Anne Frank Test Review

Diary of Anne Frank
What does the word conspicuous
Noticeable, you can see it well (the
yellow stars are conspicuous on their
What does the word meticulous
Neat, has to have everything in place,
finicky (Mr. Dussel and Margot are
What does the word capitulation
Surrender (Queen Wilhelmina
capitulated to the Germans when they
invaded Holland)
What does the word mercurial
Quick changing, fast moving (Anne’s
emotions are mercurial)
What does the word animation
Liveliness, spirit (Margot tells Anne that
she has a lot of animation)
What does the word remorse
Regret, wishing you had not done
something (Mr. van Daan has remorse
over stealing the bread)
What does the word intuition
Foreknowledge, hunch, insight (Anne
tells her mother that she has some
intuition when it comes to Peter)
What does the word
apprehension mean?
Trepidation, wariness, not sure which way to
proceed (the live in apprehension after the
thief hears Peter crash to the floor)
In which country does the play
take place?
What is the other name for
the Netherlands
In what year does the play begin
and end?
1945 after the war
What is the name of the Dutch
secretary who finds food for
those in the Secret Annex?
Miep Gies
Who said the following:
“I can’t stay in Amsterdam. It has
too many memories for me.”
Otto Frank
What prompted the Franks to go
into hiding sooner than they
Margot received a call-up notice to report
to a German work camp
What business was Mr. Frank in
prior to the Nazi occupation of
He owned Opekta, which sold spices,
herbs, and seasonings.
What was stamped in every
Jewish passport?
The letter “J”
What is Mr. Dussel’s real name?
Fritz Pfeffer
Who gave Anne her diary?
Otto Frank
In what language did Anne write
her diary?
Who found the diary after their
capture and gave it to Mr. Frank?
Miep Gies
Where did the Franks hide?
On the top floor of Mr. Frank’s office
What year did they go into
July 1942
What did Miep have to buy on
the black market?
Ration books
Who said “This isn’t the black
market…This is what we call the
white market….helping all of the
hundreds and hundreds who are
in hiding out in Amsterdam”?
Mr. Kraler
Who said, “I never thought I’d live
to see the day when a man like
Mr. Frank would have to go into
Mr. Kraler
Who said, “We must burn
everything in the stove at night.
This is the way we must live until
it is over, if we are to survive.”
Otto Frank
Who said, “I’m sort of a lone
Peter van Daan
What was conspicuous
(noticeable) on all of the clothing
of Jews?
The yellow Star of David
Who said, “You can’t throw…?
Something they branded you
with…? That they made you
wear so they could spit on you?”
Peter van Daan
Who is described as being
“interested in everything,
mercurial (changing) in
emotions…unabashed (unafraid)
when talking to strangers”?
Anne Frank
Who said, “You know the way I’m
going to think of it here? I’m
going to think of it as a
boardinghouse. A very peculiar
summer boardinghouse…”?
Anne Frank
Whose picture is Anne
particularly excited to receive?
Queen Wilhelmina, who was the queen
of Holland at the time of the Dutch
capitulation (surrender).
Who said, “There are no walls,
there are no bolts, no locks that
anyone can put on your mind.”
Otto Frank to Anne
What does Anne say she loathes
(hates) about her mother?
When Edith treats Anne like a baby
Who said, “You are the most
intolerable, insufferable (not able
to stand) boy I’ve ever met!”
Anne Frank to Peter
Who said, “Now is that any way
to talk to your little girlfriend?”
Petronella van Daan to Peter
What name does Peter call Anne
because she talks so much in
“Mrs. Quack Quack”
What food was eaten in
abundance in the Annex?
Who first said, “Remember, Mr.
So-and-So, remember I’m a
Petronella van Daan
To whom did Anne say
indignantly (angrily), “I, rude!”?
Mr. van Daan when he told her that she
talked too much and she should be
more like Margot
Mrs. van Daan had enmity
(hatred) for Anne after Anne did
Spilled milk on her fur coat
Who is described as being in
“late fifties, meticulous (picky),
Albert Dussel
Who said, “I’d always thought of
myself as Dutch. I was born in
Holland. My father was born in
Holland, and my grandfather...”
