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FOOD 1001:
Introduction to Food Science
Winter 2009
About me
Tyler Avis
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Institute of Biochemistry
Office : 5201 Herzberg (until end of January 2009)
Lab :
404 Steacie
Tel :
613-520-2600 ext. 3121
Email : [email protected]
About you
40% = Food Science Program
30% = Other Science Programs
30% = Social Science Programs
The Lectures
- Classes start at 11:35
- Brief question period at 11:35
- New Material Lecture to follow questions
and ending at 12:55
The Material
Part 1:
Food Industry
Food Categories
Food Chemistry – Composition
Food Chemistry – Colour, Flavour, Texture
Part 2:
Food Processing
Food Engineering
Food Microbiology
Food Safety
Food Toxicology
Part 3:
Sensory Evaluation
Product Development
Food Additives
Food Biotechnology
Food Regulations
The Textbook
Understanding Food Science and
Technology (2003)
Author: Peter S. Murano
Publisher: Wadsworth – Thompson Learning
Available at the Carleton University Bookstore
The Textbook
The textbook is not the course!
The textbook is a required tool to help
you more easily understand the course
Grading - Marking
Three (3) Examinations:
January 29 Midterm Exam I 20%
March 3
Midterm Exam II 40%
April 8-27 Final Exam
Passing Grade = 50%
49.9% = F
The Website
- Contains PowerPoint Slides of all the lectures
- Will be made available at least 24h before the lecture
- You are expected to print the slides and bring them
to class to facilitate note taking
 Problems, Case Studies and Exercises will be
assigned and done in class or outside of class hours
 They will help prepare for the exams
 They will not be handed in for grading!
Paul Menton Centre (PMC) Registrants:
- Students registered with PMC for Students with
Disabilities will be adequately accommodated
- Students must present the appropriate paperwork to
the instructor NO LATER THAN TWO (2) WEEKS IN
ADVANCE of the exams
Academic Misconduct
The consequences of copying, plagiarism, and other
forms of cheating are substantial
- Section 14 (p. 56) of the 2008/2009 Course Calendar for
information on this topic
- Carleton University Academic Integrity Policy can be found online
- It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know the contents of these
policies so it is highly recommended that you read them.
Take Home Message
We are all in this together:
If you are having difficulties in the course:
- Seek help early!
- Write me an email or call
- Ask questions in class
- Make an appointment to meet with me