MGM Proposal 1 - Benefits Technologies

Benefit Communications and
Enrollment Proposal
Presented By:
Robert M. Heffernan, MBA, CFP®
Gary Fredericks
Natalia Lezhneva
Benefits Technologies - Who We Are
• Enrollment Solutions Specialists.
• Over 150 full-time insurance
• Coast to coast
• 1,000 corporate clients each year
across the nation
• 350,000 employees enrolled nationwide.
• Tools and resources
• Make informed decisions.
Enrollment Solutions
Benefits Technologies offers a wide variety of services to help employers manage their benefit
portfolios. A partnership with our firm gives you more than just access to great insurance products
it gives you a relationship with a local team of committed professionals who strive to give you
advantages in all aspects of corporate benefit services
There are many strategies and approaches to
solving your benefit needs. At Benefits
Technologies we are committed to bringing all
the viable options to the table. Over the years we
have found that there really are no "cookie
cutter" approaches to benefit enrollments. While
there may be effective approaches and strategies
that work for most, we believe that you will see
better results from your enrollment process
when your unique circumstances are taken into
consideration and we can outline a strategy
that is tailored to your specific needs.
Deciding which enrollment option will best fit
your company begins with communication. We
listen closely to your needs, and help you
develop a game plan that takes into
consideration your daily business activities, your
company's demographics and your unique set of
The goal is make sure that employees are educated properly regarding their benefits so that they
can make informed decisions. Our extensive experience in this arena has allowed us to create
refined solutions for both on-site and off-site enrollments utilizing several different and unique
enrollment platforms. From logos and color schemes to complete employer branding, our
interfaces provide the flexibility to meet the demands of the most discerning employer groups.
Secure data integration enables updates of employee and enrollment data to most back-office
HRIS/payroll systems.
One of the most important value added services we can provide our clients is to remain focused on
servicing their account. Our team includes industry experts with backgrounds in human resources,
benefits, communications, enrollment centers, training, enrollment technology, administration and
customer service and we are dedicated to providing exceptional service prior, during and after
enrollment to you and your employees.
Enrollment Call Center
Call centers are quickly becoming one of the most preferred methods of enrollment for
In order to be considered successful, we monitor quality through:
Effective Benefits Counselors
Since the primary interface between an
enrollment call center and an employee is
the Benefit Specialist, this element strongly
influences the ability to deliver quality
service. This is why we utilize a core staff
of well trained, experienced Counselors who
specialize in not only enrolling employees
but also educating them on their benefits
Effective Processes
Internal processes strongly influence
employer and employee perception and
interaction with an organization. Ideally, a
process is designed and implemented to
effectively answer incoming calls.
enrollment center offers scalable staffing
size, call monitoring and recording, real-time
and historical reporting, and client specific
phone numbers.
Effective Technology
We are constantly reviewing and updating our systems to ensure we are able to offer
the most effective and flexible service possible. With call center capability, the biggest
hurdle to overcome is minimizing employee wait time as well as completing the
enrollment on time. With our on-line employee scheduler software, this becomes an
easy job to accomplish. The employee scheduler allows employees to setup a time
that best meets their individual schedule, they receive periodic email reminders
confirming their appointment time and specific employer assigned telephone number to
iSelect Online Scheduler
One of the key determinates of a successful call center based enrollment is scheduling efficiency.
In order to assist with efficient and easy scheduling, we have developed iSelect, a schedule
planning and control system to assist with conducting an efficient and smooth flowing enrollment.
Customizable webpage with company logo
Customizable messaging text and scrolling banner messaging available
Simplified employee registration and login made easy with just an email address and name
Easy user interface for scheduling available dates/times
Automatic email reminders sent to employees
Scope of Services
Pre -Enrollment Setup:
Inception Phase: During the inception phase, the client
agrees to allow us to offer our services to their employees.
As a first step, the initial set-up meeting would be
conducted which will be used to clearly identify the client’s
specific goals and needs and specify the end-product
vision. We review our understanding of your business
drivers and define the scope of the project as well as the
enrollment methodology. Applicable acceptance
agreements are signed.
Elaboration and Client Set-up Phase: During this phase, we
plan the necessary activities and the required resources
and request essential data from the client, carriers, and/or
broker. We identify project risks, create project goals,
identify roles and responsibilities and develop a Case
Profile. We obtain approval forms which document our
understanding of all of your benefit plans, rates, business
rules, eligibility criteria and calculations which will make up
your Benefits Definition Document. Advance
Communication Material is designed and distributed.
Arrangements are made for ongoing support and backend
export files are defined and file specifications are collected
during this time as well.
Scope of Services
Pre -Enrollment Setup:
Construction Phase: During the construction phase, data is
validated and your designated Enrollment Coordinator will
configure the Benefits Selection system incorporating the
approved Benefits Definition Document information along
with importing your employee data. The system is
configured starting with the basic plan design and eligibility
structure, and then the finer details are input. Usually the
last elements to be configured include employee
contributions for each plan. Near the end of the construction
phase, we go through a series of automated and manual
testing scenarios to validate the enrollment system.
Testing / Training Phase: In this phase, the goal is to ensure
the requirements have been met and Benefit Specialists are
trained on your organizations benefit plans and eligibility
structure. This phase begins with a beta release of the
enrollment system available for testing by the Benefit
Specialist. Other activities include in-house enrollment
training and preparation for the Benefit Specialists which is
provided by the Lead Enrollment Coordinator as well as
carrier representatives as predetermined by the coordinator
and supervisor. Once the training sessions are completed and
error report and clean-up has taken place, the Benefits
Selection Live is launched and enrollment begins.
