ENGR 304 Design Project

Guest Lecture- ENGR 10
Nicholas Celeste
San Francisco State University
Mechanical Engineering Student
ASME @ SFSU President
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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Outline of Presentation:
• About me
• About SFSU
• Transferring to SFSU
– What was Different?
– How hard are SFSU Classes?
– What should you be prepared to do well?
– How to Get the Most from SFSU
– Useful Classes at Chabot/LPC
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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About Me:
• Grew up in Livermore, CA
• Always building and modifying bikes, skateboards,
pulling things apart.
• Decided to go back to school in 2004
• Worked in Construction out of High School.
Other jobs:
Run a family business with my wife.
• Worked full-time while attending LPC & Chabot
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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About SFSU:
• SFSU is Located at
1600 Holloway Ave
in SF.
– Near Daly City
• Free shuttle from
Daly City Bart
• Lots of housing
close by.
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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About SFSU:
• SFSU Offers 4
• All ABET Certified
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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Transferring to SFSU
• Transferred from Chabot/Las Positas in
Fall 2010 to San Francisco State
• San Francisco was not my first choice,
and I did not know much about it.
• Sometimes qualified applicants don’t
get picked, so HAVE A BACKUP PLAN!
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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Transferring to SFSU
• Don’t get discouraged!
– Undergraduate Curriculum is basically the same at
any school.
– Engineering is a fun and exciting major at any
– State school is MUCH CHEAPER than UC
• About 1/3 of the cost for a semester at CSU vs. UC
• I got offered more Grants & Scholarships by SFSU than
ANY OTHER school that I was accepted to.
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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What was Different?
• Many more engineering students and instructors– 900 Undergraduate Engineering Students
– 20 Engineering Faculty
– Class size is roughly the same as Chabot, there are some large
classes and some small classes.
• More Open-ended Projects
– TAKE ENGR 11, and take it SERIOUSLY
• This is going to be your career, not just a class
• Greater variety of interesting classes:
– You get to pick what sounds interesting, it doesn’t feel like
you are just fulfilling requirements anymore.
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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How Hard are Classes?
• Not much harder than Chabot
– Some classes require more time than
others, but none are impossible.
– After surviving Mr. Mayer’s exams, I was
ready for anything!
– Classes tend to move quicker, and there is
less feedback from the instructors.
• One class I took had only two homework
assignments and two exams.
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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Most Useful Classes at Chabot
• ENGR 10 & 11
– ENGR 11 was the most
similar to an upper division
design-based course at
• ENGR 43 (Circuits)
– This class had exams that
were the most like upper
division classes.
• English 1A
– Extremely important, doing
well in English is usually the
difference between an A or a
B on a project.
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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Most Useful Classes at Chabot
Math 4:
– Differential Equations are the
language of Engineering, they
don’t go away
Physics 4A, 4B, & 4C:
– Taking the time to really
understand how things work in
these classes will greatly
improve your understanding of
Upper Division courses
• If you do well now, you’ll do
even better when things
become more complicated.
Public Speaking (Any):
– You will always need to be able
to talk about things to groups.
It’s not scary, and it gets easier
with practice.
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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How to do well at University:
• Study groups are
absolutely essential
to doing well in hard
• Most instructors are
less willing to hold
your hand and walk
you through
homework Q’s.
– Take advantage of
instructors that do!
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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How to do well at University:
• Be able to write proficiently and communicate
– Your report is only as good as it is written.
– There are a lot more group projects, people will be
counting on you to communicate and explain what
you are doing.
• Be able to deliver a finished product for
design classes.
• Ask questions, and READ THE BOOK!
• Follow Mr. Mayer’s Study Skills Guide!
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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How to do well at SFSU:
– Engineering clubs are a great way
to meet other students that care
about engineering.
– Joining a club will get you more
opportunities to find internships and
• On an average week, I’m forwarded
3-5 job opportunities.
Work on Homework in the
Engineering Study Room– Lots of students will be there and
willing to talk about HW problems.
Meet with Advisor in the First Week
of Classes– Requirements are confusing, be
sure to know what you need to be
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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Cool Stuff for ASME in 2011-2012:
• Whirlwind Wheelchair Trike
• Upper/Lower Division
“Buddy System”
• Help students fund projects
• Tours of Manufacturing
plants in the Bay Area.
• ASME is a GREAT way to
network and get advice.
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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ASME/Whirlwind Trike Project
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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ASME/Whirlwind Trike Project
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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Other Non-ASME Projects:
• Other projects at SFSU:
– Timber Bridge
• Last years design won:
– Best Innovative
– Best Aesthetic
– 3rd place in best
overall design
– Steel Bridge
– Rocketry Club
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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Any Questions?
• Contact me at:
Engineering @ SFSU:
For ENGR10-Summer 2011
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