FINAL COTS04 VME SBCs for Tech Refresh

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Data Sheet: VME SBCs for Tech Refresh for April COTS Journal.}
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Air-Cooled 6U VME Board Sports 4th Gen Core i5/i7 CPU
The XVME-6410 from Acromag is a high performance 6U VME SBC based on the 4th
Generation Intel Core i7 or i5 processor and utilizes the Intel 8-Series PCH chipset for extensive
I/O support. Intel 4th Generation processors deliver significant performance advancements such
as: enhanced microarchitecture, integrated graphics, and expanded memory performance with up
to 16 Gbytes of high-bandwidth DDR3L memory and ECC memory controllers. Rugged design
suits harsh environments.
• 4th Gen Intel quad Core i7 CPU for high performance (47W) or dual Core i5 CPU for low
power (25W).
• Intel 8-Series QM87 PCH chipset.
• Up to 16 Gbytes of high-speed DDR3L memory.
• Front panel I/O includes dual USB 2.0 ports, VGA, dual Gbit Ethernet and RS-232 port.
• Backplane I/O includes dual Gbit Ethernet, dual SATA ports, dual USB ports, DVI-D, RS232/422/485 and VGA.
• Power-On BIT (PBIT).
Wixom, MI
(248) 295-0310
PowerPC T4 QorIQ Processor Rides VME SBC
Aitech Defense Systems has enhanced the C111 (shown) and C112, two of its Freescale T4based single-slot 6U SBCs to include the new, low power, multi-core, multi-processor T4080
QorIQ with AltiVec technology. Ideal for legacy VMEbus applications, the C111 supports
backplane pin-out compatibility with previous generations of Aitech PowerPC SBCs—including
the popular Aitech C102 dual processor SBC—eliminating costly system backplane changes.
• 6U VME 2eSST single-slot SBC
• Low-power Freescale QorIQ multicore SoC processor (T4080) with Altivec,
• 4 Gbytes of high speed DDR3 SDRAM with ECC.
• Multiple I/O interfaces: six Gbit Ethernet; two dual-redundant MIL-STD-1553B, two USB 2.0,
two SATA 2.0, 10 serial ports and 16 discrete I/O lines.
• Multiple switch fabric options: PCIe, 10G, SRIO.
Aitech Defense Systems
Chatsworth, CA.
(888) 248-3248.
QorIQ P2010 SBC Serves up Multiple PCI Express Links
The RIO6-8096 is a CES 6U VME SBC based on the Freescale QorIQ P2010 processor, for
airborne applications requiring conduction-cooled equipment. It is specifically designed for the
most demanding applications, combining very high computing and flight-worthiness capabilities
along with harsh environment criteria.
• 6U VME64x form-factor Freescale QorIQ P2010/P2020 processor.
• Xilinx Spartan-6 LX100T user-programmable FPGA (optional).
• One PCI Express switch.
• One PCIe x4 on VME-P0.
• Three PCIe x4 on XMCs.
• Four high-speed links on XMC (optional).
• Three GbE, one USB 2.0 and two UARTs on VME-P2.
• Two PMC / XMC sites.
• Static routing module (CES FlexIO).
Creative Electronic Systems
Geneva, Switzerland
+41 (0)22 884 51 00
VME SBC Serves up 32 GB of DRAM and Four SATA Links
Concurrent Technologies’ VP B1x/msd is a VME board based on the 4th generation Intel Core
processor range providing improved processing and graphics capabilities. Designed as a
successor to the VP 92x/x1x family, VP B1x/msd provides one or two PMC/XMC sites for local
expansion combined with compatible front panel connections for ease of migration.
• 4th generation Intel Core processor.
• Up to 32 Gbytes of soldered DDR3L-1600 DRAM with ECC.
• Dual or single PMC/XMC module sites.
• Up to 4 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interfaces.
• Up to 4 x external SATA interfaces via the rear.
• Option for an on-board SATA drive and option for on-board CFast or SATA flash module.
• 3 x serial interfaces and up to 12 x USB interfaces.
Concurrent Technologies
Woburn, MA.
(781) 933 5900.
