Connections Game The Connections Game Middle Ages (1)

The Connections Game
The Wikipedia connections game. Below you will find a list of ideas or themes from the
last project. Your task is to try to find the path between the two themes by clicking on
the in text links in the Wikipedia articles
1.) A sentence explaining the connection between the page you were at and the new
page you clicked on.
2.) A short explanation for how you think it is going to get you closer to the end goal.
Start Page
1.) Vikings
3.) Black Death
Finish Page
2.) Chivalry
4.) Cannon Law
5.) Barbarians
6.) Flagellant
7.) Concordat of Worms
8) Feudalism
9.) Blood Eagle
10.) Hazen High School
So you know the Process now you need to concentrate on the plan. Make sure you take
a moment to learn about your starting and finishing site. That way you can make a
PLAN for finding your path. Use the next page document your search
This assignment is due : REMEMBER: You are not allowed to hit the back button at any
time during the quest.