Oh The Things You Can Think_31

Oh The Things You Can Think
House monitors are really loud
This is the first thing the audience sees. The song should be painting a picture for us.
Review Choreography
Horton Hears a Who
No one is singing the beginning! Know your song and you will know when you should start dancing.
Alyson cross your legs when sitting down on the flats
Alyson – I didn’t see your turn when you come onstage. I don’t know if someone was in the way or if it wasn’t big
Kyler – Maybe play on the fact that you are trying to get water and josh is in your way.
Not everyone should leave at the stage at same time. Kyler, please keep what you did with the ending.
Josh – Opening your eyes more. Since they are smaller, you look like your squinting.
Biggest Blame Fool
Josh - let Kaliyah touch you to move you across stage; it looks like she has super powers. You could also play Horton a
little OCD and maybe wipe your shirt when she touches your shoulder
Monkeys start your dance more towards SR so have more room to dance
Josh move over to SL when the monkeys come on and then back to center when they do a moon walk. The monkeys
should be doing the moon walk in front of you
Stephanie practice your beats with dialogue. It starts right after they sing “biggest blame fool in the jungle of nool”
Choreography can be a cleaner before clump
Energy gradually got there by the end. You think he’s crazy. Go over the top with this.
Make sure arms are straight up; Not in a “V” for the ending
Monkeys - Better diction on “better look out….”
Here on Who
Rachel, Tricia, Isaac and Bri sing 3rd verse. We cannot hear you which is why we have that many people singing that part
Bri C. fix your choreography. You look lost.
“Brink of War” – Michael and Katie work with Cydney and Rachel to review this choreography
Last “Who” off stage needs to be more on time; When you get offstage, form a clump that is out of the way of any set
pieces to make sure you can come in and cut off on the beat.
Day for the Cat
Teri/Kim – Can you make your expressions even bigger since you move a lot and the light isn’t following you, it’s hard to
see your faces
Luke – I don’t know if you’re over thinking this song but you have a blank face. You should be reacting to everything the
other three are doing
Scott – Since it’s breathy song, use lots of diction.
ALL 4 – Try working choreography with all props and set pieces on stage so you are comfortable with spacing
Laura and Phil (Suspended from school scene)- When you talk about stop thinking about whales and all those little
thinks, maybe when can play it as you exaggerating the stories so it can hint to the audience that “this is where he gets
his thinks from”
It’s Possible
We will work the spacing for this.
Luke – When you tell are trying to not listen to the cat, think more like he’s telling you some type of gruesome story that
makes you not want to listen.
Luke – when you sing the first “It’s Possible” for each phrase, it was a little flat; Don’t over extend your neck and it will
bring that pitch up.
Dance – It’s pretty dancing but you all look like robots on your face; this is an expressive dance. Smile!!! 
Zach, Kyler, Lindsey, and Bre J. were the only ones smiling during 50’s dance break. You’re having a party on stage. You
can interact with each other
Luke - At the end of the song, find a focal point and still be excited so when your parents come in to talk to you, it
makes the music stop and stops you from imaging
Reprise – Having hard time hearing the vocals but I’m not sure if it’s the monitors or if you’re just not singing
How to Raise a Child
Work the ending with the track; Don’t try to over-sing each other but blend.
The Military
Isaac – Your starting pitch vocally is flat
Don’t lip-sync with Isaac when he is singing. I know he’s got a great voice but it distracts the audience
Need more diction. This is a wordy song
Be scarier with your faces on “down, down, down”
Isaac - If you don’t have the breath to hold out the end note, just cut it off with good diction and continue looking
intimidating. Don’t come back in on the note
Alone in the Universe
Track was a little low for Josh to hear the beat in the beginning of the song
Luke connect with the song and music when coming into the duet. The thought of it should give you goosebumps
Luke - Find a focal point and stay there, unless otherwise told. Don’t just have your eyes wander. Use your body with it.
If only your eyes move, it distracts the audience from what you’re saying.
Luke - Don’t look at Josh; Act like he’s not on stage
After the lines, with acting and vocal parts were beautiful. We need to see this throughout the whole song.
One Feathered Tail Gertrude
It started in your chest and then moved to your head voice and mask. Keep it in your mask the whole time, because it
sounds great when you do
Character is a lot better
Lines “She curled it and dyed it” were correct
Amazing Mayzie
Walk was a lot better. Try walking on your toes slightly to add a little bit of sass
I can tell when you’re thinking about trying to hit the note correctly. Don’t look up because your neck will stretch and you
cut off the openness
Bird girls a little more expression. You start to lose it when you’re dancing
The constant key changes for “Amazing Mayzie” are flat. Get a lot of air, check your vowels and be in your mask
Last note sounded great– Muah
Dr. Drake
Teri we can’t see you behind Scotty. Try moving further SR of him so we can see your face.
Scotty be a little looser when Steph shakes you. it looks like she is about to fall since you are so far away from her.
Amazing Gertrude
Don’t crouch over yourself
Mask voice with diction head voice
Last note was good
You can still act like your getting crazy without having to bounce. Any step you take needs to be with purpose. If you stay
in one little area, we have a harder time focusing.
Monkey Around
Robbie roll over self after chest bump
Before “Yeah” pose, you cross your right foot over your left foot and turn right
Frankie, I want to add some type of choreography during “Tremble in the trees, Hear it like a whisper”. It’s my bad.