Core i7 VME SBC Boasts High Speed DDR3 Memory Subsystem
The S/DMV-1908 from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is a low-cost, high performance
technology insertion SBC. The S/DMV-1908 supports Intel’s latest mobile processor technology,
the 4th Gen Core i7 "Haswell" Processor. With a contemporary high speed DDR3 memory
subsystem connected directly to the processor and with a capacity of up to 32 Gbytes, the
S/DMV-1908 is able to maximize the Intel floating point processing units through the Core i7
• Intel Core i7 4th Generation "Haswell" Quad-Core CPU with 6MB L3 Cache.
• SSE 4.2 floating point.
• Intel 4th Generation PCH chip set.
• Dual XMC/PMC sites.
• External links: 3 Gbit Ethernet,
AC97 Stereo Audio. 2 RS-232, 3 RS-422, 8 GPIO, 4 USB and 2
• Optional VME 320 interface.
Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
Ashburn, VA.
(703) 779-7800.
6U Core i7 VME SBC has Convection and Conduction-Cooled Versions
The CPU-71-16 from Dynatem, a Eurotech subsidiary, is a high performance SBC based on the
VMEbus 6U form factor. Offered in both convection cooled and ruggedized conduction cooled
variants, the CPU-71-16 will meet the needs of commercial and military applications requiring
maximum processing power, low power consumption, and fully integrated single board
• Intel Core i7-2655LE / 2.2GHz, 25W or Core i7-2610UE / 1.5GHz, 17W.
• Mobile IntelQM67 Cougar Point QM67 Platform Controller Hub chipset.
• 4 or 8 Gbytes DDR 3-ECC soldered DRAM.
• RTM available for rear I/O support.
• Legacy VME or VME64 compatible.
• Available in convection and conduction-cooled versions.
• Optional wedge locks provide high shock and vibration immunity per MIL-STD-810F
• Supports on board CFast (SATA) card for bootable storage.
Mission Viejo, CA.
(949) 855-3235.
6U VME SBC Marries Core i7 Haswell CPU and 32 Gbyte of DRAM
The XCalibur4530 is a high-performance 6U VME single board computer that is ideal for
ruggedized systems requiring high-bandwidth processing and low power consumption. With the
4th generation Intel Core i7 Haswell processor, the XCalibur4530 delivers enhanced
performance and efficiency for today's network information processing and embedded
computing applications.
• Supports 4th generation Intel Core i7 processors.
• Conduction or air cooling.
• Up to 16 Gbytes of DDR3L-1600 ECC SDRAM in two channels.
• Up to 64 Gbytes of NAND flash.
• 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports,2 PMC/XMC interfaces, 2 HDMI/DVI-D or Dual-Mode DisplayPort
• 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 SATA ports and 2 RS-232/422/485 serial ports.
Extreme Engineering Solutions
Middleton, WI.
(608) 833-1155.
6U VME Board Aims at HPEC Needs
GE Intelligent Platforms line of products includes a board based on the quad-core 4th generation
Intel Core i7 architecture (“Haswell”). The XVR16 6U VME has improved capabilities that suit
existing command/control applications, but also more demanding High Performance Embedded
Computing (HPEC) signal processing applications such as ISR, sonar and radar.
• Single slot 6U VME single board computer.
• 4th Generation Intel Core i7 quad core processor.
• Two channels of soldered DDR3 SDRAM with ECC up to 16 Gbytes.
•.2 XMC sites, 2, PMC sites.
•. Front I/O: 2 Gbit Ethernet ports, 1 DisplayPort, 2 USB ports, 1x COM port.
• Rear IO: 2 Gbit Ethernet ports, 2 VGA, 2 DVI, 2 SATA Gen3 ports, 2 COM ports, 2 USB 2.0
ports, 12 GPIO.
• Optional conduction cooling.
GE Intelligent Platforms
Charlottesville, VA.
(800) 368-2738.
6th Gen VME SBC Blends 2.4 GHz Processing and Wide I/O Set
The VSB2105 "Albatross" from General Micro Systems is a sixth-generation VME SBC module
based on GMS's upgradable CPU technology. It is designed to provide the highest level of
workstation performance possible in a fully ruggedized, single-slot VME slot. It may be operated
in all VME backplanes with 3-row or 5-row VME connectors with or without VME P0. The
board supports the latest Intel fourth-generation Core i7 processor with up to four physical CPU
cores with Hyper-Threading for a total of 8 logical cores, each operating at up to 2.4 GHz with
the ability to TurboBoost.
