEPRINT to finding the hottest
and most profitable niches online -I call these "money niches"...
These 4 rules were responsible
for discovering my own "niche
gold mine," leading me to the
success I have today, and which
you will soon enjoy as well...
So here they are:
Rule #1 - Is this niche growing,
and are other people making
money inside this market already?
(competition is good!)
Rule #2 - Are consumers inside
this niche willing to spend money
to learn more about it / solve
their problems?
Rule #3 - Can you quickly and
easily create a digital product
that solves a problem for
consumers related this niche?
And by far, the most IMPORTANT
criteria for uncovering these
“money niches” is this:
Rule #4 - Can you effectively
convert these potential buyers
into customers that can't wait to
purchase your digital product or
If you can answer "yes" to all 4 of
these questions, you may have a
potential goldmine on your hands!
However, if you said “no” to any
of these questions, you may be in
serious trouble when it comes to
your ability to earn money inside
this niche.
I'll go into specifics of that last
and most important tip in just a
few minutes...but first:
Now that you know exactly what
you should and shouldn’t be looking
for when it comes to a selecting a
vehicle to build a profitable online
business around…
I’m about to show you the
#1 niche that has created
more millionaires than almost
any other online market…
It’s a niche that you can easily
enter, and leverage it build a
powerful business around very
quickly this year.
It has a HUGE and growing
customer base, who will gladly
plunk down hundreds -- even
thousands of dollars for
solutions to their problems…
Are you ready?
So what’s the most
2014 (and beyond)?
It's WordPress…
to be exact.
Now hang on -- before you
say you’re a complete “tech
dummy” & don’t know the
first thing about software…
Don’t worry…You won’t need
to know any of that stuff to
make money in this niche
(I sure don’t!)
So let’s have a closer look at
this incredibly lucrative
Why WordPress?
Why WordPress?
● 73+ million web sites use WordPress
Why WordPress?
● 73+ million web sites use WordPress
● 14+ billion people view WordPress
sites… every single month
Why WordPress?
● 73+ million web sites use WordPress
● 14+ billion people view WordPress
sites… every single month
● 22% of all new domains use WordPress
Millions of web site
owners use WordPress,
and thousands more are
coming along every day!
That's A LOT of potential
customers, right?
And, it gets better
because these customers
software solutions.
How do I know? Well, let’s
look at one of the world’s
largest outsourcing web sites
right now…
oDesk has over 36,000
Wordpress developers… and
there are 86,396 WordPress
jobs posted right now…
This is a multi-million dollar
opportunity, today! It’s only
getting bigger every day…
I’ve personally
earned tens of
thousands of
dollars in this
… but that's
small potatoes.
This niche has created
more millionaires than
almost any other online
And the most profitable
WordPress opportunity
(by far) is...
WordPress Software…
Plugins & Themes!
Software helps people get more
traffic, get more social media
exposure, build a list and so
much more. WordPress
Software… means MONEY!
Listen… selling software is
much easier than selling
information products.
It has higher perceived
value so you can charge a
premium…and most people
won't bat an eye.
Bottom line is…
WordPress plugins
and themes sell
There are almost ENDLESS
opportunities in this
market… and it's almost
IMPOSSIBLE to saturate.
There you have it. As
promised, I just revealed the
secret "millionaire's niche".
There's a real PROBLEM…
that sends most marketers
running for the hills.
Software is DIFFICULT,
● Even a simple WP plugin can cost $2,500+
to develop
● Even a simple WP plugin can cost $2,500+
to develop
● Updates? Often $1,000+ a pop
● Even a simple WP plugin can cost $2,500+
to develop
● Updates? Often $1,000+ a pop
● Sales page? $2,000+ for one that converts
● Even a simple WP plugin can cost $2,500+
to develop
● Updates? Often $1,000+ a pop
● Sales page? $2,000+ for one that converts
● Dealing with freelancers? Nightmare...
Ouch, right?
