march 17, 2013

MARCH 17, 2013
Readings for the Week of
MARCH 17, 2013
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Is 43:16-21; Ps 126; Phil 3:8-14; Jn 8:1-11
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and
Doctor of the Church
Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62 or
13:41c-62; Ps 23; Jn 8:12-20
Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin
2 Sm 7:4-5a; 12-14a, 16; Ps 89; Rom 4:13, 16-18,
22; Mt 1:16, 18-21, 24a or Lk 2:41-51a
Dn 3:14-20; 91-92, 95; Dn 3; Jn 8:31-42
Gn 17:3-9; Ps 105; Jn 8:51-59
Jer 20:10-13; Ps 18; Jn 10:31-42
Saint Turibius of Mogrovejo, Bishop
Ez 37:21-28; Jer 31; Jn 11:45-56
Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
Lk 19:28-40; Ps 22; Is 50:4-7; Phil 2:6-11;
Lk 22:14—23:56 or 23:1-49
Dear Friends at St. Ambrose Parish,
Thank you so much for the many cards, personal visits,
expressions of sympathy and prayers that provided us such
comfort after our mom’s death. Mom loved her parish family
and though she couldn’t physically attend church, the St.
Ambrose family kept her in their thoughts and prayers. After
her death, you continued to show your love and support by
your presence at her services and the generous time given
by so many St. Ambrose parishioners in preparing and
serving the meal on the day of the service.
Mom was truly blessed to be part of such a caring and
giving community. May God bless all of you for your
kindnesses, prayers and support to the family.
The Aice Korenek Family
Mail Ins
Loose Checks
Thank you.
March 10, 2013
$7,780.00 BOD $144.00
$ 930.50
Finance Council
Monday, March 18
8:00AM Frances Kubiak
Tuesday, March 19
8:00AM Veronica Oligney
Wednesday, March 20
8:00AM Sophie Arnold
6:30AM Paula Velazquez
7:00PM Penance Service
Thursday, March 21
8:00AM Frances Kubiak
Friday, March 22
8:00AM James Lenahan
7:00PM(English) Station of the Cross
8:00PM(Spanish) Stations of the Cross
Saturday, March 23
8:00AM The Stankovich Family
5:00PM Pete and Frances Stanovich – Fr. Ben
Sunday, March 24
8:00AM Deceased Members of the Men’s Club - Fr. Ben
10:00AM Jose Mendez - Fr. Ben
12:00Noon Agustin Bocanegra - Fr. Dell’Oro
5:00PM Life Team Mass – Agnes Smaistrla – Fr. Ben
Please pray for the speedy recovery of the following:
Jacqueline Aguilar, Barbie Alexander, Rena Alonso, Billie Armer,
Madeline Astolfo, Gertie Atchison, Agnes Bashinski, Kelli Bevans,
Fritz Baumgarten, Pete Balcerowicz, Daniel Bilski, Dwayne Bilski, Lee
Ann Boutte, Logan Brown, Arlie Brennan, Charles Brennan, Mark
Carson, Edith Carson, Benny & Mary Cedillo, Katie Clark, Faye
Collins, Elizabeth Cunningham, Henry Davis, Albina Diehl, , Betty
Devine, Jimmie Dostalik, Mary Derkowski Dowling, Chinh Duong,
Joanne Ensz, Marlena Esquivel, Landon Faterkowski, Roy Faust,
Jonathan Flemate, Liza Flores, Robert Freeman, Barbara Gardner
Louanna Portier Gellien, Donna Gillispie, John Graham, Leticia
Graham, Octorio Gutierrez, Patricia Hale, Bennie & Leona Hanus,
Myra Hearn, Angela Hernandez, Raymond Hernandez, Rachel Herrera,
Donald Hunt, Pauline Hutchings, Donna Jackson, Mario Jimenez, Ruth
Kleinworth,., Henry Kopycinski, Pete Kresta, Hilda Kennedy, Connie
Kelpen, Ruth Kleinworth, Louise Kubiak, Michael Lafferty, Irene
Lenahan, Marcela Lewis, Josephine Lovato, Carlos Lavato, Dominic
Lucio, Rev. Bernard Mahoney, Martha Maldonado, Ellen Marinucci,
Edmund Mazoch, Ethel McClelland, Sharon McLeod, Sylvia Medina,
Yolanda Medina, Pauline Michals, Blanca Montemayor, Mark Torres,
Mark Mosser, Kristen Oden, Christi Ortiz, Laura Olejnik, Robert Peres,
Melody Perez, Anne Perrin, Esther Price, Valerie Quella, Alberto
Ramirez, Emily Rivera, Jeff Rivera, Cindy Rocha, Belinda Rocha,
Alice Rocamontes, Jerry Rog, Hazel Rollins, Rene Salinas, Joe
Sanchez, Georgiann Schulin, Deena Skucius, Avelina Suarez, Dolores
Tijerina, Mark Torres, Barbara Walker, Michael Walker, Paul Whelan,
David Zaborowski, Josephine Zizelmann, and Marion Zoufaly.
