arts staff advisory committee

Meeting scheduled for Monday, September 16, 2013
10 a.m., PAS 2438
Meeting Notes
Present: Present: Janice da Silva, Sherilee Diebold-Cooze, Lynne Jelokhani-Niaraki, Fiona
McAlister (Chair), Doug Peers, Kathleen StLaurent, Donna Sutherland, Barb Yantha, Amanda
Connolly, Rita A Cherkewski, Sharon L Dahmer, Trish Van Berkel
Dean’s Report and Q & A
o Enrollment update – slightly over target due largely to GBDA, SDS, Arts and
o Arts Dean’s at other institutions are reporting softer enrollment numbers
up to 10% in arts enrollment at other institutions
o Activity based budgeting will place a stronger emphasis on enrollment
o Government has capped increases tuition at 3%, no funds for salary increases
o Results in cuts to base budget, and possible structural adjustments to
o Retreat with department Chairs to strategize and prioritize goals
o Recognition that we must work together
o Priority on making the first year better and what makes uWaterloo
different – why are students coming to Waterloo Arts? Are we doing all
we can to support students in finding their major? Are we ensuring a
quality of teaching to support the selection of majors?
o Increased desire for interdisciplinary studies. Looking at options like
making double majors easier.
o Keep students in Honours rather than general degrees
o Increasing mobility so students can move to different programs/majors
more easily
o Arts and Business is a unique flagship, and will continue to reinforce it’s
o Research: standardizing research support, adjusted funding model (e.g.
universities required to match funds) requires new approach.
o National discussion of funding models may be adjusted research vs
teaching institutions, and funding will be based upon demonstrated
o Graduate funding is traditionally supported heavily by carry-forwards, so
now attempting to move forward with a 5 year funding package to support
graduate programs in arts.
o Moving forward with student space. Funding and designs in place for the
Hagey Hall development. A few adjustments to design to be made, then
must achieve Board approval.
o Revitalization of the Space Policy to use space more efficiently. Must
demonstrate that we are maximizing current space allocation, particularly
if requesting a new building or additional space down the line.
Update from sub-committees
o Nothing new to report
Update on ‘entertainment’ allowances
o A committee has been formed, and other university policies are currently being
assessed in an effort to support an Arts recommendation
o Recommendations that keep the issue of budget constraints at top of mind.
o Will be shared at a future ASAC meeting before being publicized.
o There will not be university-wide policies or guidelines, so the faculty will develop
their own standards.
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