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An Epidemic Worse than Heart Disease,

Alzheimer’s and Cancer – Combined!

What you must know to avoid the insidious plague threatening your very existence.


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A deadly epidemic – more lethal than the most dreaded disease – is coming for you !

 It can trigger a heart attack or stroke – even if you’re normally

 healthy...

It’s making all forms of cancer progress faster ...

And it’s speeding up the devastating progression of Alzheimer’s

Disease .

No one, not even you, is immune to this deadly epidemic. The elderly, the young, the rich, the poor, the sick...even the healthiest among us are all vulnerable.

And you, along with every other man, woman, and child living in the

United States, is either already in the grips of this lethal pandemic or will be soon.

My name is Helen Martyre. As the Publisher at the Doctors Health

Press I have seen many disturbing medical reports come across my desk.

But nothing shook me to my core the way the latest report from my

Senior Writer and Researcher did.

Let me be clear right up front with you. I am not a doctor. I don’t claim to be, and I certainly don’t want to mislead you.


But as someone who has her finger on the pulse of the health world...who has been breaking health news and relaying natural health discoveries to over 160,000 people… I feel a moral obligation to give it to you straight.

I’m not telling you this to scare you – even though I was frightened to death when I first heard about it.

However, here at Doctors Health Press we are absolutely dedicated to uncovering and reporting on natural health break-throughs by digging deep into the sometimes “closed off” inner workings of the health and medical world.

For over ten years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most popular and respected doctors in the industry.

Doctors like Victor Marchione, who has been a respected leader in the field of smoking cessation and pulmonary medicine for over 20 years.

He is not only revered as The Food Doctor , but has also been featured on The Today Show and the CBS Evening News .

And David Juan, celebrated as The Vitamin Doctor.

His 30 years of clinical experience and 12 years of medical school teaching has been

“blowing the lid off” the vitamin industry and relaying what I believe is some of the most essential natural health information on the planet.

So you can be sure that, as a team, we know what we’re talking about.

And what we’re talking about is...

A Deadly Epidemic of Lies and Deceit

…and it’s happening in just about every doctor’s office, medical school, pharmacy, clinic and hospital in America.


This is an epidemic of historical proportions, and I have a moral obligation to warn you. . .

Should you fail to heed the warnings in the video presentation, the odds of you – or someone you know and love – becoming a victim of this epidemic are one in every twenty households . . . and getting higher with each passing day!

You will be shocked to discover how giant pharmaceutical companies blatantly and callously market drugs they know are dangerous – and all too often even deadly – with impunity to the American public.

Even more unsettling is the revelation that the Federal Drug

Administration (the FDA), the agency which is supposed to be on your side to protect you from unsafe and potentially harmful drugs. . .

. . . more often than not seemingly lets big pharma companies literally get away with murder. And on the rare occasions when the FDA does try to slow down Big Pharma’s reign of terror, it’s usually no more than a love pat on the wrist.

And yet, there is a ray of hope amid all the doom and gloom.

You’ll learn how to avoid potential killer drugs and becoming another victim of the soulless corporations.

You and your pocketbook will rejoice when you no longer have to pay the outrageous and ever-skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs.

In addition, I’m going to send you

Five Free Special Health Research

Guides (with a subscription) which demonstrate how easy and safe it is to get and stay healthy.


So brace yourself: You’ll be shocked, even horrified at what big pharmaceuticals and the FDA have been passing off as medicine to you for far too long.

You’ll also gain invaluable knowledge and financial relief with the five free special guides I’ll have delivered to your home with a subscription.

Finally, if you watch the video presentation through to the end, I have a very special free gift for you, something you almost certainly never even knew existed. You’ll wonder how you managed to stay healthy without it thus far in your life.

But first, the bad news . . .

The epidemic I’m warning you about is deadlier than heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s combined because...

Its horrific effects are spread by the very people who have taken an oath to help us: our doctors and health care professionals.

Even more devastating, going to your family doctor, your pharmacist, a walk-in clinic…even a hospital...

will only make it worse .

Every second of the day and night, five more people are hospitalized due to adverse reactions caused by this epidemic.

Here are the startling facts:

 316 innocent victims every 60 seconds...

 7,589 every single day...

230,833 new victims every month…

Perhaps most shocking—770,000 of those victims suffered because of a drug their doctor gave them.


The epidemic I’m talking about is the adverse reactions and side effects of commonly prescribed drugs. For example:

One frequently recommended pain reliever can destroy your kidneys, leaving you on painful dialysis for the rest of your greatly shortened life. . .

A drug designed to help you stop smoking also leads to depression and suicidal thoughts – giving you the option of dying from smoking-related illnesses or taking your own life. . .

A highly touted arthritis drug was pulled from the market after it was found to cause strokes and heart attacks, leaving you paralyzed or in a vegetative coma if it didn’t kill you!

Adverse drug reactions send over two million people to hospitals each year—hundreds of thousands of those people die.

The most tragic part is all those unexpected deaths . . . all the suffering .

. . all the unnecessary emotional trauma and pain inflicted on families and friends . . . all the heartache could have easily been prevented.

For instance . . .

I’m sure you’re familiar with Vioxx®, the popular prescription drug designed to treat arthritis.

As you may be aware, Vioxx® was shown to increase the user’s risk of having a heart attack. It was removed from the market because of this lethal side effect.