$5K… just to get started!
However, all is NOT LOST...
Because by using a simple
gambit that I've mastered...
You can profit by selling
WordPress software… WITHOUT
writing a single line of code or
paying OUTRAGEOUS fees to have
your plugin developed.
Here's how...
I've created a complete
package… that includes
EVERYTHING you need to
hit the ground running...
… in exactly 25 MINUTES
from right now.
You'll be able to start
making money by offering
YOUR products to hungry
…probably in the HOTTEST
niche in 2014… WITHOUT
paying for development,
design, sales pages, anything.
That's why it is with great
pleasure I want to introduce
my latest "turnkey" package...
“WP Monster”
Sales System
The COMPLETE WordPress Profits
Here's what you get...
1st, we’re giving you a COMPLETE,
turnkey WP sales system…proven to
convert at up to 73%!
1st, we’re giving you a COMPLETE,
turnkey WP sales system…proven to
convert at up to 73%!
1st, we’re giving you a COMPLETE,
turnkey WP sales system…proven to
convert at up to 73%!
1st, we’re giving you a COMPLETE,
turnkey WP sales system…proven to
convert at up to 73%!
1st, we’re giving you a COMPLETE,
turnkey WP sales system…proven to
convert at up to 73%!
High Converting Squeeze Page
Valuable Free Offer: WP Special Report
3 Affiliate Offer Pages
Thank-you Page
Email Swipe File
We designed this sales funnel to
help you start building a list in this
hot WP niche quickly and easily…and
monetize it instantly with proven
Wordpress affiliate offers.
Next, you’ll be getting
5 Super-Premium
WordPress Plugins
(with resale rights!)
For instance…
For instance…
For instance…
For instance…
For instance…
Best of all, these plugins
come with PROVEN to
convert sales pages for each
of these valuable plugins!
So that you’ll never have to
worry about how you’re
actually going to sell this
100(!) WordPress Themes That SELL!
With “Resale Rights”
New BONUS Just Added:
4 Brand New "How-To" WP
Products – with resale rights!
1. 10 Quick & Easy Steps to Setting up Your
WordPress Blog - 10 Video Series + PDF
1. 10 Quick & Easy Steps to Setting up Your
WordPress Blog - 10 Video Series + PDF
2. 12 Ways to Protect Your WP Site From
Being Hacked! - 12 Video Series + PDF
1. 10 Quick & Easy Steps to Setting up Your
WordPress Blog - 10 Video Series + PDF
2. 12 Ways to Protect Your WP Site From
Being Hacked! - 12 Video Series + PDF
3. Special Report: 99 Best WordPress Plugins
1. 10 Quick & Easy Steps to Setting up Your
WordPress Blog – 10 Video Series + PDF
2. 12 Ways to Protect Your WP Site From
Being Hacked! – 12 Video Series + PDF
3. Special Report: 99 Best WordPress Plugins
4. Special Report: 75 Ways to Make Money
with Your WordPress Blog
You can turn any one of these
“instant products” into a brand
new revenue stream within 24
hours from right now…
But even if you don't intend to
make money by selling this
amazing software & training…
You can use it to grow your
own WordPress sites and build
passive income…EASY!
Now, at this point, you're
probably thinking...
"All of this is great, Jay…
But how do I get people into
my sales funnel?"
Smart question! 
After all…
NO traffic =
NO money, right?
I’ve got you
You're also getting my…
“INSTANT Traffic” System
(25 step-by-step videos!)
As you can see, you're
getting a completely “Done
For You" business in a box.
There's nothing left out.
From a powerful funnel to
high quality products to
traffic generation...
You get everything you
need to finally build a
profitable business online.
3 ways to make money with
this package...
First, build a list...
Profit by offering your own
high-quality products and
software (I’m giving you 109
“instant products”...)
Second, you can earn
commission as an affiliate
from the offers loaded up
for you inside the sales
And third, even if you don't
have the intention to sell
any of this… you can grow
your own WordPress site.
