Genetic Engineering Project

Name: __________________________________________________
You have just been hired by Genetic Engineering Company that makes genetically
modifies organisms (living things) to benefit society. For example the company
created “fire plant” which is a houseplant that has been genetically changed with fire
fly (lighting bug) DNA so that the plant would glow at night. People can use these
plants to cut down on the amount of electricity they need to use as a result saving
money on electric bills and saving the environment. Your job is to create the next
genetically modified organism for the company to sell. Start by describing your new
creation in the Part 1: Brainstorming section.
Part 1: Brainstorming
Example of Genetic engineering (be creative but example must have real world
application plant or animal)
List 3 benefits of this new genetically modified organism (make money,
environmental benefits, human benefits):
Do you agree or disagree with genetic engineering (list three reasons why or why
Part 2: Essay
Use the information from above to create a 2-paragraph essay describing your
genetically modified organism.
 Each paragraph should be a minimum of 5 sentences
 Must be well written (proper spelling and grammar)
Describe your genetically modified organism, the benefits of the organism,
and your stance on genetic engineering (are you for genetic engineering or
are you against it? Why?)
Part 3: Drawing
Draw a picture of what your genetically modified looks like.
 Picture should be colored and neat
 Should reflect your best work
Part 4: Presentation
You will present your essay and picture to the class.
 Presentation should be preplanned and prepared
 Presentation must include essay and picture of genetically modified
Grade Scale:
Part 1: Brainstorming 20 Points
Part 2: Essay 30 points
Part 3: Picture 30 points
Part 4: Presentation 20 Points