Welcome to Rowan University!
Rowan’s evolution
Respect in the Workplace
Public Safety
Employee Relations
Performance Management
Additional services
Next Steps
Rowan’s History
 1923- Glassboro Normal School for
 Eventually the “Glassboro Normal School”
evolved into “Glassboro State College”
History (cont…)
 Glassboro State College added schools of
• Communication, Business, Liberal Arts &
 1992- Henry Rowan donated $100 million
to the college
 1997- Rowan College became Rowan
Rowan’s Make-up
 7 academic colleges:
Fine & Performing Arts
Liberal Arts & Sciences
College of Professional and Continuing Education and a Graduate
 @10,000 students may pursue degrees in
36 undergraduate majors
seven teacher certification programs
26 master’s degree programs
doctorate in educational leadership
Current Rankings…
 US News & World Report -"Top Tier” of
Northern Regional Universities.
 Kaplan -“The Unofficial, Biased Insider’s Guide
to the 320 Most Interesting Colleges.”
 Kiplinger's -"100 Best Buys in Public Colleges
and Universities“
Rowan’s Mission
 To create a national reputation for
excellence and innovation and make
Rowan University the public university of
choice in the region.
Our Vision
 A continued focus on the commitment to
learning & teaching combining liberal
education with professional preparation
 A continued focus on undergraduate,
graduate and continuing professional
Where do I fit into the
 We all play a role in the University’s
continued success
• Student service focus
• Customer service focus
• Excellence in everything we do
Student-Service Focus
 Rowan prides itself in a student-service
• We all play a part in this goal by providing
the best possible customer service to both
internal and external customers.
Respect in the Workplace
 Johanna Velez-Yelin
Director, Affirmative Action
Public Safety
 Rich Wadleigh
Associate Director, Public Safety
Employee Relations
 Sam Raffa, Manager Employee Relations
• Provides in-house counseling to employees
• Works with union reps and employees to
resolve complaints
• Assists in Drug and Alcohol awareness
• Works with the NJ Employee Advisory Service
Performance Management
 Effective tool to help manage your career
 Ongoing process that links you to Rowan’s
 Evaluation 3 times per year
• Within the first 30 days Initial PES
Benefits Orientation – Part 1
NJ State Health Benefits Program
Tax Savings Programs
Long Term Care Insurance
Family Leave
Additional Benefits & Services
Benefits Processing Procedures
Rowan University
Human Resources
State Division of Pensions
and Benefits
 Full-time faculty or staff
 Your legal spouse
 Your same sex domestic
 Unmarried dependent
children under age 23
When Coverage Begins
 Academic year
employees (10-month
appointment) with
September 1 hire
date: enrolled
September 1st
 All others: after 2
months of continuous
When Coverage Ends
 Typically ends 30 days after
termination date
 Ten-month employees
appointed until June 30th ,
coverage continues through
August 31st
Medical Plan Choices
 Health Maintenance
Organizations (HMOs)
 Aetna
 Cigna
 PPO- NJ Direct 15
NJ Direct 15
 Administered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue
Shield of NJ
 Preferred Provider Organization provides
option to use “in-network” or “out-ofnetwork” providers
 “In network” co-insurance payments are
required for some services
 “Out of network” deductibles & co-insurance
required, lifetime maximums
Prescription Drug Coverage
 Caremark: 1-866-881-5605
 Website: http://www.caremark.com
 If pharmacy does not participate, pay up front
then file claim for reimbursement
 Retail option: $5 generic/$10 preferred
brand/$20 brand with generic available
(30 day supply)
 Mail order program: $5 generic/$15 preferred
brand/$25 brand with generic available
(90 day supply)
 No payroll deductions required
Dental Expense Plan
z Any licensed provider
z Diagnostic and preventive services
covered 100%
z Annual deductible, eligible expenses
covered at 80%, 65%, or 50%
z $3,000 per person annual benefit
z Payroll deductions required
z Minimum 12 months participation
z Predetermination of benefits is
required for services costing $300.00
or more
Dental Plan Organizations (DPOs)
z No claim forms
z Must use network dentists
z Diagnostic, preventative, certain
restorative and certain surgical
procedures are covered 100%
z Other services require copayments
z Call dentist’s office to confirm
z Payroll deductions required
z Must remain in plan for 12
Atlantic Southern Dental
Community Dental Associates
CIGNA Dental Health
Healthplex (International Health Care Services)
Horizon Dental Choice
Aetna DMO
Vision Care Reimbursement Plan
 Administered by Rowan University
 No cost
 Benefit covers employees, eligible dependents
and registered same sex domestic partners
 Reimbursement for exam and prescription
lenses only – no allowance for frames