Fix “Oooo” with head pops
Run the song for parts and
Chasing the Whos
Everyone know your lyrics
Monkeys we can’t understand your lines- Diction
Vlad (Kyler) - be convincing when you speak your name; You sound like a robot. How you say your name sets the mood
for you dance and kills the song.
Kyler -Taunt Horton with the clover. Maybe you lick it or turn it upside down. Make it more profile instead of turning your
back to the audience
BIRD GIRLS (When singing about Vlad) Fix your harmony – not good
How Lucky You Are
Great job freezing
Notice Me Horton
Beginning was great – Started in mask and went to belt. Don’t do it.
Notice me “Hort’in” on first two. If you put a lot of emphasis on the “T”, it makes the note flat
Turn body not your head to look at Horton so you don’t strain your neck
Duet was great
How Lucky You Are Reprise
‘Your’self a little more volume but sounds better
You’re pushing from your throat on “Due for some rest”. Get breath support
More diction with the accent.
Horton Reprise
Birds - Don’t make vowels so bright that you go sharp. The brightness should come from the mask not the mouth
Sam thank you for doing something different with the snowball besides throwing it
Gertrude be more depressed. Maybe think of your tail and Horton cause with either of those, your character just can’t win
Hunters - I’m going assign choreography if you can’t show me you have something. It doesn’t look good. Show me
tonight that you have something
Everyone should have different expressions based on your own individual circumstances.
Egg Nest and Tree
Hunter don’t move when the curtain opens
Kim start before Hunter/Zach so you don’t get stuck in a traffic jam
Why aren’t any of you singing? Fix it.
Work on the ending making them clean entrances and cut offs with music
Circus McGurkus
Hunter/Alyson - Only two passes now because it looks like there isn’t a lot of room on that stage
Alyson – You’re running across the stage. Do you not have room?
Acrobatic people - Work with blocks
Clean choreography
Rachel you’ll be next to Michael (SR) in line
How Luck you Are Reprise II
Even more acting
Kelly and Bryan - SR cube
Jayden and Rachel – SL cube
Tyler R. dropping scrim
Palm Beach
Remember what you did for the first how lucky you are
Let’s fix the end with blocking
Amazing Horton
Beginning can be more in your head voice until “Amazing Horton”
Older sounding with “Up Horton’s nest”
Hannah - Turn out more when you are talking to Horton
Solla Sollew
Don’t have conversations across the stage during the beginning of Josh’s solo. It’s distracting and pulling focus
Blending for “If it takes us miles”
Chorus needs to be stronger; Doesn’t mean louder
Someone is singing off pitch on the high stuff
Luke – One focal point
Butter Battle/ Saving Private Jojo
Luke get the courage up to stand up to general and challenge him cause he’s crazy
Isaac – Think more along the lines of no soldier has ever talked back to you before so now you are trying to gain that
control back from Jojo and then you begin being concerned for him on a personal when you lines changes from “Soldier
come back” to “Jojo wait.” It’s your responsibility to take care of him when you’re not in battle.
Wait for all blackouts before you move or leave stage
The Grinch
Lots of Diction on the lines
Laura – is it possible when you sing “carve the beast” to back off a little vocally. I know it’s high but it’s overpowering.
Message from the Front
Isaac – You can have a little bit more or an emotional connection to Jojo being dead. Maybe be a little overdramatic and
cry when you leave?
How Sad/ Could It Be
Scotty - Please keep the ending expression after you throw the GI Joe and go down the fake stairs
We need a doll or sock puppet
Havin’ A Hunch
I don’t believe you are scared. Maybe you’re cold or maybe you saw a ghost? Think about all those things
There are collision spots. We just spaced this. Fix it.
I don’t think Bryan and Delany will have room to do the lift
Leah has no space SL for end. We need to find a pocket for her
Review the ending choreography
Gertrude Espionage
Mask -Sprechsungen
All for You
The mic will pick you up. Head voice/Mask
Let’s run some more blocking stuff
Leah I love the face when you sneeze
“All for you” when repeated 3x was good til the end cause you went to your throat
Take longer breath after “I’m here, you’re there”
Keep running the song with the track. Overall this is better. Let’s keep working it 
When he says “You’re amazing” Maybe stare at him longingly or be mesmerized? Let’s try some things
People vs Horton
Harmonies with monkeys and S.K. YAY!
Isaac - “Order in the Court” Where has that acting been? I want more
When jungle moves for a clump, have a reason to move over there: Are you following someone else? Do you want a
better look at the egg? You look awkward.
Isaac – Much better with the song and timing
Dancing is sloppy on the insane choreography
Isaac - Solo before “boil it” was awesome. Love the dancing for boil it. Go even further. 
When you freeze in your circles, you need to hit the beat. Anticipate those freezes
Gertrude turn out to audience. You’re profiling us.
Elephant Bird
The egg cracking needs to be worked with music. You have a lot of time. Maybe have the egg shake when opening it like
something is trying to get out (cause it is )
Everyone in clump, turn out to audience. You’re backs are to the audience
More expression within the music
At the end of this, I need the six people who are starting Green Eggs and Ham in the pit to go down the slide so you can
be there when that song starts.
Green Eggs and Ham
We will fix the spacing on this
Why don’t you know your words? Unacceptable.
No sandles on stage!!!! PERIOD! You can get easily hurt.
Stay out of the wings so we can get set pieces through
If you have questions about back stage, write it down and give it to Tyler Rhodes
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