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Project Management
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Last Updated: October 16, 2012
Project Management Plan – [Insert Project Name]
Provide a high level overview of the project and what is included in this Project Management Plan. The
Project Charter is a good reference for what to include in this section.
[Insert Introduction]
Project Management Approach
This section outlines the overall management approach for the project. It should be written as an
Executive Summary for the Project Management Plan
[Insert Project Management Approach]
Project Scope
State the scope of the project. The scope statement in the Project Charter can be used as a starting
point. This section provides the opportunity to expand upon the charter scope in much more detail.
The Project’s scope should be kept up to date in this section of the document throughout the duration of
the project. Scope changes should be recorded in the Revision History section of this document with
information concerning the approval of the scope change.
[Insert Scope]
Constraints, Assumptions
This section should contain a list of any assumptions and constraints that have changed since the Project
Charter was create and approved.
[Insert Constraints, Assumptions]
Milestone List
Summarize the milestones as a list, including dates for each milestone. Include an introductory
paragraph discussing the major milestones, and then list them in a chart with milestone, description and
date. The Project Charter is an excellent starting point for this information, as well as the Feasibility
Study or Business Case if one was done.
[Insert Milestone List]
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Project Management Plan – [Insert Project Name]
Schedule Baseline
The schedule baseline is the initial schedule that is created for the project and it becomes the baseline.
This section could also include a baseline work breakdown structure (WBS). The Project schedule could
be done in MS Project or another tool and should be referred to and included in an Appendix.
[Insert Schedule Baseline]
Project Change Control Process
Provide a description of the project’s change control process (this would be for changes to do with the
project like scope, risks, etc). This should include: templates for logging a change (if applicable), where
change requests are to be stored and how they will be tracked & monitored, identification of who has
approval authority for changes, and who submits the requests for change.
[Insert Project Change Control Process]
Issues/Request Control Process
Provide a description of how issues/requests are logged, tracked and monitored. Include who has access
to submit them, who is responsible for dealing with them, any agreed upon response times that should
be documented, etc.
[Insert Issues/Request Control Process]
Deployment Plan
Provide a description of the project’s approach for roll out, including the use of pilots, focus groups,
conversions, software/hardware installations, and communication. If necessary, this section may refer
to a more detailed Implementation Plan.
[Insert Deployment Plan]
Communication Management Plan
Provide a description of communication requirements for the project and how the information will be
distributed. This section should define the following: communication requirements based on roles, what
information will be communicated, how the information will be communicated, when the information
will be distributed, who does the communication, and who receives the communication. This section
could be presented in a communication matrix with stakeholder, messages, vehicles, frequency,
communicators and feedback mechanism. For larger projects that require roll out communications, this
section may also refer to a more detailed Implementation Plan.
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Project Management Plan – [Insert Project Name]
Include any issues, considerations, constraints or assumptions relevant to the communication messages
for the project. For example, constraints can include descriptions of proprietary information or
distribution restrictions.
[Insert Communication Management Plan]
Frequency of
Cost Management Plan
Provide a description of how the costs of the project will be managed. It should include: who is
responsible for managing costs, who has the authority to approve changes to the project or its budget,
how cost performance is quantitatively measured and reported upon, and any report
formats/frequencies and to whom they are presented.
[Insert Cost Management Plan]
Procurement Management Plan
Provide a description of the necessary steps and responsibilities for procurement from the beginning to
the end of a project. Depending on the project, this section may require the Project Manager to work
closely with Procurement, a Licensing Coordinator, etc.
[Insert Procurement Management Plan]
Project Scope Management Plan
Provide a description of the following: who has the authority and responsibility for scope management,
how the scope is defined (eg. Scope statement, WBS, statement of work, etc), how the scope is measured
and verified (eg. Quality checklists, scope baseline, work performance measurements, etc), the scope
change process (which may already be documented in the change control process), and who is
responsible for accepting final project deliverable and approves acceptance of project scope.
[Insert Project Scope Management Plan]
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Project Management Plan – [Insert Project Name]
Schedule Management Plan
Provide a description of the approach for creating the project schedule. This section should also include
information on the scheduling tool/format to be used, schedule milestones, and schedule development
roles & responsibilities. A list of any competing initiatives should also be included.
[Insert Schedule Management Plan]
Quality Management Plan
Provide a description of the process that will be used to ensure that the quality of the product(s) from
this project meet the requirements
[Insert Quality Management Plan]
Risk Management Plan
Provide a description of the approach taken to identify and manage the risk associated with the project.
This should identify who is responsible for managing the risks, how risk triggers are to be reported if they
come to pass, etc. This section should clearly point to where the Risk Register for the project can be
referenced (if the Risk Register is small enough, it can be included as an appendix in this document).
[Insert Risk Management Plan]
Stakeholder Register
Provide a list of stakeholders (internal and external) to the project. This can be presented as a chart. It
should include stakeholder identification information (name, position, location, role in project),
stakeholder assessment information (their major requirements, main expectations, potential influence in
the project, phases of life cycle that most interest them), and stakeholder classification (internal/external
to project, supportive/neutral/resistant/etc. to project). The primary stakeholder should be clearly
identified in the register.
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External to
Influence (or
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Project Management Plan – [Insert Project Name]
Staffing Management Plan
Provide a description of how the project will be staffed and how staff will be managed. List key resources
and times/durations they are needed, as well as any required project staff training to prepare them for
the project.
[Insert Staffing Management Plan]
Revision History
Provide a chart where document revisions are recorded. This chart should include who made the
revision, the date made, what was revised, who it was reviewed & approved by, and the date it was
reviewed & approved.
[Insert Revision History chart]
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