CNAG Directors Meeting Minutes 09 Oct 2010

Welcome; The Chairman called the meeting to order at 0900, welcomed those in attendance and then
the members to recognize Richard Pepper the Chairman of this year’s Reunion Committee. Richard
short yet emotional briefing on what he and the Reunion Committee hoped would be a fitting send
CNAG’s last official gathering. The BOD thanked him and asked that he pass on a “BZ” to the commit
a job well done.
Introduction of those present; As in the past, those present were asked to introduce themselves, and
sure they signed the registration sheet. The members then held a moment of silence to recognize tho
had joined the “DELTA”, in particular Gordon Moyer, who though suffering with ALS, continu
dedication to the responsibilities of the National Secretary/Treasurer.
Introductory remarks; The Chairman noted that although the agenda was a lengthy one most of the b
would be inconsequential if CNAG was to cease to function as a “National Entity” beyond January 01
He also recommended that the most essential decision for this meeting would be covered under item
Old Business and suggested that the remainder of the Old Business items be addressed as quickly as p
to ensure sufficient time for item (j). AGREED
Call for approval of the agenda; Moved by Paul Peacey, seconded by Bob Findlay, CARRIED
Acceptance of the 2009 Minutes as distributed: Moved by John Eden, seconded by Peter Milsom. CAR
Financial Statement; The Treasurer advised that the financial statement provided in the BOD packa
accurate to October 08, 2010 and asked for a motion to accept the statement as presented. Moved b
Findlay, seconded by Bill Paterson. CARRIED (See “Annex A” for details.)
Membership Status: It was agreed that the membership status provided at “Annex C” of the 200
Minutes was still accurate, in particular, as a device to allocate the redistribution of National Fu
Chapters. (See New Business, Item (a), for funds distribution proposal/agreement.) 2009 Membership
has been reproduced at “Annex B”.
/ Repeat Business / Reports:
Reunion Schedule 2011 – N/A;
Confirmation of Joining Fee/Annual Dues; – N/A (Note the collection of National Dues ceased in 2009
SAMF Update; - Bud MacLean/Buck Rogers. (See “Annex C” for details.)
NCVA Update; - John Eden. John has volunteered to continue to represent CNAG at the annual
meetings and provide CNAGers with information from those meetings via the CNAG website. (S
report provided at “Annex D”.)
Naval Air Personnel Data Base Update; - John Eden – John has agreed once again to continue arc
this important data base as long as he is able. The information he has acquired to date is available
CNAG website.
Naval Centennial Working Group for 2010; – Peter Milsom. (See attached report at “Annex E”.)
Future of CNAG Post 2010 – RCL’s Federation of Veterans; The Chairman briefed that both he and
had attended last Octobers meeting at the RCL, Dominion Command, Legion House. During this m
it was decided that the buttons and bows controversy, (that had gone on for almost eight years) was n
more than a unnecessary stumbling block that interfered with the more important issue, how to enc
all of the Veterans’ Associations to agree to speak with a unified voice on matters affecting the quality
for Canada’s Veterans’. The outcome was the formation of the “Veterans Consultation Group”. Paul
& Bud have agreed to continue attending these meetings and as John does for NCVA, report an
information to CNAGers via the CNAG website.
Grit, Guts & Grins; – Buck advised that he had passed the information to the SAMF Historian
Cable. However this would appear to be a dead issue as no one seems to be interested in taking on th
of scripting additional anecdotes etc for another edition. CLOSED
Disposition of Chapter memorabilia post 2010 – It was agreed that this would be up to the Chap
decide. However, Ron MacKinnon moved that the CNAG Rum Barrel and Podium be given to
seconded by John Eden. CARRIED
. CNAG POST 2010 - Motion by HGVC - After considerable deliberation, it was decided that w
accomplished too much over the past forty years to give up our national presence/voice for CN
completely. Therefore it was decided to adapt a “Zone Structure” to ensure that CNAGers and
Naval Air Personnel could remain informed about things happening within their geographical area
on the national front. This would also provide a focal point whereby we can still have a voice to advo
behalf of these individuals regarding Veterans’ issues etc. The Zone/Regional Structure would cons
representative from Atlantic Region, (Richard Pepper), Pacific/Western Region, (Paul Peacey) a
National Capital Region, (Paul Baiden) with Ron Mackinnon remaining as the CNAG Web-Ma
motion to this effect was made by Peter Milsom, seconded by John Eden. CARRIED Note: The
guidelines for the Zone/Regional Structure will still have to be worked out by the above men
k. Chapter considerations in ‘Social” role/proposed CNAG Constitution Post 2010;
The C
representatives briefed that their members wished to continue meeting on an informal/social bas
would retain their current CNAG names. CLOSED
. Naval Memorials – Naval Memorials with Naval Air Significance – Chapters were asked to check t
their area and report if any known to them were not on the list.