Albert Dussel
Why did Anne have to be
subdued (calmed down) in the
middle of the night?
She had a nightmare that the Green
Police had found them
Who said “Every night she twists
and turns. I don’t sleep. I spend
half my night shushing her. And
now it’s nightmares!”?
Mr. Dussel about Anne
Who said, “We have nothing in
common. She doesn’t understand
me. Whenever I try to explain my
views on life to her, she asks me
if I’m constipated.”?
Anne to her father (speaking about her
Who said, “No! Not like St.
Nicholas! What kind of a Jew are
you that you don’t know
Petronella van Daan to Mr. Dussel
What did Anne give her father for
An ascot (knitted scarf)
What did Anne give Petronella
van Daan for Hanukkah?
What did Anne give her mother
for Hanukkah?
IOU for 10 hours of doing whatever she
What did Anne give Mr. van
Daan for Hanukkah?
Two cigarettes
What did Anne give Mr. Dussel
for Hanukkah?
Ear plugs
What did Anne give Mouschi for
A ball of paper with a string attached
What did Anne give Peter for
Safety razor
What did Anne give Margot for
Crossword puzzle book
After receiving his gifts, what
does Peter ostentatiously
(showily; wanting to be noticed)
do during the Hanukkah
Hides a towel in his coat, pretending it is
Who said, “He wants to get rid of
that? Put a little milk on it and let
the cat lick it off”?
Mr. Dussel about Peter’s moustache
Who said, “Don’t tell me! He gets
fatter every day! That cat looks
better than any of us. Out he
goes tonight!”?
Mr. van Daan to Peter
What interrupted the Hanukkah
A burglar steals the cash box
After the break-in, which person
wanted to buy off the Green
Petronella van Daan
Why was Peter forlorn (sad) on
New Year’s Day in 1944?
Miep said she had not found Mouschi,
who had run away
What causes an argument when
cutting the cake on New Year’s
Day in 1944?
Dussel claims that Petronella gives
Hermann bigger portions
On New Year’s Day in 1944,
what does Mr. van Daan ask
Miep to do?
Sell Petronella’s fur coat and buy
In 1944, what does the
warehouseman Carl want?
A raise of twenty guilders
Who said, “Any time you want to
let off steam, you can come into
my room.”
Who told Anne that she has nice
eyes and a lot of animation
Who said, “Mother, I have some
intuition (insight, hunch)”?
Who tends to be an inarticulate
(unable to speak clearly)
Who wants to work on a farm
some day?
When Anne and Peter are talking
in her room, what does Mr.
Dussel ineffectually (uselessly)
Tries to come into the room
Who is secretly stealing from the
food safe at night?
Hermann van Daan
Who tends to always be
disgruntled (displeased;
Albert Dussel
Who said, “No! No! No more talk!
I want them to leave!”?
Edith Frank
What occurred on June 6, 1944?
D-Day invasion of the Allies
Where did the Allies forces land
on June 6, 1944?
On the beaches of Normandy, France
What did the Allies call the 60mile stretch of fortifications along
the French coastline?
Atlantic Wall
Besides Mr. van Daan, who was
stricken with remorse (regret)
after the D-Day celebration?
Edith Frank (for yelling at Hermann)
In Act II, Scene 4, Mr. Frank
shows apprehension (misgiving;
dread) in doing what?
Answering the telephone
To what concentration camp in
Holland were the Annex
members taken after they were
found out?
To what death camp were the
Annex members sent at first?
Auschwitz in Poland
Who was the only Annex
member to survive?
Otto Frank
Which Annex member was
gassed to death upon arrival in
Hermann van Daan
Which Annex member was killed
at the Neuengamme camp in
Albert Dussel
Which Annex member died at
Auschwitz from starvation?
Edith Frank
Which Annex member was
shipped out of Auschwitz on a
Death March and died at the
Mauthausen camp in May, 1945?