HELP WANTED – We are offering a meal to families after
the Mass of Christian Burial for a loved one here at St. Ambrose.
If you would like to help with this Ministry or would like more
information, please call Sr. Charline at 713-682-2242 or email
Let us pray for all those who have given their life for our freedom and
for those who are serving in our military at home and abroad and
especially the following: Victor J. Broussard, Peter Zachary Carroll, ,
Samuel Castillo, Brandon Cook, Matthew Cook, Master Sgt., Dean
Crawford, Evie Estrada, Nephew Brandon Falcon, Robert Freedman,
Olivia Garza, , Captain Mark Grahmann, Matthew Grissom, Timothy
Groh, Lee Anthony Guerrero, Andrew S. Gutierrez, Bernie Hanus,
Christopher Hernandez, Lucas Hernandez Matthew Hernandez, Mia
Hernandez, Sean Dietrich Hrncir, Samuel Dylan Hrncir, Captain Mary
Hrynyk, Captain Jason Hrynyk, Anthony Handy, Ivan Ibabao, Elizabeth
Grassmann Ibabao, Kelpen, Kayla Loff, Robert Marquez, Jr., Aaron
Limas, Captain Andrew Locke, Daniel Martinez, John Martinez, Major
Kelly McGovern, Gamaliel Nava, Tony Noser, Dominic Patronella,
Jeremy Redman, Captain Jonathan Reed, Casey Rogers, Daniel Salinas,
The Smith Family, Oscar Sicola, Mertie St. Pierre, Adam M. Styers,
and James Andrew Tammaro. If you would like a name on our list of
one serving in the military, call the Parish Office.
Thursday, March 21, at 1:00PM in Room B. If you have any
questions, please contact Sr. Charline at 713-682-2242.
ACTS is an acronym for Adoration, Community, Theology and
Service. The ACTS Ministry encompasses all of these four
An ACTS Retreat strives to achieve the directives of Vatican II:
To place more emphasis on “Community and Pastoral Care” within a
To return to the parish with a deeper love for God and each other.
To become more involved in the parish faith community.
ACTS will give you the opportunity to meet people who share your
desire to walk in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus. Together you discover
new ways to live with the Holy Spirit, become true Christians, and live
richer, more meaningful lives.
St. Jerome's Men's ACTS Retreat for English speaking men will be held
at the Holy Name Retreat Center in Houston, Texas on May 2-5, 2013.
Dear Flamers, Knights, Others:
St. Jerome's Women's ACTS Retreat for English speaking women will
be held at the Holy Name Retreat Center in Houston, Texas on June 2730, 2013.
All flames have now been ignited - All Systems are Go!!!
I would like to thank everyone who made this series possible.
Particularly, I would like to thank Gary Miller without whose help I
could not have done it. He was there faithfully every Sunday not
only for the Faith on Fire presentations, but also for our Sunday
morning CCE classes.
Thank you Sylvia for those delicious sandwiches and other treats.
Thank you Miguel Vences for sponsoring the series and for your
talk on Prayer.
Thank you to the presenters: Rob Farquhar, Bernie King, Juana
Sandaval, and Selma Salazar. Thanks to the Flamers who read
scriptures during the Miracles of Jesus programs and those who
shared their prayers and prayer experiences during the series on
prayer.Thanks to Irma Pina who led us in the Rosary.Thanks to
Veronica Stevens and Benny Burge who led us in the hymn "Lady of
Knock". Thanks to Rita in the church office who inserted our
announcements into the church bulletin.
What a wonderful experience this was for me and, hopefully, for
you. Your flames of faith are now lit - let them burn brightly!
Bob Connor
ENVELOPES are in the narthex of the church for those of
you who would like to help defray the cost of decorating the
church for Easter in memory of a loved one.
St. Ambrose Men and Women are invited to participate in these retreats.
At all of the ACTS Retreats transportation, meals and comfortable
accommodations are provided.
I am on the Team for the next St. Jerome's Men's ACTS Retreat for
English speaking men. Please contact me for applications or questions
for the Men's or Women's ACTS Retreat.
