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Measures of Progress
March 23, 2015
Webinar Logistics
• Audio will be streamed through Adobe Connect
• Audio is also available by calling 877-278-8686
Pin: 961449
— If using the phone for as the audio source, MUTE the
Adobe connect sound to prevent feedback
• Please hold questions until the end
• All questions must be asked through the chat
box, located on the bottom right corner
• Materials Inventory
New students, transfers, or withdrawals since January 6th
Updating records in KITE – Test & Exit records via TEC file
Additional material orders
• Materials Security
• Calculator Usage
• Materials Return
School Information Sheets
Return Summaries
• Customer Service
Key Dates
• Materials received in districts
— March 16 - 23, 2015
• Additional materials order deadline
— April 3, 2015
• Paper / pencil test window
— April 13 – April 24, 2015
• Materials returned to Questar
— May 1, 2015
Updating Records
• With any new orders for
accommodated forms, make
sure to update TEC files and
Materials Inventory
• Use the shipping documents
provided to inventory all
• Shipment Summary includes
security ID numbers to
confirm all secure materials
• After inventorying school
materials, make a copy of
shipping documents for
district records
• If anything is missing, contact
AMP Customer Service
Additional Materials
• District shipment includes additional materials
overage to be provided as needed
— Test Administration Directions (5%)
— Standard Test Booklets (10%)
— School Information Sheet (5%)
• School shipment also includes overage
— Standard Test Booklets (5%)
• Accommodated Materials
— If additional accommodated materials are needed,
contact AMP Customer Service no later than April 3,
Materials Security
• Maintaining the confidentiality of assessment
materials is critical to ensure integrity and validity
—All assessment materials need to be kept in a
secure place to prevent unauthorized access
—All assessment content is confidential; refrain
from sharing information or revealing
assessment content with anyone
—All assessment materials are to be returned as
• Security throughout the entire assessment process is
essential for valid results
• Test security is also required by law
Calculator Usage
**NOTE: Calculators may be used in Section 1- 3 only**
Materials Return
• Major Steps for District Test Coordinators
Inventory and organize all assessment materials returned by
the Building Test Coordinator; verify and complete all
required forms
Ensure all materials are returned
Package used test booklets and related forms; arrange for
pick-up of scorable materials
Package unused test booklets, including accommodated
materials; arrange for pick-up of nonscorable materials
Ensure each box with the correct Questar label
**NOTE: All materials must be shipped by May 1, 2015**
Materials Return
• School Information Sheet
— Building Test Coordinator
marks the number of used
test booklets being returned
for each grade assessed
— “Pre-slugged” with each
school’s information
— District Test Coordinator
verifies the number of test
booklets being returned is
— Pack keeping the School
Information Sheet on top of
the corresponding materials
Materials Return
• District Return Kits
— Materials Return Instructions
— Return Summary/Transmittal Form
— Questar Return Shipping Labels
— UPS Shipping Labels
• Scorable vs. Nonscorable
— Scorable materials include all used test booklets
with student responses to be scored
— Nonscorable materials include unused test booklets
or test booklets that should not be scored
Materials Return
• Return Summaries
— District Test Coordinator
completes a scorable and
nonscorable return summary
for the return shipment
— Record the total number of
each material being returned
— Sign and date
— Make a copy for district
— Place on the top of package
being returned
— One form per shipment
Materials Return
• Return Shipment
— Materials will be returned to Questar by the DTC
— Return materials in boxes the materials were sent
— Make copies of forms for district records
— If there is not a standard UPS pick-up at your location,
contact UPS to arrange
**NOTE: Manuals are not returned**
Customer Service
• Inquiries & Questions
— Phone: 855.864.3537
— Email:
— Hours: 5am to 4pm Alaska Time
Questions & Answers