m. Laying of Wreaths Post 2010 – Hampton Gray VC – The $750 authorized at the 2009 BOD has b
aside from the National Account to help HGVC defray costs for wreaths laid on behalf of CNAG from
-2015. CLOSED
n. CNAG Website Funding 2011-2015; The $1000 authorized at the 2009 BOD for website funding h
been set aside from the National Account. CLOSED
w Business:
Disbursement of National Funds; The Chairman presented a motion to the affect that the fun
redistributed to the Chapters base on the 2009 Membership Status List. However, based on the d
made at item (j) of Old Business, the motion was revised to read that fifty percent of the current funds
be redistributed to the Chapters and the remaining fifty percent would be held in the National Accoun
period of 5 years to offset any cost that may be incurred by either the National Chairman and
Zone/Regional Coordinators. At the end of that five year period, they would collectively make a d
regarding the final disposition of remaining funds. Moved by George Lenihan, seconded by John
CNAG Representative to SAMF; Buck Rogers has agreed to continue to represent CNAG in th
Legacy of Veterans; Again, nothing heard from the Chapters. CLOSED
Special Edition of Warrior; The Chairman recommended that we compliment Kay on a job well
AGREED “Certificate of Appreciation was presented at the Sunday Church Service”.
er Business: N/A
cluding Reports and Actions:
Chapter Directors Annual Reports; – (See Directors Reports at “Annex F”.)
Comments From John Eden; Quote: I am sure that I speak for all CNAG members,
and particularly for the Chapter Executives present, when I say that we have all been
well repre
by the Hampton Gray VC Chapter members, who have served as National Executives for the past 4 yea
Their efforts have led to a national recognition of the part that Naval Air played during its short but
distinguished service to Canada.
BRAVO ZULU, Unquote.
Nomination for ‘CNAG Member of the Year. The Directors made the unanimous
decision to recognize both David Tate, and Eugene “Buck” Rogers in this final
awarding of the “Tul Safety Award, for CNAGer of the Year”.
Concluding Remarks – The Chairman thanked all members of CNAG for their continuous dedication
onderful organization over the past forty years. He expressed his sincere gratitude to the countless indiv
at have remained in executive positions for decades, and in particular, our extraordinary ladies, that sil
iled in the background to ensure that we stayed the course. Although it’s common knowledge that sever
hapters would have folded without their support, we seldom take the time to recognize just how much th
ave contributed to CNAG. “BZ” Ladies!
e also stated that it’s never easy to witness something you truly believe in come to an end, and therefore,
rectors’ decision to retain some semblance of our proud organization was indeed a welcome one. As
eviously stated, the Zone/Regional Structure will provide this format, and once the initial guidelines are
tablished, we should be able to maintain our presence within the Veterans’ community for many years t
e added that although the majority of mainstay individuals within CNAG have previously received
knowledgement for their contributions, it would be remiss if we did not include the efforts of our Webaster, Ron MacKinnon, our driving force behind the recognition we enjoyed during the Naval Centenni
eter Milsom and the ongoing efforts of Paul Peacey. You are all indeed worthy of our praise!
ournment: The Chairman called for a motion to adjourn at 1120hrs. Moved by Peter Milsom, secon
es to CNAG BOD, October 09, 2010:
A: Financial Statement (Not included as it is not for general public knowledge.)