Dick Herman
St. Ambrose
Men’s Retreat will be held on the weekend of April 12 th through the
14th, at the Holy Name Retreat Center, 430 Bunker Hill Road. All men
of St. Ambrose are invited to attend a wonderful Retreat.
If you are in a rut, better move on out and make a retreat with your
parish. Take some time to reflect, to get focused in terms of God, in
terms of others, and in terms of yourselves.
Call team leaders Lynn Waltmon at 713-682-8384 or Frank Babineck at
713-869-5252 for more information or to make a reservation. You may
also register on line at
WEEKEND – You don’t have to be joined at the hip to be
joined at the heart. Spend three days with us and rediscover the
love-filled couple that you once were. This Catholic Weekend is
intimate, spiritual and lifegiving. Application fee is $50 until
April 1. The next scheduled Marrige Encounter Weekend is
April 26-28-2013. To apply, call Zeke or Ashley at 281-3562204 or to to
so come to our meeting today, March 17, in the cafeteria. We
will have covered dish. Everone 55 years old and older are
invited to attend. We begin at 2:00PM. Don’t forget we will
have several door prizes.
MARCH 17, 2013
Bingo will be held on Tuesday, March 19, at 7:30PM in the
auditorium. We will be calling one (1) Bonus Ball Number.
Bring your family, friends and neighbors for an enjoyable
MEN’S CLUB - St. Ambrose Men’s Club Meeting will be
on Monday, March 18, at 7:00PM in the auditorium. This is an
important meeting in regards to items to be discussed regarding
our upcoming parish Bazaar on Sunday, April 28. All members
and men of the parish are invited to attend. Come out for an
evening of fellowship and fun!
St. Ambrose Catholic Church Annual Bazaar 2013
Sunday April 28th – 11AM-7PM
•Booth Chairman Needed: We still have a few booth without
chairman! Being a chairman is fun and rewarding. Your
responsibilities are simple: decorate your booth and check with
your volunteers at shift change to be sure they understand what
they need to do. You don’t have to stay in the booth all day! If
you are interested please contact Lori Woods at 281-851-6324 or
•Online signups for Volunteers: Online signups are open for you
to get the time you want at your favorite booth! Simply log on
to the church website and look for the link for the sign up on the
bottom right. Log onto www.stambrose today!
•In person volunteer signups will be after all masses this
weekend March 16th and 17th. Please stop by the table to see
what opportunities are available. Vendor fair, sponsorship
opportunities and chili cook off forms will be available as well.
•Bazaar planning meeting will be Sunday March 17th at 1:30PM
in the school library for all those interested in helping make this
years bazaar a success.
Please come with your ideas,
inspirations, and suggestions. All are welcome and encouraged
to come!
For questions contact Lori Woods at 281-851-6324 or; Jerry Farek at 713-443-9254 or; Shelley Penaloza at 832-289-8330 or
Easter baskets for
mom, dad, kids, grandma and grandpa
Saturday, March 16 – 5:00PM Mass
Sunday, March 17 – After the Masses
in the Narthex
April 4, 2013, Thursday
Parishioners 50 years and older.
On Thursday, April 4, the Golden Youth Club of St. Ambrose
will be taking a bus trip to the Brenham area to look for
bluebonnets. Along the way, we will visit Newman's Castle in
Bellville and The Brenham Heritage Museum and finish the day
with a tour of Blue Bell Ice Cream. The bus will leave at 9:00
am and return about 4:30 pm. A box lunch will be included at
Newman's castle. The tour is limited to persons 50 years or older
and bus seating. The total cost for admissions will be $21 per
person which includes a box lunch.
Seniors interested in joining us on this trip contact Carol Herman
at 713-688-6509 or email
will be
held on Saturday, April 6, at the K of C Hall and Fairgrounds, 607 E.
Whitney Drive, Houston. There will be food, fun, and games for all.
Music will be provided by Johnny and The Heartbreakers
CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES COLLECTION Thank you for your generous support of The Catholic Relief
Services Collection. Your generosity will help reunite families,
teach valuable life skills to those seeking a better life, and
provide vital humanitarian aid to those most vulnerable.
