Module I

Module I
Jessie Whitmill
Hypertext was proposed to allow one person to browse through different document systems
and for those documents to be stored in once place, and to link related pieces together. Many
people would also have access to the same data this way. This solved the basic problem of
keeping track of a large amount of files/data.
Websites live on servers that are connected directly to the Internet, not on our physical
computers, routers, or ISPs. Different versions of my own personal website may be saved on
my computer, but no one else can view them until I publish to the web, or server.
MSU Net Wireless
Learning to make web pages yielded more than 43 million results. Some of which included:
“Learning to make web pages” yielded only 324 results. This is because the second search, “crawled”
for the exact phrase I typed into the search bar, whereas in the first search, Bing took key words from
my inquiry (like “learning” and “web pages”). As a result, I think the first search would be more
effective because it isn’t limited to what I specifically type into the search engine. Unless a website
has the literal words “learning to make web pages” on it, the engine wouldn’t pick it up in the second
Some of the results of the second search included:
Learning to make web pages yielded over 1.3 billion results. Some of which included:
“Learning to make web pages” yielded around 9,000 results.
Again, in this case, I think that the first search inquiry would provide more relevant results. However,
interestingly enough, I typed “learn to make web pages” at first (forgetting the “ing” on learning) and
found results that seemed more useful. In fact, the search results totaled to over 51,000. The second
search method is very touchy and with the correct wording could potentially yield more relevant
The difference, then, between a directory and a search engine is that directories rely on humans for
its listings and search engines rely on spiders, or robots. In order to be listed in a directory, one has
to submit a short description to the directory for his/her site and the search looks only for matches
in the submitted descriptions.