B: Membership Status (Attached)
C: SAMF Update (Attached)
D: NCVA Update (Attached)
E: Naval Centennial Working Group Update for 2010 (Attached)
F: Chapter Directors Annual Reports (Attached)
Annex B:
This is a copy of “Annex C” from the
Minutes of National Directors Meeting, 19 September 2009
Hampton Gray VC
Sea King
Members at Large
Sea Fury
New Members - October 2008 to July 2009
Associate - 20 (of which 7 were spousal)
Note: This record was updated the end September 09 for distribution with the
minutes and will be the guiding factor for the calculation of the redistribution
of the funds from the Nation Account.
Annex C:
Annual SAMF Report-CNAG National Directors Meeting
Saturday 09 October 2010
CNAG Atlantic Chapter, Tupper Room, Marriott Halifax Harbourfront
Hotel, 1919 Upper Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia
“Shearwater Aviation Museum Foundation”
rship – SAMF memberships remain a major source of income for the Foundation. This year, the memb
ed over last year mainly due to former members returning and renewing their membership and
ers joining the Foundation. Presently there are 956 SAMF members on the books. Of this number, 1
mbers and 203 have not paid their 2010 membership. There are still hundreds of former Naval Aviato
68 Shearwater personnel who have yet to take out a SAMF membership. To help bolster the members
ers are requested to encourage all known personnel who served in Shearwater to support the Founda
the maintenance of their proud heritage.
t of CNAG National ceasing to collect and disburse a portion of annual membership dues to SAMF, C
ents are requested to assure that all Chapter Members are made aware that as of 01 January 2011, CN
e a member of the Foundation to continue to receive the “Warrior” magazine.
are already a SAMF supporter, thanks for your continued undying support of the Foundation.
ank Willis Paper – “Whither SAMF – SAM”
utstanding document has been review by the 12 Wing Commander, the SAM Board of Trustees and t
Retirement Committee (SKiRT). Much of the content is being used as the starting point in developing th
Sea King retirement, the book portraying the Sea King history and the bases for motivating the Se
unity, past and present, to support their heritage.
e, two Sea King airframes have been identified by tail number for allocation to SAM plus the Sea King
tor. Other training aids, Sea King equipment and aircraft documentation will be earmarked for SAM
become available.
ng Retirement Team (SKiRT)
a day of briefings and tour of the new Shearwater facilities organized for a number of former mem
a King community, 22 January, 2010, Colonel Sam Michaud, 12 Wing Commander, suggested that a pl
for the retirement of the venerable Sea King helicopter to celebrate its 50 years of service. This need sp
mediate formation of a working group under the Chairmanship of John Cody with representation
ection of the Sea King community. The SEA KiNG RETIREMENT TEAM (SKiRT) has to date form
owing activities:
den Anniversary Celebrations: 01-02 August 2013, 12 Wing Shearwater (50 years
e day that the first RCN Sea King arrived Shearwater/TOS).
King History Book Production – Methodology established to capture as many
es and anecdotes that cover the 50 year period.
er activities in progress: Commemorative Stamp; Commemorative Coin of the Realm;
memorative Patch Design; SAM Expansion Development Plan; Sea King 50th Anniversary Web
Liaison with Sea King Stakeholder Groups (CNAG, SAMF, Venture, Sea King Maintenance &
neering Group, Etc); Stakeholder Data Base; Fund Raising Campaign and Industry Data Base.
oundation Building Fund
isting loan for the last hangar addition to the museum is within nine months of being paid off. Howeve
rival of two Sea Kings, the Sea King Flight Simulator and other Sea King trainers, equipmen
entation in 2013, there is an urgent need to progress a further museum expansion. Thanks to the con
ons by SAMF members, the building fund now stands at approximately $60K It is planned that the ad
use a workshop and restoration area, storage and a climate controlled space for certain museum item
up exhibit space currently taken up by aircraft restoration projects.
eers – Thanks to the SAMF membership for their support and loyalty to the Foundation; the voluntee
he fund raising projects possible; the contributors and “Warrior” magazine staff who continue to prov
and historical information that reminds us all of our great Canadian Naval Aviation heritage; a
ted volunteers who support the SAM staff activities; host the museum visitors; and conduct the a
tion programs. Hats off to one and all for their unselfish dedication and work effort.