Ideal Project Time Line
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Inception Phase
Elaboration Phase
Construction Phase
Testing/Training Phase
Phase 1- Initial setup meeting to identify specific goals, case setup,
logistics, contact information.
Phase 2 – Build case profile; request data, outlines of plans, carriers
rules for feeds; identify contacts; initiate plans for data submission after
enrollment; structure for new hires during the year.
Phase 3 – Begin construction of platform based on Benefits Definition
Document, eligibility rules, census data, and existing benefits .
Phase 4 - As platform develops, testing takes place to ensure rules are
met and premiums are correct. Training is conducted in house for
Benefits Specialist (as required).
During the various Phases, additional preparation is taking place for
scheduling enrollment times, locations, acquiring carrier materials,
setup for training with carriers.
Scope of Services
Enrollment Process: (Continued)
During annual Open Enrollment, Benefit Specialist can be on
hand at each property to assist employees through the
enrollment process. They will provide the employee advice
on which options will best serve their needs and insure the
employee completely understands their coverage and all
costs involved. Remote, on-line enrollment options will also
be available during that time. Enrollment appointments with
the Benefit Specialist will be scheduled using Benefits
Technologies' proprietary On-Line scheduler thereby insuring
a specialist is available at a specified time eliminating wait
times for the employees. In addition, Benefits Technologies
will coordinate the entire Open Enrollment process. We will
work with each property, all insurance carriers and Third
Party administrators to make certain the Open Enrollment is
conducted as efficiently as possible, minimizing disruptions
while ensuring that employees have a full grasp of the value
of their benefit package and the options available to them.
On a monthly basis for newly eligible employees, the
Benefits Selection enrollment system will be designed for a
Benefit Specialist to remotely guide the newly eligible
employees through each step of the enrollment process for
both their "core" benefits as well as their Voluntary Benefit
Employee Enrollment Site
• Employees access a secure link to the enrollment site either by
typing in the internet web address or from a link on the
employer home page.
• Employee login and PIN can be structured various ways to meet
objectives and requirements.
Custom Presentation
• Once an employee logs in, they view customized messaging
screens designed specifically for your enrollment.
Scope of Services
Post Enrollment Services:
Communication & Data Transfer: Benefit Confirmation
Statement are provided back to HR electronically for
record keeping. Hard copies can be also be sent for
distribution to employees. All enrollment & eligibility
data is transferred via secure e-mail and/or FTP site to
payroll/HRIS and appropriate carriers and vendors.
Customer Service: Benefits Technologies will provide
ongoing consultation regarding the enrollment
platform, data transfer and any related issues.
Employees participating in Voluntary Benefits provided
by Benefits Technologies will have access to a national
toll free number to speak with a customer service
representative. This would include assistance with
claims, routine service, questions regarding coverage
as well as information regarding the continuation of
coverage in the event of an interruption or
termination of employment. These representatives
will also provide referral to core benefit carriers for
similar services.
• Pre-Enrollment Setup and Post
Enrollment Services: NO CHARGE*
• Enrollment Process: NO CHARGE*
(*Assumes Benefits Technologies would be the
exclusive provider of at least 3 voluntary,
supplemental benefits.)
Not included in this proposal are costs for additional services
such as embedded video overlay in the enrollment system
and/or customized benefits statements. Costs for these services
can vary from no charge and up depending on the option you
select and the complexity of the additional service.
Cornerstone Voluntary Plans
(See Attached Proposals)
• Permanent Life Insurance
• enables employees and their families to obtain ownership in a
reliable life insurance policy for the insured’s entire lifetime
• provides a valued compliment to any underlying employer
provided basic life and/or voluntary supplemental term life
insurance program
• Cancer and Specified Disease Insurance
• provides payments to insured to help offset cost of treatment for
cancer and 20 other diseases
• provides tax-free payout s for specific occurrences
• Accident Insurance
• pays the insured for common injuries such as broken bones,
burns, lacerations, loss of sight, loss of hearing, loss of speech,
accidental death, and more
• also pays the insured for injury related expenses such as a trip to
the emergency room, ambulance ride, hospital admission, and
other unfriendly surprises
• Critical Illness Insurance
• provides income to offset direct and indirect expenses resulting
from conditions such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney
failure, organ transplant, and paralysis
• provides a lump-sum tax-free payout upon initial diagnosis of a
covered illness
Service Summary
Benefits Enrollment Services
Comprehensive Core Benefit Design and Service
Supplemental benefit enrollments
Personalized, individual meetings
Laptop-based electronic enrollments
Onsite face-to-face meetings
Call center meetings utilizing voice recorded telephone authorizations
Co-browsing method utilizing on-site computers and telephones with PIN
On-line scheduling capabilities minimizing common call center concerns
Customized Communication Campaign
Schedule preparations
Management pre-enrollment communication regarding enrollment process and
Employee pre-enrollment communications (several options available including
standard and add-on options)
Video overlay communication services (As requested)
Enrollment System
Customizable, internet communications/enrollment system; on and off-line
Customizable for employer plans, rates, and employee classes
Customizable to reflect employer benefit messages
Benefit plan presentations and simplified employee election process
Standard benefit election confirmation report produced for each employee
Benefit statement reporting capabilities
Data and Reporting Services
Electronic Data Management
Employee personal and benefit data verified and/or updated onsite
Enrollment data collected and stored in SELERIX/Benefits Selection
Electronic distribution of enrollment data to employer
Wide range of enrollment reports available through the system