17 de marzo del 2013
Es entonces verdad que Jesús acoge a los
Domingo 17 de marzo del 2013
pecadores, pero lo hace porque únicamente el contacto con
5 to Domingo de Cuaresma
él los puede mover a conversión. Es verdad también que hay
alegría cuando un pecador se convierte. La ausencia de
Isaías 43,16-21: Yo realizare algo nuevo y daré
acusadores hace que se levante la sesión, Jesús no la
de beber a mi pueblo.
condena, pero invita a la mujer a que “no vuelva a pecar”. La
Salmo 125: ¡El Señor ha estado grande con
mujer estaba preparada -al menos narrativamente- para la
nosotros, y estamos alegres!
muerte, pero Jesús la despide viva. Propiamente, Jesús no la
Filipenses 3,8-14: Todo lo considero como basura,
perdona, pero no la condena, que es lo que estaba en juego
con tal de asemejarme a Cristo en su muerte.
en el relato, él vino a salvar, no a condenar. Es notable cómo
Juan 8, 1-11 Aquel de ustedes que no tenga
Jesús encarna la actitud de rechazo al pecado y amor al
pecador. Esto fue magistralmente expresado por Agustín que
pecado, que le tire la primera piedra.
dice, cuando quedan solos Jesús y la mujer: “sólo quedaron
dos, la miserable y la misericordia”.
El Evangelio de este domingo nos presenta un
hecho real en el cual observamos en detalle cómo acontece
Con la colaboración de ACI Prensa
la conversión de un pecador.
Jesús estaba enseñando en el templo, y en ese
momento “los escribas y fariseos le llevan una mujer
sorprendida en adulterio, la ponen en medio y le dicen:
Lunes a Sábado
‘Maestro, esta mujer ha sido sorprendida en flagrante
adulterio. Moisés nos manda en la ley apedrear a estas
8:00 a.m. Misa en Ingles
mujeres. ¿Tú qué dices?’”. ¿Qué motivación tienen los
escribas y fariseos para hacer esto? ¿Los mueve el amor
Misa en Español
hacia la mujer? ¿Los mueve el celo por la ley? ¿Buscan la
conversión de ella? ¿Les interesa promover la castidad? No
los mueve nada de esto. El evangelista aclara: “Esto lo
Misa en Ingles
decían para tentarlo y tener de qué acusarlo”. Los mueve el
deseo de arruinar a Jesús. Y para alcanzar este fin ponen en
juego la vida de la mujer: “Moisés nos manda apedrear a
8:00 y 10:00 a.m. Misa en Ingles
estas mujeres”. Ante esta provocación Jesús actúa como lo
12:00 p.m. Misa en Español
haría su Padre. Él ha declarado: “Lo que el Padre hace, eso
lo hace igualmente el Hijo” Y estaba revelado por los
5:00 p.m. Misa de Jóvenes
profetas que “Dios no quiere le muerte del pecador, sino que
se convierta y viva” Esto es lo que quiere también Jesús. Él
8:30 a.m. a 6:15 p.m.
quiere la conversión de esa mujer. Pero en esta escena los
escribas y fariseos son más pecadores que la mujer: con tal
Rosario en Español 10:00 a.m.
de arruinar a Jesús no les importa la dignidad de ella. Jesús
Oración de la Divina Misericordia 3:00 p.m.
quiere que también ellos se conviertan y vivan. El pecado de
ellos le produce mayor dolor que el de la mujer, y quiere
salvarlos también a ellos. Por eso no los reprende ni les
Miércoles de 5:30 a 6:15 p.m.
reprocha nada. En el fondo, les encuentra razón: si la ley dice
Sábado de 3:30 a 4:30 p.m.
que hay que apedrear a estas mujeres, hay que hacerlo.
Pero agrega una condición: “Aquel de vosotros que esté sin
pecado que le arroje la primera piedra”. Ya dijimos que con
esa actuación ellos están cometiendo pecado; y a éste se
agregan todos los demás pecados que han cometido en su
vida. El resultado que Jesús obtiene es que ellos reconozcan
La misa es a las 5:00 p.m.
su pecado: “Se iban retirando uno tras otro, comenzando por
y 3er domingo en español
los más viejos”. Venían con el ánimo de acusar a Jesús, y
y 4to domingo en Ingles
encuentran en él tanta bondad que terminan acusándose a sí
5to domingo del mes será bilingüe
Horario de Servicios
Misa de
Quedó Jesús solo con la mujer. Como ya nadie la
condenaba, porque todos tenían pecado, Jesús le dice:
“Tampoco yo te condeno. Vete, y en adelante no peques
más”. Si la mujer tenía odio a sus acusadores o si aún no
había concebido dolor por su pecado, después de
experimentar el amor que Jesús le demuestra, ciertamente
quedó convertida. Podemos estar seguros que en adelante
ya no pecará más.
Exposición del Santísimo
Se les hace una cordial invitación para que pasen
tiempo en adoración frente al Santísimo.
Todos los miércoles después de la misa de 8:00 a.m.
hasta las 6:15 p.m. en la capilla.
MARCH 17, 2013
Nuestro servicio penitencial de cuaresma será el
MIERCOLES 20 de Marzo a las 7:00 P.M.