r – The “Warrior” Spring Edition was an outstanding issue dedicated to “Canadian Naval Aviati
ition of the “Canadian Naval Centennial”. Thanks to the dedication and performance by Kay a
or” team, this edition of the magazine surpassed all expectations regarding a very important per
ian Naval Aviation. BRAVO ZULU
Revenues – The Foundation’s finances from all sources remain steady for the year 2009 - 2010. The top
on list is that of Ted and Marie Kieser for their devotion to the Museum having funded a needed “lift” t
d visitors to access the museum second floor. Other successful fund raising events include the Jun
Dinner/Auction held for the first time in the museum; and the September 2010 annual SAMF
ament. Thanks to these events, the support of the membership, volunteers and SAMF/SAM staff, SAM
ble to support SAM for its important on-going restoration projects and exhibit production.
Raising Activities - The following SAMF Fund Raising activities are planned for 2010 - 2011.
seum Expansion Project – Donations to SAMF can be designated for the building fund for which tax r
be issued. A facility wish list and building plan is in process.
l of Honour Tiles – An extension to the “Wall of Honour” is now open to receive your Memoria
anks to the JAOBTC members for their course tiles that were unveiled in July 2010)
MF Dinner Auction – Planned for the Museum – June 2011.
MF Golf Tournament – Held in conjunction with the DEFSEC September 2011.
“Shearwater Aviation Museum”
Visitors – 2010 visitor season has been one of the best ever, with healthy donations and great gift sho
g to top $50K. SAM was the site for the 2010 SAMF Dinner/Auction that netted $7K plus a donation
he Bank of Nova Scotia thanks to “Patti Adam” (Jim’s Daughter).
visits included the NOAC members attending the AGM; members of the #6 JAOBTC; and a VS 26
n Reception on 08 Sep 10. Yet to come will be the CNAG Reunion Sunday 10 Oct 10 Church Service a
Restoration Projects/Aircraft Inventory – The CF-5 aircraft has been shipped to CFB Cold Lake and V
t is awaiting shipping arrangement to The BC Canadian Museum of Flight.
rojects – To The End Of 2010 – Major events include:
SAM Gift Shop booth at the Nova Scotia International Air Show, in Shearwater 11-12 Sep 2010;
Unveiling ceremony for the restored “Navy T-33”; and
Unveiling ceremony for the restored “HUP Helicopter”;
Restoration Project – Following an outstanding paint job in the Spring, the restoration continued with t
run taking place 28 July 2010. Although the aircraft was not ready to fly at the NSIAS, it was unveile
ry as a key static exhibit that drew the interest of hundreds of visitors.
anadian Navy Centennial – SAM participating with the Canadian Forces Naval Museums and Canada
m to contribute to a “Virtual Museum Exhibit” project. The museum was also an active participant
Centennial activities on the Halifax water front during the International Fleet Review, the Queen’s H
nd Canada Day celebrations.
s – Sincere thanks to all who have supported SAMF and SAM in some small way to make SAM the h
Canadian Naval Aviation.
Annex D:
Submitted by John Eden, President Sea King Chapter
would like to report that Clifford Chadderton the founder and long standing Chairman of the NCVA
over the reigns of office to our Secretary General and acting Chairman Brian Forbes. Cliff has been r
Perly Home for Veterans in Ottawa since early in 2010 and due to ill health cannot carry out all the du
C Chairman. Cliff is doing quite well in his new digs and is still active in some of the more long-term v
The new Veteran Affairs Minister is the Honorable Jean-Pierre Blackburn who was appointed to this po
January 2010. He also holds the position of Minister of State for Agriculture and has previously ser
er of Revenue as well as having serving a term as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of N
Quote “There has been considerable speculation in the media of late in relation to the potential downsi
n Affairs Canada and the overall performance of the Department in responding to the needs of Ca
s.” Unquote. The acting NCVA Chairman Brian Forbes has issued a news release outlining the associ
n and expressing serious concerns on this vital subject. He further stated that in our opinion any deci
sh the role of VAC is unacceptable and represents a fundamental breach of the government’s legal and
tment to a host of valiant and courageous Canadian veterans who now need support.
The Honorable Jean-Pierre Blackburn, Minister of Veteran Affairs Canada has responded to speculat
ure of VAC by stating that the department will not be closed or merged with the Department of N
e, but there may be future cuts due to diminishing numbers of elderly veterans. BUT –what abo
r/new vets?
