Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
Bethany Fales, Sarah
Cole, Robin Meyer,
Alison Byrd, Gwendolen
Mission Statement
The scavenger hunt is designed to engage visitors of all
ages by helping them to identify and understand the idea
of contact in Native American culture. The scavenger hunt
will engage participants in contact of their own by
encouraging one on one discussion with Native American
Information will be disseminated before the
scavenger hunt to define and explain what contact
is. This can be done in a couple of ways:
-discussion with information table staff
-literature (pamphlet, guide, etc.)
They will be encouraged to look for "points of
contact" by viewing the exhibits and objects in the
Eiteljorg Museum and also on the grounds of the
Indian Market.
Age Groups
The scavenger hunt will be an opportunity for all
ages to take part. The different groups that are
being considered include:
Families (including small children)
Young adults (jr. and sr. high) individually
or in groups
By having families, as a group, smaller children can
still participate because they have parental help. It
also encourages intergenerational contact.
The scavenger hunt will be an open ended
exploration of the museum and Indian
Market. Participants will be given packets of
information and scavenger forms appropriate
to their age.
Participants will be given a list of types of
contact to facilitate their own explorations.
These types include, but are not limited totrade, religion, technology, tourism,
sports, treaties, art, environmental, legal,
education, political, etc.
Education Department
The scavenger form will be
developed in conjunction
with the Eiteljorg’s
educational department. The
form should include
questions that require the
participants to engage artists
in conversation as well as
facilitate family learning.
After the Hunt
Participants may leave commentary on their
experience in the form of a video interview
once they are finished.
After completing the scavenger hunt, the
participants will turn in their forms and
receive a small prize, such as a poster or