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Visitor’s Authentication & Management System
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By Viraat Authentication Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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Introduction of VAMS®
• Visitor Authentication and Management System (VAMS®) application is
developed by “Viraat Authentication Systems Pvt. Ltd.”, a subsidiary of
Viraat Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd.
• Viraat Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. provides software solutions to companies
in various countries such as India, UAE, Singapore & USA and others.
• VAMS® application is an innovative application that gathers visitor
information in an organized manner. It is a modern day solution for secure
data compilation.
Current Visitor Registration Process
Traditional Visitor logs (manual & computer
based) have visitor data as provided by the
It is very easy to defeat the system by
providing incorrect data
Visitor data entry usually difficult to read
and interpret
Visitor’s data security is also at a risk since
it Is kept open for anyone to read.
Why V - Authenticate?
VAMS® application captures crucial visitor
details like their mobile number, ID and
photograph and authenticates their mobile
number (which under KYC norms is
validated data). This helps in maintaining an
authentic data set for better security.
It facilitates faster registration in offices and
avoidance of repeatedly writing personal
It provides dependable visitor data for the
company’s record and helps in protecting
visitor’s information from misuse.
Features Of VAMS®
Unique feature of authenticating mobile number of visitors.
Web Based application enabling easy Deployment & Management of multiple locations
SMS /Email alerts to host with visitor details.
Centralized database of visitors.
Customized visitors pass.
Option to handle multiple visitors in a party.
Optional Numeric Keypad to secure essential visitor information.
Pre – Appointments module to expedite visitor’s entry.
Integration with Active Directory Service (ADS).
Visitor’s asset details may be captured.
Full integration with customer’s existing biometric or other systems
Real time reports with emergency alerts.
Kiosk option for locations with high visitor count.
VAMS® Authentication Process
Process for Repeat visitor
Step 1: Mobile number entered in
application will go to VA/Client’s Server
Step 2: Visitor’s Data ( Name, Photo,
Company name) will directly appear on the
application screen.
Below mentioned data are shared on the Server:
•Visitor’s Name
•Visitor’s Picture
•Visitor’s Company Name
•Visitor’s Mobile Number
Authentication Process for Pre Scheduled Visitor
Visitor details are filled in the
provided link by the staff
The same can be viewed at the reception
screen. You have an option to pre create the
passes and keep it ready for VIP visitors.
Visitor receives the authentication key 30 minutes before
the meeting. He only needs to provide his mobile
number and the key at the reception to get his pass,
thereby speeding up the process.
Visitor can also self register on Self Help Kiosks.
Alert’s Sample
An SMS (chargeable) or an E-mail (free) may also be sent to the host as
SMS Sample
Deepak Mehta (9619******) from Viraat is here to meet you.
Email Sample
From: V-Authenticate
Date: Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 1:58 PM
Subject: VA - Visitor Notification
Deepak Mehta (9619******) from Viraat is here to meet you.
Logging Out the visitor
Visitor is logged out either scanning the bar code on his pass or manually
Sample Report for VAMS
Emergency Alert
Alerts can be sent to the visitors as well as the employees during any crisis from the VAMS
VAMS® Process for
contractors/vendors/permanent visitors.
* (Available at an additional cost.)
Details of the person is entered into the application and a detailed pass is printed
for him with a bar code which has validity period.
Contractor’s bar code is
scanned which populates his
data on the screen. His real
time photo is also captured to
avoid any tailgating. His
assigned bar code will only
work till its validity period
beyond which it will show an
error. Thus his log in/log out
time are recorded and ready to
be reviewed.
Lt. Col. Paramesh Sarma, Dy. GM – Administration -ACC Limited, Mumbai:
We learnt about VAMS and while during the demo stage only , I realized the very efficacy and functionality of the
system and decided to go for it . A simple solution that meets a complex requirement. We have instantaneously
gone for it."
Vinay Jumani, Senior Manager : Non Technical Services,Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., Mumbai
"We have been using VAMS from Viraat Authentication for both our offices in Mumbai since April ’13. I must say
that the software not only adds reassurance about authenticity of the visitor details but has made us absolutely
paper free with its comprehensible and detailed MIS. To add to it, is the great service support in case of any
challenges faced during this tenure. Great Product and Great Service!!“
Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan, CBCP: Group Security Manager at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd:
Viraat excels in innovation and uses technology to bring user friendly solutions - V Authenticate is purveyor of
excellent Visitor Management System. In support is a wonderful team always ready to respond with a smile.
Overall a good experience
Pritam Dutta: Ex-Project Manager- Centre of Excellence at Mahindra & Mahindra:
Its a great product which I implemented in my previous role. One of the most innovative use of basic technology
I have ever seen. Highly recommended for global rollout!!
Sandeep Sood : Ex-Head Service Operations at Tata net Services Ltd.:
We did implement the Software in our organization. We are quite satisfied and happy to expand it to all our
branch offices across country.
VAMS application is very useful to us since it helps us to forewarn the arrival of the visitor, the image of the
visitor helps the official to confirm identity the system also helps to check impersonation, speedy preparation of
gate pass due to pre-availability of data of the visitor (who visits more than one time),any sort of analysis is
possible due to past data, intimation through mail and SMS is very advantageous
Basic Infrastructure Required
Essential Requirements:
• Basic PC ( 160 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM)
• Webcam
• Internet
Optional Hardware:
• Printer (To Print the pass)
• Bar code Scanner (Scanning hardware serial numbers)
• External Numeric Keypad
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