A bronze statue was created in honour of Canada’s Naval Centennial. The “Homecoming” statue loc
toria Inner Harbour was created by local sculptor Nathan Scott and represents the bond between the G
a community and every sailor who ever sailed from the Naval Dockyard in Esquimalt and retur
ming family. The sculpture was unveiled following the “Navy Day Freedom of the City” parade on Ba
c Sunday, 4 May 2010. The statue depicts a young girl with her dog running into the arms of a kn
The survivor of a pensioner who had been a VAC client and who; is living in his/her home; qualifie
ity tax credit; and is in receipt of the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement may be approved for t
. For further information contact VAC 1-866 522-2122 to discuss a specific case.
Record of Service “NDI 75” card is available to former members of the CF who have completed 10 ye
f service. Although DND explains that the card is NOT an ID card, former members may find it use
y discounts at CANEX and other retailers. To obtain a card (takes about 6 months) download the appl
website and forward it along with two passport-type photos to DMCA 4-2-2
al Defence Headquarters, MGen George R. Pearkes Building, 101 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa ON K1A 0
The 2010 Annual General Meeting of the National Council of Veterans of Canada will be held at th
of Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel at 9:30 am on Wednesday October 20. 2010. John Eden will attend
Representative and will continue to represent the Naval Air community even if the Group N
uarters is decommissioned on 31 December 2010. In that event, items of mutual interest to the Nav
unity would then be submitted to Kay Collacutt at the SAMF for inclusion in their quarterly Newsletter.
Annex E:
CNAG and the Naval 2010 Centennial Celebrations
end of the year, a final report on CNAG’s involvement with the 2010 Centennial is to be submitted
010 Project Office. This is the final report to the CNAG Board of Directors.
October, 2004, John Eden, as National Chairman, appointed me as CNAG’s representative to the Nav
nial. The first official guidance was received from VAdm Bruce MacLean, CMS in April 2005. Th
meeting took place on 6 January, 2006. Since that time, CNAG has been closely involved in Nav
ng and activities on behalf of Naval Aviation. Annual CNAG 2010 reports have been made to the
gs each year since, periodic special reports were made to Chapter Executives to highlight important
e National Executive and Hampton Gray VC Executive have been actively involved for the last several y
last two years, detailed reports have been presented on an increasing array of CNAG-sponsored activit
have been promulgated in the official Naval 2010 Centennial Website, in “Across the Flight Dec
IRGENS, on the CNAG Website, and in publications such as Warrior, Starshell and Soundings.
ghted in these reports were 2010 Initiatives focusing on Naval Air such as the submission for a His
ment to acknowledge the formation of the Royal Canadian Naval Air Service (Sponsor: Hampton Gra
val Centennial Bell in which a number CNAG members made contributions (Coordinator: Hampto
he Centennial Paintings where half of the selected paintings depicted naval aviation operation
emorative Coffee Table Book containing the paintings but also colour spreads of all five of the carrie
aircraft by noted graphic artist, Lt. (N) Carl Gagnon.
ports also highlighted a series of CNAG National and Hampton Gray specific initiatives, each of whi
ly recognized as a 2010 Initiative through formal submissions to the Canadian Naval Centennial 2010 P
Bud MacLean’s initiative to nominate “Canadian Naval Aviation” for Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame
of Orion Award” (CNAG National),
David Tate’s initiative to contribute a detailed, to-scale replica of H.M.C.S. Bonaventure to the C
Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa (Hampton Gray VC Chapter);
The development of a multi-media “loop” presentation in audio-video format to showcase the h
volution and active operational activities of Canadian Naval Aviation and Carrier operations for the C
Aviation and Space Museum. (Hampton Gray VC Chapter)
The sponsorship and fostering of public awareness of Lt J. Allan Snowie’s new book, “Collishaw & Com
as an individual 2010 Initiative. (CNAG National)
The validation of Canadian Naval Air memorials through an initiative undertaken by Bob Fer
Hampton Gray VC Chapter)
The conduct an official commemorative ceremony to honour the only naval VC of the Second World W
Hampton Gray VC, DSC, MID, RCNVR, at the National War Memorial, combined with the annual
Aviation Rendezvous at HMCS Bytown and over flown by the Vintage Wings Canada Corsair. (Hampto
VC Chapter)
Support of Kay Collacutt, Editor of the SAMF Warrior Magazine, to assist in ensuring Warrior in 20
pecial 2010 material dedicated to Naval Aviation. SAMF’s Chairman, (CNAG National and Hampto
VC Chapter).
