Getting started at Aalto ENG

Welcome to
Aalto University
School of Engineering!
Saara Sokolnicki
Börje Helenius
Hannele Pietola
Miina Rautiainen
Wednesday 2 September
• 9:00 – 9:15
• 9:15 – 10:00
• 10:00 – 10:30
• 10:30 – 11:15
Welcome to Aalto School of Engineering!
Vice Dean Kirsi Virrantaus
Getting Started and Studying at Aalto ENG
Saara Sokolnicki, Börje Helenius,
Hannele Pietola
Enrolling to Courses and Exams:
webOodi and MyCourses
Miina Rautiainen
Student Guilds, Activities for Students
Ida Martikainen, Reeta Ojala and Irene Konola
Some key contacts
Ms Saara Sokolnicki, Manager, International Affairs
Ms Hannele Pietola, Incoming exchange students
Mr Börje Helenius, MSc degree seeking students
Ms Miina Rautiainen, International Student Adviser
Ms Mirka Jalonen, School’s Student Service Desk
Ms Reeta Kalliomäki, School’s Student Service Desk
Aalto University
School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Arabia)
School of Business (Otaniemi and Töölö)
School of Chemical Technology (Otaniemi)
School of Engineering (Aalto ENG) (Otaniemi)
School of Electrical Engineering (Otaniemi)
School of Science (Otaniemi)
New International Students Autumn 2015
at Aalto School of Engineering
• 67 new international MSc degree seeking
• 98 new incoming exchange students
for one semester or for one academic year
• 39 double degree students for one term or for
one academic year
• 39 different nationalities!
School of Engineering in Figures 2014
BSc and MSc students
International MSc students
Doctoral students
International Doctoral students
Incoming exchange students
• Outgoing exchange students
Degree Programmes at Aalto ENG
• Energy Engineering and HVAC technology
• Environomical Pathways for Sustainable
Energy Systems
• Geomatics
• Mechanical Engineering
• Real Estate Economics
• Transportation and Environmental
• Structural Engineering and
Building Technology
Possibility to choose courses from School of Electrical Engineering, School of
Chemical Technology and School of Science + Language courses free of charge
Teaching and evaluation periods 2015-2016
Autumn 2015
• I Teaching period:
• II Teaching period:
• Evaluation period:
7.9. - 24.10.2015
26.10. - 12.12.2015
14.12. - 19.12.2014
Spring 2016
• III Teaching period:
• IV Teaching period:
• V Teaching period:
4.1. – 20.2.2016
22.2. – 9.4.2016
11.4. - 28.5.2015
MSc (Tech) Degree Structure
Study module Study module Study module
20 cr
20 cr
20 cr
Free elective
studies 20 cr
Methodolocigal Master’s thesis
studies 10 cr
30 cr
• Master’s Programmes courses are in Into.
Into is a portal for Aalto University students:
• Four year’s time to complete the MSc degree,
recommendation two years.
Credit system and work load
• 1 Aalto University credit = 1 ECTS = 27 hours
• includes contact hours (lectures, excercises), and
also assignments and home work
• BSc degree = 180 credits, 3 years
• MSc degree = 120 credits, 2 years
• Fulltime study load is 30 cr per semester and
60 cr per academic year.
Aalto University grading scale
(very good)
Courses may also be assessed as passed or failed.
Failed attempts are registered in the study register but
they do appear in the official transcript of records.
Exchange Students
• Learning Agreement (=Study plan)
updates when you know which courses
you are taking and have registered for them
• Questions about the course,
please contact teacher
• Course and exam registrations
in webOodi
• If you decide to drop a course,
please, inform the teacher
• Letter of Confirmation or
a certificate of your student status
from the Student Services OOP
• IT accounts activate the following date of your enrolment
• Housing agreement are binding and cannot be terminated
before the end of the contract
Final Projects for Exchange Students
• Plan and organize working on your final project well!
• A supervising professor both from your home university
and from Aalto University
• Working language of the project is English
• The actual realization of the project depends on the
background and competence of the student
• In case of a final project of 30 ECTS, official procedures
like topic application and grading application are
handled in the degree programme committee, please,
check the timetable for these official procedures!
• The final project of 30 ECTS needs to fulfill the
requirements of a Master’s thesis of Aalto University.
Residence Permits and Registration
• Students from outside EU apply for
students’ residence permit before coming
to Finland
• Students from EU register their residence at
the police station if the study period in
Finland will exceed 3 months (fee: 50 eur)
• Students from Nordic Countries register in
the local register office (maistraatti) if their
study period in Finland will exceed 6 months
Accommodation: important points!
• A fixed term tenancy agreement CAN NOT be
• Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the buildings
• Sort and recycle your waste!
• Keep the apartment nice and tidy. Take turn with flat
mates to take out the rubbish and cleaning
• Be flexible and friendly. Try to solve problems by
talking with flat mates before contacting the housing
• You are responsible for household equipment in
your flat and liable for any damage (e.g. water
For sharing and second hand…
In Helsinki area there are several possibilities to buy used furniture and house ware,
check a listing here:
SHARETRIBE- Aalto Community Marketplace
Furniture, Food & Kitchen, Tools, Books, Clothes & Accesories, Music, Films,
Electronics, Services etc…
To give away, borrow, sell, rent, lend, swap, share etc… (in Finnish only)
Orientation continues
Thursday 3 Sept
• 9:00 Mechanical Engineering (Otakaari 4, 216)
• 9:00 Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering
(Otakaari 3, 1st floor, meeting room progress)
• 10:00 Structural Engineering
(Rakentajanaukio 4, R5)
• 15:00 SELECT and Nordic Master in Innovative
Sustainable Energy Engineering (Otakaari 4, 149)
Friday 4 Sept 9:15 – 15:00 orientation for all
• Otaniemi campus at Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall A (Aalto)
Tuesday 8 Sept: Creative Sustainability kick-off (Arabia)
Thank you for your attention!
All the best for your studies at