 Once every 2 year contract period
 Maximum reimbursement for exam = $35.00
 Maximum reimbursement for single vision
corrective lenses = $40.00
 Maximum reimbursement for bifocal or trifocal
lenses = $45.00
 Claim form available in HR or online
Flexible Spending
 Premium Option Plan
 Unreimbursed Medical Spending Account
 Dependent Care
The Premium Option Plan
 Health and dental
insurance premiums
are deducted from
your paycheck pretax
 This option is
automatic unless you
sign a waiver form
within 15 days of
your hire date
The Unreimbursed Medical Spending
 Voluntary program
 Administered by Fringe Benefit
Management Company
 Set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for
eligible medical and dental expenses
not paid by insurance
 Must use contributions by March
15th of the following plan year or
funds will be forfeited if not claimed
for reimbursement
 Maximum election is $2,000 per
The Dependent Care Spending Account
 Voluntary program
 Administered by Fringe Benefit
Management Company
 “Use it or lose it” by March
 Any unused benefits at the end
of the year will be forfeited if
not claimed for reimbursement
 Maximum election $5,000 per
household, per year
New Jersey Long Term Care (LTC)
Insurance Plan
• Voluntary program
• Administered by
• Covers broad range of
services for anyone
who has lost ability to
function independently
• Can help protect assets
• Eligible family members
include: spouse, children,
parents and grandparents
(includes “step” and “in-law”
• Cost determined by age at
time of enrollment
• Payroll deductions available
LTC Insurance Underwriting Rules
 Full-time employees who apply within 90 days
of hire date, will complete short-form application
(requires limited health information)
 After 90 days – will be required to complete
long-form application (with medical
• Call Prudential LTC Customer Service Center:
• LTC website: https://gltc.prudential.com/gltc/
Temporary Disability Insurance
 Coverage begins 8th day after sick
time is exhausted
Employees must use all accrued
sick time before receiving this
Provides income replacement up
to 66% of average weekly wage
up to an annual maximum limit
Maximum benefit of 26 weeks
File claims within 30 days of the
start of the disability
Rowan Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
• Service offered at no
cost to all University
faculty and staff and
their family members
• Services include a
hotline, individual or
group counseling,
crisis intervention and
referral assistance
• Call: 609-292-8543
Benefits Orientation - Part 2
Pension Plans
Optional Investment Plans
Tuition Benefits
Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)
 Defined benefit retirement
 Employee contributes 5.5%
 Employee contributions are
tax deferred from fed
 Vesting: 10 years
 Purchase of service credit
 4-6 weeks for processing
Years in system :
* average of 3 highest years
of base salary
Average Salary*
PERS Group Life Insurance
 Group life insurance underwritten by Prudential
 Payable to a named beneficiary
 Noncontributory portion: 1-1/2 times actual
salary paid
 Contributory portion: additional benefit of 1-1/2
times annual base salary
 Employee contribution rate = .0050 of salary
 May cancel contributory portion after one year
(irrevocable decision)
 May require a physical exam
ACTS Program
 Additional Contributions
Tax-Sheltered Programs
Employees in PERS or
PFRS may participate
Additional retirement
savings and tax shelter
May not exceed IRS legal
maximum contribution
z Salary Reduction
z Complete voluntary part
of carrier’s unique
enrollment form
z Must complete
enrollment forms
z Employees set up accts
directly w/investment
SACT Program
 Supplemental Annuity Collective
Trust (SACT)
Employees in PERS or PFRS may
Additional retirement savings and tax
Common stock portfolios
Pre-tax or Post-tax contribution
programs available
Enrollments processed quarterly
Alternate Benefit Program (ABP)
 Defined contribution plan
 Employee’s contribution =
5% of base salary (pre-tax)
 Rowan’s contribution = 8%
of base salary
 Noncontributory life
insurance 3-1/2 times the
prior 12 months base
salary (note: if age 60 or more
additional eligibility requirements may
 Vesting after 1 year of
Investment Companies
$ AXA Equitable
$ The Hartford
$ ING Financial
$ Met Life
ABP Enrollment Forms
• ABP Enrollment Application
• Carrier Allocation Form
• Carrier’s unique enrollment
application (not provided,
contact carrier directly or
Human Resources)
403(b) Program (ABP cont)
Provides additional Tax shelter
retirement savings
z Optional
Salary Reduction
z Complete voluntary
(TSA 403-b) part of
carrier’s unique
enrollment form
z If enrolling in TIAACREF, complete
separate SRA enrollment
z May not exceed IRS
limits ($15, 500)
z Employees set up
accounts directly
w/investment carriers
z Complete enrollment
forms & payroll
deduction form
z Can enroll anytime!