The Gray Ghost Initiative – a collaborative Vintage Wings Canada (VWC) - Canada Aviation Museum
Hampton Gray VC Chapter initiative to support the Naval 2010 Centennial. CNAG members on both
also contributed greatly to make this a successful national initiative. (Hampton Gray VC Chapter)
The original “Tour of Duty” Gala in which CNAG was playing a lead role was cancelled due to loss
oundation officials but it has been replaced for this year by a “Salute to Canadian Naval Aviation” gala
being hosted in November at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum by Hampton Gray VC Chapter.
ition to these nine initiatives, CNAG members have been involved in a wide variety of events and ac
because of a strong effort to keep CNAG and Naval Aviation up front and recognized in each forum
nial. Because of this, the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Defence and the Chief of Ma
es all recognized Canadian Naval Aviation in their speeches in the Senate of Canada as did Senator Ro
peech in the Senate on the 4th of May. The CMS has since regularly acknowledged the contributions o
n, in several events punctuated by overflights of the ceremony by the VWC Corsair.
ers of CNAG from coast to coast can be proud of the contribution of their organization in ensuring the
vernment and the Canadian Public have been made aware in this Naval Centennial year of the contrib
al aviation to Canada.
S. Milsom
ent, Hampton Gray Chapter, CNAG
National 2010 Representative
Annex F:
Atlantic Chapter Director’s Report:
me to the year 2010
ar started with Gene Rogers at the helm, Ron Cheaters our Vice, Susan Melvin our Secretary and Gerr
all as our Treasurer.
tertainment Chairperson, Yvon Quintin has looked after our monthly meetings, as well as our special e
s our August Barbeque, Christmas Dinner at the Mess, and our Wine and Cheese, held at the Shearwate
on Museum in May. Thank you Yvon on a job well done !
al our meetings took place the first Sunday of the month and it was great to have so many faithful memb
hone committee, under the direction of Eldon Johnson, contacted everyone to remind them of the meetin
ime and theme
re privileged to have the opportunity to lay the wreaths on Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of Britain and
mbrance Day and honoured to have our special Denny Shaw, so capably lay them with such dignity. Th
Ladies Luncheon” held on the 2nd Wednesday of each Month and takes place at many different location
ounced each month, is attended and enjoyed by many of our Ladies .
members were privileged to be hosted, this year, by the Nova Scotia International Air Show committee
of honour at their VIP accommodations. Truly a delightful day of “Royal Treatment”, and at no time w
pboards empty or their rivers run dry. A shuttle ran back and forth from the parking areas to VIP tent
hings easier for all that required transportation. Thank you so much for a wonderful day, job well don
eunion has been high on our agenda with monthly meetings, numerous phone calls, emails, many panic
s, but lots of laughter. Things are certainly taking shape and we shall be ready to host our friends, ship
mrades to our celebration of the" 65 Anniversary of CNAG". The registration has been most encourag
n the capable hands of Christine Hines, our curator of the Museum, and we are looking forward to a gr
comment on the results of the reunion. The energy and enthusiasm felt by, all over the weekend, prove
han we had ever hoped. The rekindled friendship were a toast to the life we lived together in our years
Air. The bond of ”the never to be forgotten” friendships formed so many years ago, lives on in our hear
stronger now and cherished more. Such a wonderful life we have lived!
