Lesson 3 4.1 * Previewing the Unit 4.2 * Mask Monologues

-to analyze skills and knowledge necessary for success in the unit
-to build fluency, confidence, and poise when speaking in front of an
Pg. 255
* 1. What are the essential features of an
effective drama and/ or dramatic
* How have the strategies I have learned this
year helped me to be a better reader, writer,
speaker, and listener?
Pg 252
* To engage in authentic research related to
performing Romeo and Juliet
* To explore multiple interpretations of Romeo and
Juliet through performance and film
* To examine the “coming of age” concept in the
context of the play
* To be intentional in the use of strategies and to
evaluate how well they work
* To reflect on one’s growth as a learner
What do you think are some activities we will
cover in this unit? Think-pair-share
Take a moment to look over the table of
contents and academic vocabulary found on
page 252
* As a class, let’s read the learning focus on page
* What stands out to you after reading?
* Answer the Unit Overview and Learning Focus
Question on page 255
* Define Monologues in the academic vocabulary
section of your binders (page 256)
* Examine the picture in front of you. Ask
yourself these questions
* The person’s gender, age, and ethnicity
* His or her facial expression
* The kind of person you think he or she is; what
he or she might sound like; what he or she might
talk about; what body movements or gestures he
or she would use
* Write a short monologue on page 256 in the
voice of the person. Cover topics that you
might think the person would discuss as you try
to “speak for” him or her.
* Hold up your mask in front of your face as you deliver
the monologue to others. Speak at an appropriate
volume. Allow your audience to pose questions that
you answer in the voice of your “masked” character.
You will have a chance to pose questions to other
students characters.
1. Deliver a monologue to your small group.
2. -If you are the audience, come up with 1-2
questions to ask the speaker
- If you are the speaker, answer the questions in
the voice of your “masked” character.
Repeat for all group members
* As a class we will read the poem on page 257.
* In your small groups, complete the SIFT
strategy on page 257. We will discuss your
* How is the poem relevant to the monologue
activity we completed?
* How do we wear masks in our daily lives?
* What do people really know about us if we
wear a mask to hide our true feelings?
* How do you think this poem may relate to the
play Romeo and Juliet?