Introduction of infection control in dental clinic

definition of
infection control in
dental clinic
By: dr.suzan Hassan
Lecture (1)
All dental health care professionals have a duty of care to their
patients that includes the implementation of effective crossinfection control procedures designed to minimize the risk
of transmission of pathogenic microorganisms.
Dental healthcare personnel include all members
of the dental team: dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistant ,
dental laboratory technicians.
• The common Infection diseases in dentistry:
• Bacteria :Tuberculosis.
• Viruses: Hepatitis (B,C,D ),H.I.V,
Infection control: is a required office program that is designed to
protect personnel against risks of exposure to infection.
Sterilization : Use of a physical or chemical procedure to
destroy all microorganisms including substantial numbers of
resistant bacterial spores.
disinfectant : A chemical agent used on inanimate objects to
destroy all recognized pathogenic microorganisms .
The purpose of cross-infection
to reduce cross contamination.
 to minimize risks associated with the transmission of
infectious or potentially infectious microorganisms.
personal barrier protection:
are a major component of Standard precautions,
that essential to protect the skin and the
mucous membranes of personnel from
exposure to infectious or potentially infectious
• The various barriers are gloves, masks,
protective eye wear, surgical head cap .
Protective steps
• ■ Careful handling of sharp instruments and equipment.
• ■ The use of rubber dams to minimize blood and saliva
• spattering.
• ■ Correct hand hygiene techniques.
• ■ Appropriate use of protective barriers (e.g. gloves,
masks, protective eyewear, gowns and surface barriers).
• ■ Effective decontamination of contaminated surfaces,
instruments and equipment.
• Environment of dental office Ventilation , The
recommended fresh air supply rate of
ventilation systems should not fall below 5-8
liters per second per occupant. Recycling air
conditioning systems are not recommended.
Floor Covering: The floor covering should be
impervious and non slippery.
• Carpet must be avoided.