Information Services & Technology

September 2010
Why can’t I just write it out and turn it in?
 Standard: Writing Strategies 1.8 – Design and publish
documents by using advanced publishing software
and graphic programs.
 ESLR: Use multi-media tools for communication.
 Rationale: No matter what field you work in when
you graduate from high school/college, you will
definitely have to use a computer for both
professional and personal tasks.
While preventing plagiarism is the primary purpose
of, it is also important that you
learn how to upload and submit documents using
internet based programs.
Internet Tools You Should Know
There are several websites you need to be familiar with in
order to be a successful freshman English student at
Segerstrom High School:
 – Many homework assignments for
this class will require you to look up the definitions of
words you don’t know. This website will help you to
complete these assignments, especially if you do not
have a dictionary at home.
;; – These three websites will help you
look up word counts for your Independent Reading
book reports.
 – This website is where you will
submit your summer reading assignment, your
Independent Reading questions, and all of your essays.
We will come back to this website in just a minute!
 - This is the school website,
which you will need to access in order to find the English
9 page and/or your teacher’s webpage.
What Is
 You will be asked to submit every single essay and
book report (including summer reading) you write for
this class to
 You will not receive a grade until you have done this,
and if you do not submit your assignment on time,
you will receive a homework card, as your work will
be considered incomplete. It is important that you
learn how to do this correctly!
 Remember that is a plagiarism
prevention website. If you submit something that has
ever been typed by someone else and published (def:
posted online), you will be caught and sent to the
office on a referral.
This includes essays that other students have submitted to – the system will compare your essay to
every other essay that has been submitted to
as well as every known published material on the Internet
(including websites like SparkNotes and Wikipedia).
Creating an Account
 If you do not have
an account, click
the link in the top
right corner of the
home page that
says, “Create
Creating an Account
To create your account, you will need:
 An email account that you:
Check regularly
Will not, under any circumstances, lose the password to
Will not change for any reason during this school year
Know is school appropriate
If you do not have an email account, you can easily get one for free at;; or
 Access to a computer
 At home – make sure to let your family know ahead of
time that you will need the computer for an extended
period of time. Problems with your computer are never an
excuse for late or missing work!
 The school library – make sure to bring your flash drive or
email a copy to yourself because the hard drives are
reformatted often.
Creating an Account
To create your account, you will need:
 Your Class ID#
 Period 5: 3447584
 Period 6: 3447589
 Your Class Password: jaguars
 Use the Class ID# and Class Password to set up
your account. You will not need to use these ever
again. When you log in to, you
will need to use YOUR email account and the
password you created. Don’t forget these – ever!
Write them down and store them in a safe place if
you have to! Under no circumstances should you
ever create a new account just because you forgot
your password!
Creating an Account
 If you do forget
your password,
click on the link in
the upper righthand corner of the
home page that
says, “Retrieve
password,” and
answer the
questions to have
a new password
sent to your email
Enrolling in This Class
 Log in by typing
YOUR email
address and
password in the
upper right-hand
corner of the home
page, and then
clicking “Sign In.”
Enrolling in This Class
 Click on one of the links that says, “enroll in a class.” There is
always one on the left-hand side of the page; however, since it is a
new school year, there may also be one in the middle of the page.
Enrolling in This Class
 Type in your Class
Period 5: 3447584
Period 4: 3447589
 Type in your Class
Password: jaguars
 Click “Submit.”
 You should now
see this class listed
on your home
page every time
you log in.
Submitting an Assignment
 Log in to
by typing YOUR
email address and
password in the
upper right-hand
corner of the home
page, and then
clicking “Sign In.”
Submitting an Assignment
 Click on the link for this class.
Submitting an Assignment
 You will see a list of assignments. Scroll through the list to find the
correct one. You will only be able to submit an assignment if the due
date has not yet passed.
 Once you have found the correct assignment, click on the gray
button that says, “Submit.”
Submitting an Assignment
 Make sure that:
The pull-down menu for
“Choose a paper
submission method”
says, “single file upload.”
Your first and last name
are correct.
You have given an
appropriate title to your
 Click the button that
says, “Browse . . .”
Submitting an Assignment
 A “File Upload” box
will appear. Find the
document you want to
submit, click on it once,
and then click “Open.”
 Click “Upload.”
Submitting an Assignment
 You’re not quite done
yet! Forgetting this
second step is a crucial
mistake many students
make! Look in the box
that says, “Preview
Paper” to make sure
that you have submitted
the correct paper.
Don’t worry if the
formatting is not correct.
Just make sure you
submitted the right
If you submitted the wrong
document, click “return to
upload page” and submit
the correct document.
 Click “Submit.” You are
not done until you do
Submitting an Assignment
 You should now see a green checkmark telling you that you have
successfully submitted your document, as well as a copy of your Turnitin
Digital Receipt.
You will need to either print a copy of this digital receipt or save a copy of the email will send you when you successfully submit a document. If you do not
have this receipt, it means we did not receive your essay and you will receive a
homework card and a zero. The only way to prove that you submitted your work on
time if there is a problem is to show us a copy of this receipt.
If you think there was a problem with your submission, email your teacher immediately
and attach a copy of your completed work. This is the only way that you can prove your
work was completed on time.
 Congratulations! You
may now log out and
move on to your math
A Few Reminders
If you submit the wrong file on accident, you may overwrite
your own submission up until the due date. You may not alter
the submission after the due date without your teacher’s
Make sure you submit early – the server at
gets busy when many students are trying to submit work at
once (usually around 11:59 p.m.). If you don’t get to submit
because you waited until the last minute and the server was too
slow, you will get a zero and a homework card!
Once a due date has passed, you cannot make any more
If you attempt to submit an essay or assignment that was not
typed in Microsoft Word (the file should end in .doc or .docx), it
often comes out in gobbledygook computer code and will
probably be formatted incorrectly, which will affect your grade.
Just use Microsoft Word! If your essay is formatted incorrectly –
it will be YOUR FAULT, not your teacher’s!
If you do not have Microsoft Word at home, there are many computers
on campus you can use, but you will have to plan ahead. We always give
you several days to submit assignments to for this
Once the time for submissions is over (usually 11:59 p.m.), your
teacher does not have to open the folder again for you. It is
YOUR responsibility to turn your work in on time.