Lesson Plan

Planning Your Lesson
Your Name: Shawnmarie Powell
Lesson Title
Unit 8 Review with Dr. Seuss
Chapter 22 - Chapter 26
Grade level/Subject
9th Grade World History
Standards: Select one
or two standards to
target (CAS or CCSS)
State of Wyoming Social Studies Content Standard 4:
Time, Continuity, Change
Students analyze events, people, problems, and ideas within
their historical context.
Performance Standards: SS12.4.1, SS12.4.4, SS12.4.5
Overview: Briefly
describe the lesson
(including activities
and/or teaching
strategies) and the unit
into which it fits
Goal: What new or
deeper concepts or
understanding do you
want your students to
1.Students will be asked to access prior knowledge regarding
1900’s Europe government structures and leaders
3.Students will listen to The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss
and identify statements or events in the story that are similar
to events of history that describe the events that took place in
Europe from the late 1800’s to the 1950’s - central focus on
World War II
4.The students will compare and share with each other the
statements they heard or connected to with a peer
5.As a class the story will be scrolled on the board and
compared to the timeline of Europe
6.Maps and documents will be placed on the board to provide
visual representation of people, places, events, and things
that are represented by the story.
1.Students will have a deeper definition of what nationalism is
as a social concept.
2.Students will have a better understanding of why
nationalism sparked political movements and allowed for
harsh dictators to rule struggling and growing nations.
3.Students will gain an understanding of the building up of
arms and how it can lead to war
Time Required:
suggested: 2-3 class
One class period
Objectives: List one or
two measurable
objectives or outcomes
you want your students
to accomplish
1.Students will be able to identify specific events in the story
that are examples of events that happened in Europe.
2.Students will be able to define and describe the following
vocabulary terms: nationalism, militarism, communism,
totalitarian state, fascism
3.Students will be able to identify and discuss the following:
-Joseph Stalin and Totalitarian State
-Mussolini's “Black Shirts”
-Francisco Franco in Spain
-Adolf Hitler's “Brown Shirts” in Germany
-Maginot Line in France
-Atomic Bomb
-Cold War
Student Product:
Describe the product/s
your students will create
to show that they have
reached the above
1.Students will compare and contrast the book to the events
of the World War I and II Europe
2.Students will discuss their compare contrasts as the book is
2.Students will produce notes in Cornell Note Format of what
they have recorded and learned during the lesson
Assessment: By what
criteria will you evaluate
the student product
1.Accurate descriptors of the specific events in the story
2.Accurate correlation to events of European history for the
correct time period
5.Completion of Cornell Notes with all objective vocabulary
and people/events accurately recorded
Lesson Title
Unit 8 Review with Dr. Seuss
Chapter 22 - Chapter 26
must you or the students
have on hand to complete
the lesson (in addition to
primary sources listed on
Collection Tool)
-AGS World History Textbook
-Cornell Notes
If you have created a
handout or tool, please
knowledge/skills - what
must your students know
before you can do this
activity and how will they
have learned it?
-Students will have needed to have read Chapter 22 - 26
of the AGS World History Textbook
-Student will have needed to complete the Study Guide
for each chapter
-Student will have needed to complete the Chapter
Summary for each chapter
Procedure—in clear,
sequential steps, out- line
how activities in the lesson
will progress. Make it clear
what the teacher does and
what the student does. Be
sure another teacher could
follow this.
-Have student listen to me read The Butter Battle Book to
the class. Explain to students that they need to find
examples of events and things in World War I and II
Europe that are symbolized in the story of The Butter
Battle Book
-After listening to the story the students will discuss In
groups what they heard and saw. They may use the
textbook to find examples if they are unclear.
-As a group the class will discuss the events of The Butter
Battle Book and compare them to the events of Europe
using people, places, things, and events.
-Teacher will show examples and the symbolism using
specific vocabulary as examples for students.
1.Nationalism in the textbook is shown in the patrolling of
the grandpa, the flag girls, the parade (photes of
nationalism and support of war as well)
2.General in the story could be the leader of county for
any government
3.The weapons of war are represented with the build up of
4.The wall in the story is the same as the Maginot Line
5.The standoff at the very end of story is representing
Democracy vs Communism, the Cold War and the Atomic
-As student to complete vocabulary Notes that are