Department of Information and Computer Science

Computer Science and Engineering
Master’s Programme
Macadamia, FAdCo, MBI, euSYSBIO
September 2012
School of Science
SK+PK 1.9.2012
Topics today
• Introduction of the academic and administrative staff
• Degree structure in Master’s programmes
• Information on courses and exams
• Limitation to study time and residence permits
• Dishonest behaviour
• CSE building IT accounts
• Sources of information
Department of Information and Computer
Science (ICS)
• One of the seven departments of the School of Science
• One of the three departments offering courses in
Computer Science and Engineering
• Other two departments offering courses in CSE:
– Department of Computer Science and Engineering
– Department of Media Technology
• Dep. of ICS and CSE located in T building, Dep. of MT
in TUAS building
Master’s Programmes in ICS department
• The School of Science hosts altogether 8 Master’s
programmes related to Computer Science and
• ICS department has 4 Master’s programmes:
Machine Learning and Data Mining (Macadamia)
Foundations of Advanced Computing (FAdCo)
Bioinformatics (MBI, jointly with University of Helsinki)
Computational and Systems Biology (euSYSBIO)
• Erasmus Mundus double degree programme with KTH and IST
Introduction of the academic and
administrative staff
Introduction of the academic staff –
Erkki Oja
Juha Karhunen
Olli Simula
Academy Research Fellow
Harri Lähdesmäki
Samuel Kaski
Heikki Mannila
Introduction of the academic staff –
Academic Coordinator
Markus Koskela
B309 (3rd floor)
Introduction of the academic staff – FAdCo
Professor (pro tem)
Tomi Janhunen
Pekka Orponen
Keijo Heljanko
Kaisa Nyberg
Erik Aurell
Professor (pro tem)
Petteri Kaski
Introduction of the academic staff –
Academic Coordinator
Jori Dubrovin
room B348 (3rd floor)
Introduction of the academic staff –
Juho Rousu
Samuel Kaski
Academic Coordinator
Academic Research
Harri Lähdesmäki
Kirsti Laurila
room B129 (1st floor)
Introduction of the administrative staff
Administrative Staff / Degree Programme Office
Study Coordinator Päivi Koivunen
C211 (2nd floor)
office hours Mon – Fri 9 – 11 and 12 - 14
Introduction of the administrative staff
Administrative Staff / Degree Programme Office
CSE Study Advisor Tuulia Merinen
room C111 (ground floor)
- studying at Aalto or living in Finland
- where to find information
- general course information
Master programme structure at Aalto
Master of Science (Technology), 120 ECTS credits
Degree constitutes of modules
Fixed curriculum
• All compulsory courses must be taken
• Flexibility in elective studies
Major, not minor
euSYSBIO: double degree with KTH or IST
Complementary studies for AMK students
• 30 ECTS to be completed.
– Recommended to take during the first academic year
– Topic of the master’s thesis can be confirmed only after all the
complementary studies have been completed
– 20 cr Mathematics
– 10 cr Computer Science
• See
Double degree possibility
in Macadamia and FAdCo
• Possibility to complete a double degree with partner university:
• Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in Spain
• University of Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) in Spain
• Technical University of Lisbon (IST) in Portugal
• In practice: 1st year at Aalto + 2nd autumn (and possibly 2nd spring,
depending on the partner university) semester at partner university +
Master’s thesis co-supervised
Master’s thesis
• Next application deadline February 28, 2013
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Language studies
Obligatory according to Aalto degree regulation: MSc degree must
include 3 ECTS of language studies (incl. written and oral skills).
• In English, Spanish, Japanese, French or German (NOT in Finnish
or Swedish)
• See Study Guide p.123
• euSYSBIO: Kie-98.1310 Introduction to Academic Communication
• Recommended to take during the first academic year (first spring
Students with a Finnish bachelor degree, including AMK students
• no obligatory language studies required because completed already
Verified personal study plan (HOPS)
Students are required to make a personal study plan (HOPS)
as part of their MSc degree.
The study plan is a binding agreement on both parties: the
student and Aalto University. It grants the student with a right
to study according to the confirmed personal study plan but,
at the same time, obliges the student to follow his or her
study plan.
HOPS is signed by both a school official and the student
one copy is for the student, one is stored in student’s file
Information on courses and exams
Course information
Noppa -portal
Course news and material
Exercise and exam schedules
Registration for courses and exams
In WebOodi
Separate registration needed for
Course codes
Example: T-86.5310
The first letter(s) mean the organizing degree programme (can
also be S, TU, AS, Tfy, …)
The next numbers between mean the organizing department
within the degree programme:
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
T-93, T-106, T-109, T-110, T-76, T-86, T-121, T-128
Department of Information and Computer Science
T-61, T-79
Department of Media Technology
T-111, T-75
• The last four numbers are for identification purposes only
Separate registration
In WebOodi (
Where and when?