The VSB2105 "Albatross" from General Micro Systems is a sixth-generation VME SBC module
based on GMS's upgradable CPU technology. It is designed to provide the highest level of
workstation performance possible in a fully ruggedized, single-slot VME slot. It may be operated
in all VME backplanes with 3-row or 5-row VME connectors with or without VME P0.
• 4th generation Core i7 processor with up to four 2.4 GHz CPU cores.
• Up to 32 Gbytes of 1600MHz DDR3 memory with ECC.
• Supports 4 Gbit Ethernet channels with TCP/IP offloading engine (TOE), 1 USB 3.0 and 2
USB 2.0 to front panel, 4 USB 2.0 to rear, mSATA up to 1 Terabyte.
• One 2.5-inch SATA drive (lose PMC/XMC), 1 VGA port and HDMI port to rear, 1 DVI-I to
front panel, 4 COM ports, and 16 buffered GPI/O lines.
• Operates up to -20° to +75°C at full load (0° to +55°C standard).
General Micro Systems
Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
(909) 980-4863.
Core i7 SBC Features 4 Gbit Ethernet Ports and FPGA Interface
Interface Concept the IC-INT-VMEa is powered by an Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor and its
companion chipset QM77, offering a high performance computing platform including all the
graphic capabilities required by a wide range of aerospace and defense applications such as
command and control, mission computer, console and image processing.
• Intel Core i7 2.1GHz 3612QE (or 2.5GHz 3555LE).
• DDR3-1333 with ECC (up to 2 x 8 Gbytes).
• Optional on-board SSD Disk (SATA); Up to 4 SATA ports on P0.
• 4 Gbit Ethernet ports (1588, Virtualization), 5 USB ports, 4 UARTs, 1 HDMI, 2 DVI.
• VME64x with 2eSST (Tsi148), 2 PMC/XMC slots.
• One Open FPGA (Xilinx Kintex-7) interfaced with 4 serial drivers and 68 differential pairs/8
single ended/4 GTP lanes and reference clocks to an optional FMC slot.
Interface Concept
Quimper, France.
+33 (0)2 98 57 30 30.
PowerPC QorIQ SBC can be Master or Slave in VME System
MEN Micro’s A21C is a PowerPC based embedded SBC with a Freescale single-core P1013 or
dual-core P1022 QorIQ processor. The SBC features full VME64 support and can be used as a
master or a slave in a VMEbus environment. The A21C provides 1 Mbyte of local dual-ported
SRAM for slave access and communication between the local CPU and another VMEbus master.
• Freescale PowerPC QorIQ P1013, 800 MHz.
• Up to dual-core P1022, 1.067 GHz.
• 64-bit VMEbus master and slave.
• Up to 2 GB DDR3 DRAM soldered, ECC.
• Up to 64 MB Flash and 128 KB FRAM.
• microSD card and mSATA slot.
• 2 Gbit Ethernet, 1 COM, additional I/O options.
• 2 PMC/XMC slots U-Boot Universal Boot Loader.
• -40 to +85°C screened
MEN Micro
Ambler, PA.
(215) 542-9575.
6U VME ARM Cortex-A9 SBC Boasts Modular I/O
North Atlantic Industries’ 64ARM1 is a 6U VME ARM Cortex-A9-based, SBC that can be
configured with up to six intelligent function modules. NAI’s Custom-On-Standard Architecture
(COSA) offers a choice of over 40 intelligent I/O, communication, and Ethernet switch
• 6U VME SBC with support for 6 independent, intelligent function modules
• ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core 800 MHz processor.
• 512 Mbytes DDR3L SDRAM
• Up to 32 Gbytes SATAII NAND Flash (4 GB standard)
• Less than 5 W MB power dissipation.
• 2x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, 1x RS232, 1x I2C.
• VICTORY interface services.
• Operating temperature: 0°C to +70°C commercial, or -40°C to +85°C rugged.
North Atlantic Industries
Bohemia, NY.
(631) 567-1100.