What Are
And how do the help athletes?
What are phytochemicals?
 The term Phytochemical is a
broad name for a wide
variety of compounds
produced by plants.
 Commonly known as
 These plant chemicals have
protective and disease
preventive properties.
More about Phytochemicals
 Non-nutritive, They are nonessential nutrients, meaning
that they are not required
by the human body for
sustaining life.
 Protect humans against
 Phytochemicals have
antioxidant activity and
protect our cells against
oxidative damage
Types of Phytochemicals
 Inflamatory, antioxidant,
wound-healing, detoxing.
(cruciferous veggies)
 Isothycynate: inhibit cancer
cell growth. (dark greens)
 Quercetin: endurance. (apples,
onions, berries)
 Example: beta-carotene
 Plant Source: Red, orange and green fruits and vegetables
 broccoli, carrots, cooked tomatoes, leafy greens, sweet potatoes,
cantaloupe, oranges watermelon
 Benefits: May inhibit cancer cell
growth, work as antioxidants
and improve immune response
 Example: anthocyanins and quercetin
 Plant Source: Apples, citrus fruits, onions, soybeans and soy
products, coffee and tea
 Benefits: May inhibit inflammation and tumor growth; may help
immunity and boost production of detoxifying enzymes in the
Phytochemical foods
 Fruits
 Blueberries, raspberries,
oranges, grapefruit, lemons
limes, mangos and
Tomatoes. Grapes
 Whole grains
 Corn, wheat, oats
 Vegetables
 carrots, sweet potatoes and
winter squash, onions
Different foods
 There are 5 main color you
should eat to get the
necessary amount of
 All of these foods are great
for an athletes recover time
 Aim to consumer two of
each color every day!
The Benefits for Athletes
1. Helps the athlete recover faster
in muscle, tissue and joint
2. Helps athlete in vitamin control.
3. Fights the inflammation in
4. Energy is restored in the body
after activity.
5. Prevents heart disease
6. Vegetarian Athletes get vitamins
and minerals from eating foods
who are rich in phytochemicals
to restored their energy.
Less time for sore
Phytochemicals & the
Prevention of Cancer
 Evidence shows that certain
phytochemicals may help
prevent the formation of
potential carcinogens.
 It also blocks the action of
carcinogens on their targets
to organ and tissues.
 They act on cells to suppress
cancer development.
 Experts highly recommend
the consumption of fruits,
vegetables and other plant
based foods that contain
phytochemicals to reduce
their risk of cancer
To Sum Everything Up
 Phytochemicals have
disease preventing
 We also went over the types
of foods that have
 There are different types of
Isothycynate, Quercetin
 The benefits for athletes are
amazing, providing quick
recovery after intense
 We went over the antioxidant
properties of Phytochemicals
including Carotenoid and
 Phytochemicals have also
been proven to reduce the
risk of cancer
The End
Group Presentation by:
Stephanie, Tommy, Jenna, Corey, April,
John T, Connor