Peter van Daan
Which Annex members died of
typhus at Bergen-Belsen?
Anne Frank and Margot Frank
For approximately how many
years did anti-Semitism exist in
2,000 years
What was the Diaspora
in 63 CE?
Forced exile of the Jews from Palestine
What book did Hitler write while
in prison?
Mein Kampf
Which American wrote antiSemitic articles in his newspaper
during the 1930’s?
Henry Ford
What was the name of the book
that contained 90 Anti-Semitic
articles written by Henry Ford?
The International Jew
What was the German translation
of the book that Henry Ford
The Eternal Jew
What country was established in
1948 to re-establish a Jewish
Germany, Austria, and Italy were
known as what before WWI?
Triple Alliance (Central Powers)
England, France, and Russia
were known as what before
Triple Entente (Allied Powers)
Who was killed in 1914 by a
Syrian student that started WWI?
Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie
from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire
When did WWI end?
November 11, 1918
What treaty was Germany forced
to sign at the end of WWI?
Treaty of Versailles
The Treaty of Versailles made
Germany give up land, pay war
damages, not build up its military,
and ______?
Accept total blame for the war
Hitler called the German
politicians who signed the Treaty
of Versailles the _____.
“November Criminals”
After WWI, Germany suffered
from hyper-_____, wiping out the
savings of its citizens.
What political party did Hitler
create from the German Worker’s
National Socialist German Workers’ Party
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartie
(NAZI for short)
When was Hitler elected as
Chancellor of Germany?
In July, 1933, how many legal
political parties existed in
One—the Nazis
What did Hitler call his empire?
The Third Reich (Third Empire)
What title did Hitler take?
Führer (leader)
What did Hitler call his “master
In 1938, what was the supposed
spontaneous uprising of the
German people against the Jews
(staged by the SS troops)?
Kristallnacht or “Night of Broken Glass”
In 1938, what country did Hitler
first invade and attach to
(known as the Anschluss; The Sound of Music movie
is about this take-over)
In 1939, what country did Hitler
invade that started a war?
Which two countries immediately
declared war on Germany?
England and France
When did the United States enter
World War II?
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor by
Japan on December 7, 1941 (war
declared on December 8, 1941)
Besides Germany, what other
two countries were known as the
Axis Powers in WWII?
Italy and Japan
What was the systematic
annihilation of 11,000,000 people
under the Nazi regime?
The Holocaust
How many European Jews died
during the Holocaust?
6 million (out of 9 million)
How many total people died at
the hands of the Nazis during the
11,000,000 (11 million)
What do you call a word or
phrase that is a “nice” way of
saying something that is “bad”?
(eu = good; phem = to appear)
What term described a “Jewish
residential quarter” and served to
isolate the Jews?
What was the name of the Nazi’s
mobile elite killing squads that
murdered people in rural areas?
In 1942, what name is given to
the Nazi’s decision to kill every
Jew in Europe?
Final Solution
Euphemistically, what did
“evacuation to the East” mean?
Being sent to a death camp in Poland
(located to the east of Germany)
How were most prisoners
transported to the death camps?
By train (cattle cars)
What was the largest death camp
in Poland?
The sign outside of Auschwitz
said “Arbeit Macht Frei” meaning
“___ will set you free.”
Upon arrival in a death camp,
what was the “First Sort” of
Men were separated from women
In a death camp, during the
Second Sort, which direction by
thumb-point would mean “life”?
Right was life; death was left
Those chosen for death included
sick people, those unable to
walk, people who looked 55 or
older and ____.
Children who looked 15 or younger
How were most Jews killed in the
death camps?
Gassed to death with Zyklon B
How were gas chambers
As showers
In what year were most of the
death camps liberated (freed)?
What happened on April 30,
Hitler committed suicide
May 8, 1945 is known as ____.
(Victory in Europe Day)
Simon Wiesenthal said that
humanity is threatened when
hate is coupled with _____.
Anne said, “In spite of everything,
I still believe that people are
really ____ at heart.”?