Haga planes para reconciliarse con Dios,
con la Iglesia y con todos por medio del
Sacramento del Perdón.
Tendremos de 8 a 10 sacerdotes.
Los viernes de cuaresma tendremos el Viacrucis
en la iglesia a las 8:00 PM
Te esperamos para prepararnos juntos a la celebración
de la Pascua.
Los bautizos son el domingo después de la
Misa de 12:00 p.m.
Las fechas de los bautizos son las siguientes:
21 de Abril 2013
19 de Mayo 2013
16 de junio 2013
21 de Julio 2013
Llene la forma de registro en la oficina y entréguela
junto con una copia del certificado
de nacimiento del bebé.
Los papás deben tomar las clases para
bautizos si no lo han hecho en los dos
últimos años y se recomienda que los padrinos
lo hagan también.
Clases para bautizos:
Las clases para bautizos son el primero y segundo
martes de cada mes de 7:00 a 9:00 pm
en el salón A
Las siguientes clases para bautizos son:
Abril 2 y 9, 2013
Mayo 7 y 14, 2013
Junio 4 y 11, 2013
Julio 2 y 9, 2013
Te invita a compartir la alegría de tener a Cristo
como el guía de tu vida y compartir con otros jóvenes la
experiencia de construir juntos nuestra iglesia y
fortalecer nuestra fe.
Nuestras reuniones son todos los Viernes a las 7:00 p.m.
en el Cuarto “A” para más información
comunícate con Eufor Noguera al 832-242-4600
Te Esperamos
Los retiros de ACTS son un servicio a la Iglesia para la
promoción de la fe, la renovación moral de la vida
cristiana y sin dejar de reconocer los cambios que
afectan a cada tiempo.
Costo de Inscripción
El Grupo de Oración
Les invita todos los viernes de
7:00 a 9:30 p.m.
Tienen predica, alabanzas y sanación.
Acompáñelos a crecer con el Señor y a tener una
experiencia inolvidable con Jesús.
La cuota de inscripción incluye todas las comidas,
alojamiento y transporte.
Hombres $170.00
El retiro de hombres será del 4 al 7 de abril, 2013
Para más información al respecto llame o venga a la
oficina de la parroquia para inscribirse con:
José Luis Quiñones
Jesús Aguilar
Sunday Masses, special Archdiocesan Liturgies, and other
services and celebrations. Anyone with an interest in Music or
Singing is encouraged to join one of the choirs briefly outlined
below. For more information, please contact Veronica Stevens,
Music Director, at 281-440-4445, or visit with her after any
weekend Mass.
MEN’S CHORALE, Saturday Vigil Mass at 5:00PM
Contact Veronica Stevens at 281-440-4445
FAMILY CHOIR, Sunday Mass at 8:00AM
Contact Robert Korst at 713-688-0046
LITURGICAL CHOIR, Sunday Mass at 10:00AM
Contact Veronica Stevens at 281-440-4445
SPANISH CHOIR, Sunday Mass at 12:00Noon
Contact Alfa Omega Cruz – 281-808-3430
Bus Trip to Coushatta on
Tuesday, March 26. Leave St. Ambrose parking lot at 7:30AM.
Call Johanna at 281-448-0752 for more information or to make a
SAS Students Participate in the St. Piux X High
School Academic Rally 2013 – St. Ambrose Jr. High
participated in the St. Pius X High School “Middle School
Academic Rally” on Friday, January 11, and Saturday, January
2. Our continuing list of students who received awards is as
7th Grade
Rachel Del Toro Honorable Mention Art
Rachel Durante 5th place Art and 6th place Narrative Poetry
A.J. Rincon Honorable Mention Art &
Honorable Spanish Poetry
Teresa Garcia 4th place Spanish Poetry
Jeremy Garcia 6th place Spanish Poetry
Jacob Jefferson Honorable Mention Math
John Cronin 4th place Fiction Creative Writing
Alyssa Milner 3rd place Narrative Poetry
Abigail Balance Honorable Mention Lyric Poetry &
Honorable Mention English
Andrew Hernandez 3rd place Lyric Poetry
Valeri Canelosi Honorable Mention Lyric Poetry
Manna Food Pantry is
now open from 10:00AM to 2:00PM the first Saturday of every month.
Call 713-682-7556 for more information
On February 28, 2013, Angelina Hosier represented St. Ambrose
School in the Grades 3-5 Archdiocesan Spelling Bee. She competed
well and adv anced into the 8th round of the bee. Congratulations and
thank you for representing St. Ambrose so well!
MARCH 17, 2013