Long Term Disability (ABP)
 Effective after one year of participation in
 Enrollment is automatic for ABP members
 Noncontributory
 Underwritten by Prudential
 Benefits paid are 60% of base monthly
salary (reduced by social security)
 Benefits start after 6 months of disability
in a non paid status
NJ State Employees Deferred
Compensation Plan (457)
 Employees in PERS, PFRS and ABP may
Administered by Prudential Retirement
Additional retirement savings and tax
Contribute a percentage of salary up to
a maximum limit
Broad array of investment options
Optional Investment Plans
$ Voluntary additional contributions403(b), ACTS, SACT
$ NJ State Deferred Compensation Plan
Tuition Benefits
 Full time faculty and staff may
qualify for tuition remission
 Dependent children must be
enrolled full or part- time in an
undergraduate program
 Employee must be regularly
appointed on a full-time basis as
of the first day of class
Benefits Orientation – Part 3
Additional Benefits
Family Leave
 The New Jersey Family Leave Act and the
Federal Family and Medical Leave Act entitles
eligible employees to unpaid family leave in
certain circumstances
 May be taken up to 12 weeks in a 12 or 24
month period
 Health coverage continues as long as employee
contributions are paid in advance to Human
Benefit Processing Procedures
z Qualifying life event
of child) must be made
within 30 days of event
z Other changes can be
made only during open
z Coordination of benefits
Enrollment Forms
 NJ State Health Benefits Program, Health
and Dental Applications
 Required Attachments:
• Copy of marriage license, if applicable
• Affidavit of Dependency, if applicable
• Certificate of Domestic Partnership/Civil
Union, if applicable
Paid Time Off
Vacation, Sick Time, Jury Duty
 Vacation- based on classification
 Jury Duty- time off for jury duty with pay; must provide
If jury duty does not require attendance for the full day, it is
expected that the employee will return to work
 Sick Time- 1 day per month first year, then 15 days
thereafter (non faculty)
• can be used for self or dependent
• Unused days carried over
Donated Leave Program
 Donated leave is available for eligible employees
who experience a catastrophic health condition
and have exhausted their earned paid leave
 Eligible employees may request donated leave by
completing Recipient Affidavit form
 Eligible employees may donate paid leave by
completing Donor Transfer Certification form
 Forms are available on the University’s Human
Resources website:
 http://www.rowan.edu/hr/Pension/index.htm
Information Resources (IR)
Online Training Center
Training Opportunities include:
Blackboard Campus Edition (Bb-CE)
Guest Instructor sessions
Microsoft Office 2007
Special topics such as working with Blogs, Podcasts, and
 www.rowan.edu/irtraining
Campbell Library
 Largest library in South Jersey
 Houses more than 350,000 books,
documents and other multi-media
 Also provides on-line access to book,
periodical and selected newspapers
Rec Center
 State-of-the art health club open seven days a week. Memberships
are also available for faculty, staff, and alumni.
 Features:
three-court gymnasium
indoor track
25-yard pool
four racquetball courts
a cycling room
a group exercise studio
fitness and free weight room areas
full locker/shower facilities, and a juice/smoothie bar.
Employee Discounts-
classified/civil service employees only
 http://www.state.nj.us/personnel/discount
Anheuser-Busch amusement parks
Barnes and Noble
Jenny Craig
NJ manufacturers car insurance
And more!
Next Steps…
Meet with Buddy
Meet with Manager
Benefit Paperwork- due in 2 weeks!
Initial Performance Evaluation