visiting the heart of london

By Fernando, Samuel, Adrián, Rocío.C y María.
• In the second day, we will be visiting four
important places of London:
• British Museum.
• Big Ben and Houses of Parliament.
• Chinatown.
• Oxford Circus.
The British Museum is a museum in
London dedicated to human history
and culture.
• Opening time:
• Every day: 10:00 to 17:30.
• Fridays: until 21:30. ( evenings
plan including events, food and
• Exhibitions:
• Beyond El Dorado. (10£)
• Vikings: life and legend. (15£)
• Ming: 50 years that changed
China. (15£)
• Visits:
Family visits.
School visits
Multimedia visit.
Guided tour
• The museum has got also
restaurants and cafes.
By Tube:
• Nearest underground stations:
Tottenham Court Road (500m)
Holborn (500m)
Russell Square (800m)
Goodge Street (800m)
By car
• Next to Bloomsbury street and
Museum street.
• There is little on-street parking
By Bus
• 1, 7, 8, 19, 25, 38, 55, 98, 242
Stop on New Oxford Street
• 10, 14, 24, 29, 73, 134, 390
Stop northbound on Tottenham
Court Road,
southbound on Gower Street
• Big Ben is the name for the great
bell of the clock at the north of
• Opening time:
• Tours are at set times 09.15, 11.15
and 14.15 Monday-Friday (except
Bank Holidays).
• Visits:
Family visits.
School visits
Multimedia visit.
Guided tour
You can enter in the interior o Big
Ben if you are resident of British.
If you are tourist you can only take
The Palace of Westminster is the
meeting place of the House of
Commons and the House of Lords,
the two houses of the Parliament of
the United Kingdom.
• Opening time:
 9:15 to 4:30
• Visits:
Family visits.
School visits
Multimedia visit.
Guided tour
• The Houses of Parliament offer a
unique combination of one
thousand years of history, modern
day politics, and stunning art and
• This monument has got also a gift
Where is it?
• The Houses of Parliament are next to Westminister Bridge.
If you go to the Big Ben by Tube, the nearest underground
station are Westminister’s Station and St. James’s Park,
• Chinatown is an integral part of
London’s history. It contains a number
of Chinese restaurants, bakeries,
supermarkets and souvenir shops.
• You can eat in the best restaurant of
the month in Chinatown Feng Shui
• In this restaurant there is a karaoke.
This year, Chinatown celebrates the
Year of Horse on Sunday 2nd
February 2014.
The parade pass through Trafalgar
Square, Leicester Square,
Shaftesbury Avenue, Charing Cross
Road and Chinatown.
Where is it?
• Chinatown is in the heart of London. It is next to Shaftesbury
Avenue . It is near Covent Garden and Long Acre.
• If you want to go by Tube, the nearest underground stations are
Covent Garden and Leicester Square.
• Oxford Circus is the busy intersection of Oxford Street and Regent
Street in the West End of London. It is served by Oxford Circus tube
station, which is directly beneath the junction itself.
• Oxford street you can find some clothes shops and some restaurant where
you can eat and drink.
Where is it?
• Oxford Street is next to Portman Square and Wigmore Street.
• If you want to go by Tube, the nearest undergrounds stations are Oxford
Circus, Bond Street and Goodge Street