THANK YOU on behalf of CNAG Atlantic, to our friends in Ottawa who have worked so hard to keep u
ed, and to our friends across Canada and all over the world "WE shall always remember you”. God B
ely submitted: Cheers
Ryan, Director Atlantic
the past year we at founding have lost 2 of our members, Clarence Hewens and Roy Sharkey.
er Members, Lee Roy, Bob Graham and Eldon Morton have visited George Davey, Syd Snelling and Jak
se. They pass along regrets that they were unable to attend the reunion 2010. They are in good spirits. T
entlemen are in continuing care facilities.
reasurer, Elaine Hewens, is planning a move to B.C. in the future.When it happens we will miss her.
hapter does go bowling all winter and some of our members do play golf in the summer. We go out for L
every other month to a restaurant of one of member’s choice. We will still have our Christmas Party an
elephant gifts. We do keep involved with the members.
or Founding Chapter Edmonton
CNAG Banshee Victoria Directors Report
ee meets the 4th Thursday of every month except for July/August normally at 443MH Sqn. Pat Bay. July
lly have a picnic and except for exceptional circumstances take August off.
010 we have maintained 50+ members on the books with an average turnout of 20+ members to meeting
st 2 members to the flight deck in the sky over the last year and have a number of members who are ail
nt they can no longer get out to meetings.
ee is represented at the Battle of the Atlantic ceremonies at the BC Legislator in Victoria and November
. Members were also in attendance for a number of Navy 100 events including the dedication of the
oming statue and the dedication service of St Paul’s memorial window in Esquimalt. The highlight of th
as a visit by the Gray Ghost to Victoria, a reception was held the 1st day of the visit by the Victoria Flyin
nd was attended by many local retired Naval Aviators as well as representation from CFB Esquimalt an
A. The two Al’s [Snowie and Jasper] brought their replica Nieuport’s from Bellingham Washington to
tivities. The 2nd day VFC has an open house attended by upwards to 500 people, many of who witnessed
ure of the Ghost and Hawk One enroute to Abbotsford.
ee intends to continue monthly meetings at 443MH, once the home of VU33 at Pat Bay for the foreseeab
As ground has not yet been broken for the new Maritime Helicopter Facility and as Banshee’s director
te member of the Hornets Nest we should have a secure venue for at least the next 3 years. We foresee t
gs a little less formal than in the past but as many of our members are not on line it will give us a chance
n touch.
evolve into a virtual organization the current director has volunteered to be the POC for the west coast
d to the Manitoba Ontario border, following is pertinent contact information.
Paul Peacey
Unit 6 – 7768 East Saanich Road
Saanichton BC V8M 1Y6
[250] 652-2738
d be pleased to accept any messages from any chapter members from coast to coast and will disseminate
ation locally.
in Naval Air Paul Peacey
Directors Report Sea King Chapter
a King Chapter has 48 members, which includes one Honorary (Carl Mills). We are located between th
or area and extent easterly to Sharbot Lake/Kingston.
the past year, we have rotated our meeting place in an effort to share the commuting time/drive. Rotat
etings as follows did this;
vember 2009, we met for a meeting/lunch in Oshawa at the RCL,
y 2010, we met for a meeting/lunch in Etobicoke at the Longbranch Legion, and
gust 2010, we met for a meeting/lunch in Oshawa at the RCAF Air Wing.
wing lunch, we were treated to Carl Mills presentation on the history of the Banshee.
e planning to hold our next meeting in Trenton sometime after the reunion.
sponse to this initiative was quite favorable as represented by the good attendance at each event.
ng Chapter is planning to continue as an informal social association after 2010, meeting periodically wit
ographical area. At this time, John Eden and myself have agreed to continue as the contacts for Sea Kin
J. Findlay,
or, Sea King Chapter
Directors Report Hampton Gray VC (HGVC) Chapter
Chapter meets on the last Tuesday evening of each month in nine meetings each year. With 141 membe
argest CNAG Chapter. The November meeting is our Christmas special event as there is no meeting in
ber. This year, as with last year, we will hold a Wine and Cheese Gala in the Canadian Aviation and Sp
m (CASM) to acknowledge special relationships and collaborations for 2010, especially with CASM and
e Wings of Canada (VWC). Its principal theme is to provide a final 2010 Salute to Canadian Naval Avi
ly meetings generally have a theme, either in a guest speaker or in a “Dine the Wives” evening. The last
g before the summer break, in June, is a much enjoyed and well-attended Saturday afternoon BBQ.
y activities of the Chapter for 2010 may be found in the 2010 Final Report at Annex E
Milsom President HGVC