2015 NNHVIP Conference Call for Workshops
“Healing is Justice: Helping Systems of Care Promote Equity”
September 28-29, 2015
The California Endowment’s Center for Healthy Communities, Los Angeles, CA
The National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs’ annual conference
draws a diverse audience committed to breaking the cycle of violence and promoting healing in
communities where violent injuries occur. The over 200 attendees include: frontline gang
intervention workers, pediatric and adult physicians, public officials, experts and emerging
researchers from various academic fields, crisis responders, community-based programs and
organizations, social workers, mental health providers, nurses, members of state/local/federal
government, and community members affected by and/or responding to violence. Presentations
are encouraged that honor, promote and build upon the expertise of conference attendees.
Proposed Session Title: Violence Intervention and Prevention Strategies in a Healthcare
Suggest a title (8-10 words) that is informative and clearly reflects the presentation content.
Name of Lead Speaker/Proposal Submitter: Christina Blackburn, MS
This person will be the contact and is responsible for all session logistics
Job Title: Executive Director and Founder
Organization: Speranza Human Compassion Project
NNHVIP affiliation (i.e. member program, emerging program, other.):Emerging program
Street Address:1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320
City, State, Zip: Philadelphia, PA 19107
Telephone: 267-270-5711
Email: [email protected]
NNHVIP 2015 Conference
Call for Workshops
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Additional Speakers: If applicable, identify any additional speakers below with e-mail and phone
E-mail address
Phone #
Professional Background: Provide a 1-4 sentence biography for each speaker to be used as an
introduction as well as an overview of your knowledge and experience related to the proposed
session topic and HVIP field; i.e.: years of experience in the related field, degrees held and from
what academic institutions, current appointments, concurrent responsibilities, areas of specialty,
past speaking engagements, etc.
Christina Blackburn, MS
Executive Director
Speranza Human Compassion Project
Christina has an undergraduate degree from Indiana University in Public Health
Administration and a Master's of Science in Management. She resides in Philadelphia
where she volunteers her time happily to ensuring no woman or child has to suffer as
she did as a victim, now survivor of domestic violence.
Recent speaking engagements
“Women’s Leadership Conference”. Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia,
PA March 24, 2015 Topic: The Danger of Low Expectations
“The Speranza Project and Domestic Violence.” International Women’s Day
at WarmDaddy’s Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA March 8th, 2015. Topic: Woman’s
“Violence Intervention in a Healthcare Setting for Nurse Practitioners.” Temple
University, Phila, PA Fall 2014.
“Violence Intervention Strategies for Social Workers.” 5 workshop lecture series. Lasalle
University, Phila, PA Fall 2014.
“Student Awareness of Domestic Violence.” Campus lectures. Lasalle University, Phila,
PA Fall 2014.
“Importance of Violence Intervention Strategies in Healthcare Settings.” Temple
University, Phila, PA Fall 2013.
NNHVIP 2015 Conference
Call for Workshops
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Presentation Learning Objectives: List 3 educational goals of the presentation that specify
what participants will learn as a result of attending the presentation. (NNHVIP reserves the right to
edit objectives to meet requirements for CEUs)
1. Advocacy and awareness of the impact first and early responders (health service
providers) can have on victims choices and decisions
2. Discuss problem solving tools first and early responders can empower victims of
3. Raise awareness regarding the gap in services provided and actual needs of victims
Session Categories: Check one or more categories that best represent the focus area of the
☐ Promoting Equity / Addressing Bias
☒ Best Practices in Direct Services
☐ Policy and/or Advocacy
☒ Trauma-Informed Care
☒ Bridging Direct Service & Advocacy
☒ Mental Health
☐ Research
☒ Hospital-Community Partnership
☐ Other: Click here to enter text.
☒ Healing the Healers / Self-Care
I submit this workshop proposal for consideration for the preferred following event format(s):
(Check all that apply)
Presentation Length:
☒ 90 minute breakout session
☐ 40 minute presentation to be paired with another presentation on a similar topic
Presentation Format:
Presentation (with or without Q&A to follow)
Interactive training or conversation
(At this year’s conference, the planning committee is giving special consideration
to interactive workshops that build on the skills and expertise of audience
members. If checked, please specify what methods will be used to ensure
audience participation and interaction on the topic presented.)
My presentation will utilize: Q&A, group discussion, questions based on personal
and professional experience, role playing, video clips and subsequent discussion.
NNHVIP 2015 Conference
Call for Workshops
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Session Narrative: Please summarize the presentation in no more than 500 words).
This will be utilized to evaluate the overall relevance and quality of the proposed presentation. If
your presentation is selected, this narrative will also be adapted for the Conference Program.
Presentation/Workshop Goals
Learn what victimization is
Understand healthcare professionals can make a difference
Inspire creative problem solving for patients living in crisis
Demonstrate quick mindful care strategies
Presentation/Workshop Objectives
Through role play we will demonstrate the gaps in services victims are experiencing
With video we will demonstrate the proper way to engage victims
We will review the laws that surround victims of abuse
Group discussion - problem solving with compassion and mindfulness
Understanding the effects of chronic fear, abuse and avoidance on problem solving and
logical reasoning
Understanding why gaps in care occur
Empowering first responders with effective tools for communicating with victims
Brief Narrative:
Our “Mindful Care” training is designed to inspire a change in perspective for first and early
responders and those working directly with victims of violence. Through our; knowledgebased learning, interactivity tools, research and first hand experience training we partner
with our audience enabling them to take a step back and look at the overall objective of
quality care in order to decrease the frustration in the professional and empower those most
at risk for injury and death.
Our training is very impactful as it is based in a preventative, solution-based, and
compassionate care model of training, in which we mirror the tones, attitude and emotion
we desire our professionals to mimic for greatest impact and influence on their patients
living in crisis.
Presentation Agreement:
 Submit my PowerPoint presentation via email or flash drive no later than September 21, 2015.
 Provide all required information and affirmations for CEU certification, by due dates requested.
 Prepare, duplicate, and distribute handout materials for my presentation at my expense.
 Allow NNHVIP to list my contact information on printed and online materials.
 Presenters may not sell, promote or pitch any specific product or service.
 I understand NNHVIP cannot pay honoraria, travel, per diem, handouts or other costs for
speakers. In appreciation for your contribution, one approved speaker may attend the conference
at no cost for registration.
By submitting your presentation, you are agreeing to the presentation agreement.
*** Email submissions by May 1, 2015, to Ahmed Ali-Bob at [email protected] ***
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