All told, you get…
109 Complete, Tested
and Proven Products!
● Proven sales funnel (Worth $1,997)
● Proven sales funnel (Worth $1,997)
● 5 premium WP plugins (Worth 5x$3,500)
● Proven sales funnel (Worth $1,997)
● 5 premium WP plugins (Worth 5x$3,500)
● 100 Pro WordPress themes (Worth $2,997)
Proven sales funnel (Worth $1,997)
5 premium WP plugins (Worth 5x$3,500)
100 Pro WordPress themes (Worth $2,997)
4 “Done or you” WP products (Worth $1,997)
Proven sales funnel (Worth $1,997)
5 premium WP plugins (Worth 5x$3,500)
100 Pro WordPress themes (Worth $2,997)
4 “Done or you” WP products (Worth $1,997)
Plus… the amazing "Instant Traffic" System that
shows you exactly how to send hordes of hungry
buyers to your new WordPress pages and
And as I mentioned, you get
resale rights to all of this
training and software.
That’s what makes this
system such a huge shortcut
for you…
Because we’re sending you
instant access to dozens of
done-for-you products and
That you can use to cash in
immediately on the hottest
niche around!
That’s right, we’ve already
done all the hard work for
Meaning that you’ll be able to
resell any of these products
immediately, and keep 100%
of the profits.
So let me ask you:
Are you ready to grab this
opportunity and make
2014 your year?
OK, well here’s the best part:
You’ll can access this
complete “business in a box”…
…For less than what you’d
spend to take your kids to
lunch at McDonald’s!
There's no doubt you're
getting amazing value here.
I'm actually going to explain
why I'm giving away so much
for so little shortly. But first,
let's talk about...
Just how little you’ll
actually be investing today.
Because believe it or not,
this “Monster” package is
only going to cost you...
That's it - no strings,
no hidden fees.
Now I’ve paid thousands of
dollars to create all of this
training and software...
That’s pretty cheap actually,
because we already have a staff
of Wordpress developers and
However, if you were to try
to do all this yourself…
…It would easily cost at least
$10,000.00 to do it right, just
like I have done for you here.
So at this point, you may
very well be wondering…
Why am I giving all this
away for the princely sum
of $27 bucks?
It’s a very good question…
Here’s the truth:
…Because there's something
in it for both of us!
That’s right…let me
You see, in the long run it
makes more sense for me…
To practically give away highvalue products like this…
…in order to grow my customer
base with happy buyers that are
absolutely thrilled to buy from
me again...
…than it is to try and squeeze every
last penny out of only a handful of
customers by charging hundreds of
dollars for this package.
Is that OK with you?...
Is that OK with you?...
So now that you know WHY you're
getting a supreme-quality
product practically for a song...
Why not take action now by
making an small investment in
your business that can pay you
over and over again in 2014?
Simply scroll down the page
under this video, and click on the
"Add To Cart" button right now!
Even better…you can access
this entire package instantly
without risking a single penny!
Here's how it works...
When you get access to WP
Monster, I want you to
check it out right away.
Download the sales system
inside the member’s area, or
just pick any plugin, theme,
video, or Special Report...
…and if you're not
that you're getting at least
10 times your money's worth...
Simply give me a shout within
30 days, and I'll give you your
entire investment back…
Simply give me a shout within
30 days, and I'll give you your
entire investment back…
No questions asked.
Does that sound fair?
And all you have to do to take
advantage of this incredible,
risk free offer is...
Simply click the "Add To Cart"
button below.
So if you’re ready to
start off 2014 with a BANG…
If you're sick of struggling
for who knows how long...
If you're tired of trying
everything under the sun with
nothing to show for it...
If you want is to build a real
online business that you and
your family can be proud of…
It’s time to get what you
deserve right now...
Imagine having enough time
to spend with your family…
without worrying about
financial stuff ever again.
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