File - Mrs. Morrison's Class

August 26, 2015
6:00-7:30 PM
I am a wife and mother – my son,
Braeden, is a first-grader at Kyffin.
I have two dogs, two cats, & one
I have five siblings – three sisters &
two brothers.
I like to read, watch movies, be
outdoors, and spend time with my
This is my second year teaching at
I was also a Kyffin Cougar and am a
proud Jeffco graduate.
• As a class, we have established a set of
classroom rules and expectations that align
with Kyffin’s systemic set of classroom &
school wide values – PRRS.
• We will...
• D
• D
• D
• D
• D
• Failure to adhere to class rules may result
in warnings, behavior reflections,
calls/emails home, and/or referrals to
8:10-8:30 – Morning Meeting
8:30-9:30 – Writing
9:30 – Snack
9:30-11:00 – Reading
11:05-11:50 – AMP
11:50-12:30 – Lunch/Recess
12:30-2:00 – Math
2:00-2:45 – Science/Soc. Studies
2:45-2:55 – Stack & Pack
• Kyffin systemically and systematically uses the
Writing Alive curriculum implemented last year.
• This allows for a common language used
school wide and the ability to effectively
build on skills learned in previous grades.
• Skills are taught in a strategic manner to
build upon one another.
• We will use this curriculum to explore the use of
figurative language, narrative storytelling,
writing to explain, opinion writing and nonfiction
• We will also be learning cursive.
• We will be using the Daily 5 (4) model during our
literacy block, during which time students will
practice the following:
• Read to Self
• Read to Someone
• Work on Writing
• Word Work
• During this time, students will also be meeting with
teacher either individually or in small groups to work
on reading comprehension, accuracy, and fluency.
• Specific units will focus on exploring characters,
nonfiction texts, uncovering main ideas & details and
examining the human experience through literature.
• Kyffin systemically uses the Math Expressions
curriculum implemented last year.
• This allows for a common language used school
wide and the ability to effectively build on skills
learned in previous grades.
• We will use this curriculum to explore place value
and multi-digit addition & subtraction, multiplication &
division with whole numbers, equations with word
problems, fraction concepts & operations, fractions &
decimals, measurement and geometry.
• We will also be using Moby Max as a tool for
evaluating our understanding and identifying any
potential gaps.
• Students that have a Body of Evidence (BOE) that
demonstrates mastery & in-depth understanding of
grade-level math standards may be recommended
for acceleration by one year. This BOE may include:
• 80% or above on current grade level EOY
• Advanced scoring in math on TCAP, TOMAGS,
or quantitative reasoning on CogAT
• Continuously scoring 90% or higher on gradelevel unit tests
• Additional assessments including Acuity, Moby
Max, etc.
• Students receiving math instruction
at a grade level above will receive a
progress report, created by the
classroom teacher, at the end of
each unit. This will need to be signed
by a parent and returned.
• Students in the accelerated math
program are expected to receive
70% or above for an overall unit
Social Studies
• 3rd graders tackle four social studies
concepts throughout the school year:
• Roles, Rights & Responsibilities
• The Big City
• Living & Working in the City
• The Cultural Regions &
Interactions of First Americans
• Two of our grade-level field trips will
focus on our social studies units:
• Day in Denver
• Native Americans
• 3rd graders tackle three science concepts
throughout the school year:
• Life Cycles
• Earth’s Materials
• Matter
• The central focus of each of these concepts is
• One of our grade-level field trips will focus on our
science units:
• Butterfly Pavilion
• Monthly Science Experiments
• We plan to have a monthly wholeclass science experiment that will
reinforce critical thinking skills while
integrating literacy skills.
• Magic Science
• At the end of the school year, each
student will need to identify and
practice a magic trick that can be
performed for his/her classmates.
• Students will be expected to discuss
and explain the science behind his/her
chosen magic trick.
• More details to come...
• GT Tech Challenge
• The Tech Challenge is an opportunity for
students to create a 5-minute digital
presentation through which they address an
essential question of their choosing.
• i.e., How does music influence mood?
• We collaborate with our teacher librarian, the GT
resource teacher, and peers from the GT vertical
• Presentations in February
• Passion Projects
• Passion Projects allow students to participate in
an in-depth investigation of a topic of their
• Presentations in April
• Field Trips
• We will be taking three field trips this year
with our grade-level team.
• We also plan to take a field trip or two with
a class (or classes) from our vertical GT
• Junior Achievement
• Volunteers from a nonprofit organization
come to teach about economics, local
businesses and career opportunities.
• Monthly science taught by parents.
• If you have any ideas and/or connections for
other field trips or in-class enrichment
opportunities, please share!
• Each week, one student will be selected to create
and share an “All About Me” poster.
• This is benefits our learning environment in multiple
• Students are given the opportunity to feel
acknowledged and important
• Our classroom community is strengthened
• I get to learn things about students that I may not
otherwise get to know
• We will gladly be inviting volunteers into our
classroom to share in our learning experiences
beginning in October.
• Volunteer opportunities include:
• Coordinating classroom parties & celebrations
• Helping with ELF
• Providing content-specific resources from the
public library
• Stuffing Friday Folders (?)
• Leading field trip groups
• And more...
• Students can expect daily math homework. This
serves to reinforce new and previously learned
• Students can also expect a weekly Brain Buster
to be downloaded from the classroom website
and turned in every Friday.
• Additionally, students are expected to read
• All 3rd graders are responsible for turning in
homework on assigned due date. Missed
homework that is unexcused can result in the
loss of extra recess.
• 4 – Advanced
• 93% and above
• Exceeding the standard
• 3 – Proficient
• 75-92%
• Meeting the standard
• 2 – Partially Proficient
• 65-74%
• Making progress toward the
• 1 – Unsatisfactory
• 64% and below
• Lacking adequate progress
toward the standard
• Open and frequent communication is
integral to our success in the classroom.
• Expect an update sent via email at the
end of each month.
• Emails will be responded to within 48
hours (excluding weekends)
• Our classroom website will be updated
regularly with the following information:
• Monthly communications
• Major due dates & deadlines
• Volunteer opportunities
• Important documents and links
• Etc.
• Important communications will also be
sent via Friday Folders
• Our FLEX testing days will be held on Friday,
September 11 and Monday, September 14.
• We tentatively expect our reading assessment
to take 30 minutes, but are awaiting further
instruction from administration before
• A Sign-Up Genius link will be sent out.
• Please feel free to email me with any questions you
have from tonight or at any point in time throughout
the school year.
Thank you for your time and