Schedules primarily from WebOodi
Also in Into:
How many times I can try to pass?
Depends on the course, normally minimum 2 exams
per term
Limitation to study time
residence permits
Limitation to study time
• Master’s programme = Full-time study programme
to be completed in 2 years with 30 ECTS/ semester
• study time and study success are monitored by the
academic and administrative staff
• study success (credits + gpa) reported to the
EuSYSBIO-consortium Committee after each semester
• Regular reports to European Commission
Responsibilities and obligations of the
EuSYSBIO- students
EuSYSBIO students have responsibilities and obligations set by European
Commission and the EuSYSBIO Consortium. The student shall:
• commence the studies in the beginning of the course and study full-time and
comply with established attendance rules.
• pursue studies according to the Programme curriculum and according to the
established schedule and rules.
• abide by the Universities’ regulations and statutes.
• diligently and to the best of his/her ability apply himself/herself to the successful
completion of the course.
• student is required to notify Aalto coordinator and KTH coordinator immediately,
in writing, of any changes in circumstances which may affect his/her ability to
abide by the obligations.
• this is two-year programme and students are expected to graduate in two years.
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Working part-time?
Citizens of EU/EEA-countries or Nordic countries can work without
Non EU-citizens are allowed to work for a maximum of 25 h/week
during the terms. There is no limitations on working hours in fulltime employment during the holidays.
Note that working while studying may seriously slow down studies
as CSE courses at Aalto are quite challenging and time-consuming!
Renewing residence permits
• Non-EU students must renew their residence permits after one
Application for extension of the residence permit must be submitted
to the local police in person before current residence permit expires
The student must show that he/she has proceeded in studies as
at least 40 credits / academic year
Dishonest behavior
What is considered
dishonest behavior?
= practice where the student's purpose is to give false
representation of his/her own or other student's
knowledge and an attempt to influence the grading of
the course. Examples of dishonest behavior include
cheating in an exam, copying someone else's project
work or taking an exam for someone else.
• If, for instance, a student cites someone else's text,
images or programming code as part of his/her work, the
cited part must be marked clearly!
Consequences of dishonest behavior
A written notice of course failure to student’s file:
• may affect eg. getting assistant positions at the department
• graduation with distinction not awarded even if GPA is over 4.0 etc.
2. The professor in charge of the Master’s programme will be notified about
the written notice.
3. If cheating is considered serious or repeated, professor can initiate the
disciplinary procedure:
• as a disciplinary consequence, the executive dean can issue a warning
• student can be expelled for a certain period of time (maximum of one
4. euSYSBIO-Consortium Committee will be informed → possible
consequences at partner university:
the student is in double degree programme so both parties delivering the degree are aware
of dishonest behavior
5. euSYSBIO: the European Commission will be informed: possible
consequences with scholarship payments
CSE building IT accounts
Paniikki = Niksula workstations in C106
• Magnetic keys grant you 24 hour access to Paniikki (C106) and
guild room. You can get one from the main library. Student card is
required. Student card you can get from AYY Sihteeristö
(secretariat). Sihteeristö is located in Otakaari 11, above the
shopping centre.
• More information:
Problems with workstations of Paniikki?
• If yes, first contact Niksula (reception on weekdays 12:15 – 14:00 in
room B210)
• More information:
• IT Service Desk: A225, open Mon – Fri 9 – 11
Computer facilities in Maarintalo
also Maarintalo open 24 hrs
remember to always keep your student ID card with you
Sources of information
Sources of information 1/2
Survival Guide
A lot of useful information
Thriving in Finland
Also a lot of useful information
See also
• Aalto First Year Experience
CSE Study Guide 2012 - 2013 (degree requirements)
Noppa-portal and WebOodi (course descriptions,
Sources of information 1/2
• Into portal Homepage for Degree Programme of Computer
Science and Engineering:
• Information and instructions related to studies
• Master’s thesis, graduation, forms, examination schedules etc.
• Programme Homepages (FAdCo, Macadamia, MBI and
• ICS department website: /
• Academic coordinators
• Administrative matters:
Study Coordinator Päivi Koivunen (C211,
Orientations today (curriculum & other
programme specific info)
Today after this session, lecture hall T2
Today at 10.15 – 11.30, lecture hall T7
Today at 10.15 – 11.30, lecture hall T7
Today at
11 – 12 lunch with the academic staff, meeting point in front of A346
12 – 14, info in Coffee lounge (A357, 3rd floor)
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Welcome to study Computer
Science and Engineering at Aalto