The Great Virginia colony




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The Virginia Lafolient Wheat Soap

The Virginia Lafolient Wheat Soap is a soap that contains Lavender and Wheat.

The lavender makes the soap smell very good. The Wheat is what gives the soap the Exfoliant feel.


 Foundation: john Smith and his crew mates founded Jamestown in 1607

 The major industry: the plantation agriculture was tobacco, wheat and corn

 Major Cities: The major cities are Jamestown, Williamsburg, Richmond

 Became a state: Virginia became a state in June 25, 1788


 John Smith And John Rolfe and the other colonists were all backed by the London company, at Jamestown

 King James 1 st grants land to private investors to work for him in Virginia

 Pocahontas Saved Captain John Smith in his cotton



 Hot and humid summers

 Rain makes good for farming

 Mild winters

 Land is fertile and plentiful

 Lots of bays for ships of trade

 The mild winters and lots of rain make wheat be able to have wheat grow all year.


 The farms where small and self sufficient

 In 1612 John Rolfe discovered an easy way to grow tobacco

 Wheat was the major cash crop and made the colony grow


 White Virginians worship in the Anglican church

 English colonists were supported by an ancient and familiar tradition- the establishment church

 The Anglicans made a fitful and often grudging

Effort to bring blacks and Indians to the establishment church


 Virginia started as a joint stock company, financed by individual investors who “adventured” their capital in hopes of making a profit

 The colonists were governed by a council chosen by the board in London, once they got

To Virginia

 King James granted a charter to the Virginia

Company on April 10, 1606


 When the English first settled the Indian’s had mixed feeling’s about their arrival.

 Before the English got to Virginia the Indian’s attacked one of their ships.

 The Indians eventually gave hospitality and food to the English.

 After some time the English became more and more dependent on the Indians' for food and such.

 In 1609 the Indians realized that the English intended to stay.

 We are friendly with Indians and trade with the Indians so we can have them work for us also!


 Virginia was founded by Captain John Smith in 1607 and in 1788

Virginia became a state. The soil was plentiful and fertile and the colony has multiple large bays that can hold ship for trade. The summers are not to hot and mild winters, the rain is plentiful good for faming. Religion is a big aspect and is well respected. Laws where made to create fairness between the people. Virginia is an ideal place to come because of the surplus of wheat that can transform in to many products such as soap


To the toon of row, row ,row your boat

Smell, smell, smell, the lavender

It is very unique,

This is the soap that everyone needs,

And using it all the time.

Exfoliant, the dead skin right off,

The wheat will wipe the dead skin away,

Stay, stay, stay very clean.

Moisturizes and soft to skin,

Bath in lux-ury

Bubbly, bubbly, bubbly,

Life is very nifty

Use, use, use the soap,

To also clean the dishes,

And to keep pots and pans for years,

Soap will make every thing last!


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