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Find the equation of the line
that has a slope (m =) of 4
and passes through the point (–1, –6).
y = mx + b
(–6) = (4)(–1) + b
–6 = –4 + b
–2 = b
The answer is “y = 4x – 2”.
Find the equation of a line
using the two given points:
(–2, 4) and (1, 2).
First you have to find the slope
M = (4)-(2)/(-2)-(1) = -2/3
Then you have to solve the equation:
y = mx + b
4 = (-2/3)(–2) + b
4 =4/3 + b
4 – 4/3= b
b = 8/3
The answer is “y = ( – 2/3 ) x + 8/3.”
Find the equation of a line that
passes through
the given points:
(-4,5) (6,18).
First you have to find the slope of the line:
M = 18-5/6-(-4) = 13/10
Then you have to solve the equation:
y = mx+b
(18)=7and 4/5+b
10 and 1/5=b
The answer is “y = 13/10x+10 and 1/5”.
Write an equation for Line P in Slope-Intercept Form.
y = mx+b
y = -5/2x+0
The answer is
“y= -5/2x”
Word Problem:
A car costs a down payment of
$13,246. Every month you pay
$353 on the car. Set up an
equation to describe this. Then
use your equation to answer..
How much money would you
pay on the car after 6 months?
“y =353x+13246”
Using the equation:
y = 353(6)+13246
The answer is “y = 15364”.
What is the
equation for PointSlope Form?
The answer is
“y-y =m(x-x )”.
Write the equation of
a line in Point-Slope
Form that has a slope
of 5/3 and a point of
The answer is
Find the equations of
the line that passes
through the given
points in Point-Slope
(8,5) (11,9).
First you must find the slope of the line:
M =9-5/11-8 = 4/3
Then use a point and put it in Point-Slope
Write the Equation represented by the graph
in Point-Slope Form.
The answer is
Word Problem:
In order to use an excerpt from a movie in a
new television show , the television producer
must pay the director of the movie $790 for
the first 2 minutes of the excerpt and $130
per minute after that.
Write an equation that gives the total cost (in
dollars) of using the excerpt as a function of
the length (in minutes) of the excerpt.
Then find the total cost using an except that
is 10 minutes long.
The answer is “y = 130x+530.”
Using the equation the answer is
“y= $1830”.
What is the
equation for
Standard Form?
The answer is
Write the following
Equation in
Standard Form:
First you have to distribute:
Then you solve.
The answer is
“-2/3x+y =(-8)”.
For the information
below write an
equation in Standard
Slope of -3/2 and a
point of (-4,4).
First you must put into either Point Slope
Form or Slope Intercept Form.
In this example of solving the equation is in
Slope Intercept Form.
Then Put into Standard Form.
The Answer is “-3/2x+y=(-2).
Write an equation
in Standard Form
using the two pints
(0,-1) (-6,-9)
The answer is
“-4/3x+y =(-1)”.
Describe and correct the error in
the value of A for the equation
Ax-3y=5, if the graph of the
passes through the point (1,-4)
The answer is
(1,-4) was substituted incorrectly,
1 should be substituted for x
and -4 should be substituted for y
Then “A=(-7)”.
What is one way
you can tell if an
equation is
The answer is
“Parallel Lines
have the same
How can you tell if
Lines are
Hint*- You must have all parts to get full
point value.
The answer is
“Perpendicular lines
have slopes of
(opposite) reciprocals
and one of the slopes is
Write an equation
parallel to y = 2x+2
And goes through
the point (-1,5).
The Slope is the same.
However you must find the y-intercept.
The answer is
Write an equation of the
line that is Perpendicular
to 4y+2x=12 and passes
through (8,-1).
First you must turn the equation
into Slope Intercept form.
Then solve using the point given
for the y intercept.
Then you must do the opposite
The answer is
While nursing, blue whale caves can gain
weight at a rate of 200 pounds per day. Two
particular calves weight 6000 pounds and
6250 at birth.
Write equations that model the birth of each
calf as a function or the number of days
since birth.
How are the equations related?
Hint*- Are they Parallel of Perpendicular?
The answer is
They are Parallel and have
the same slope.
What is the Zero of
the function?
The answer is
“A zero of a
function is when
f(x)=y and f(x) or y
equals zero.”
What is the zero of function
for the following equation?
f(x)=2/3x +9
The answer is
“-13 ½”.
What is the
difference between
Positive, Negative,
and No
The answer is
“Positive- y increases as x
Negative- y decreases as x
increases, and
No Correlation- there is no
apparent relationship between x
and y.”
Which of the following would best represent the
correlation between ice cream sales in the
The answer is
Make a scatter plot for
the following data and
draw a line of fit.
The answer is
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