However, you might not know the drug manufacturer of Vioxx® had to pay out $4.85 BILLION to those 50,000 people who suffered a heart attack or stroke while taking Vioxx®.

Then the company had to pay another $58 million to 30 states as part of a settlement for using deceptive advertising practices.


That’s over

$4.9 billion paid out because of careless formulations and flat out lying to you. But if you think that’s shocking, what comes next is downright sickening:

The drug company was actually relieved it had to pay out so little!

You heard me right! $4.9 billion was considered by many in the industry to be a “victory” for the drug company. They were literally celebrating because they had been expecting to be fined up to Fifty

Billion Dollars! They got away with paying less than one-tenth of what they believed they might be forced to pay.

In a separate case, another drug giant recently plead guilty to a three-part criminal indictment and paid $3 billion in fines and civil penalties for promoting two anti-depressant drugs – Paxil® and Wellbutrin® – for unapproved uses, including the treatment of children and adolescents!

They illegally marketed their highly dangerous drugs to children, and didn’t even have to plead guilty in the civil charges!

In addition, they failed to report safety data about their diabetes drug,

Avandia®, to the FDA.

This same pharmaceutical giant was found guilty of paying kickbacks to doctors – possibly your doctor – to prescribe these drugs!

And the $3 billion dollar fine the drug maker was forced to pay totaled less than fifteen percent of the total sales revenues it took in from the sales of those three drugs.

As you can see, what seem like huge fines to you and me are just a drop in the bucket for the big drug makers. A few billion here. . . a few billion there. . . really doesn’t make or break these companies.

But the real tragedy of all these scandals:


They could’ve all been easily prevented.

You see, if these multi-billion dollar drug companies weren’t pressuring doctors… perhaps your doctor…to prescribe dangerous medications, then all those scandals could’ve been avoided.

But the scandals I’ve told you about aren’t isolated incidents.

Far from it.

Have you heard of telithromycin? It’s been sold under the brand name


While Ketek® was being prescribed to patients for mild to moderate respiratory infections, it was also doing something else to their bodies...

Destroying their livers.

According to an article in The New York Times , 14 people who were taking Ketek® suffered liver failure. Of those, four of them subsequently died. There were 23 other reported cases of liver damage.

And most of these people were otherwise healthy individuals who were prescribed the drug to treat a mild respiratory problem.

But it doesn’t end there. And I hope you’re sitting down for this one.

The FDA … whom we rely on to protect us from the dangers of prescription drugs like Ketek®, approved the drug even though they were warned it could be potentially dangerous…warned by its own drug safety office!

Dr. David Graham, who was part of the FDA’s drug safety office, wrote in an email that approval of the antibiotic was “a mistake,” and called for its immediate withdrawal.


He added, “We don’t really know if the drug works; no one is claiming it works better than other, safer drugs; and we’re flying blind as far as safety goes…”

Vioxx®…Ketek®…Paxil®…Avandia®…it seems like every day we hear of another drug causing death and devastation in the lives of innocent people. People who were just doing what they were told was in their best interests.

Here are some more examples of the deadly outcomes from drugs prescribed to people like you who thought they would get better, only to meet tragic results:

96,517 patients with high blood pressure died on doctors’ orders

People with high blood pressure know what I’m talking about, especially the family members of those who died from the side effects of Tracleer®

(tray clear), a drug supposed to lower high blood pressure.

Anemia Drug Like “Miracle-Gro for Cancer!”

A recent article in USA Today tells of a woman who died after receiving massive amounts of an anemia-fighting drug. It was not only unnecessary, but later showed to “act like Miracle-Gro for cancer,” according to Dr. Otis Brawley, author of How We Do Harm: A Doctor

Breaks Ranks About Being Sick in America .

As you can see, this kind of behavior from the FDA, who is supposed to be protecting you from harm, has fallen far short of their goal on multiple occasions.

Which is why the Doctors Health Press was created: to provide you with alternatives to sometimes dangerous traditional medicine which


seemingly pushes pills and surgery to benefit pharmaceutical companies and keep some surgeons wealthy.

Here at the Doctors Health Press our fingers are always on the pulse of health news and natural-remedy breakthroughs. It’s our pleasure to share all our discoveries with more than 160,000 people on a daily basis.

I’d love you to join us so we can help you avoid potentially killer drugs and find other, safer ways for you to get and stay healthy.

Towards that end, I’d like you to have . . .

Five Special Health Guides Absolutely Free!

(with a subscription)

In a moment, I’ll demonstrate how eager I am to welcome you as our newest member of The Doctors Health Journal of Alternative

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Let me tell you about each of these valuable volumes, starting with one dealing with a common affliction affecting virtually everyone: pain.

If you see a doctor and complain about arthritis or other pain, what do you expect would normally happen?

You’ll be prescribed medication which could destroy your kidneys . . . or cause you to have a heart attack or stroke . . . or become an addict for life.

But, rather than risking taking a drug like Vioxx®, there’s a specific fruit you can eat containing compounds which can actually repel arthritis pain!


Have you ever had to deal with an ulcer? If so, you know the pain can be debilitating.

And popping pills can not only be useless, but might actually make the ulcer worse.

But there’s a certain type of juice you can drink which can eliminate the ulcer pain, and is readily found in your grocery store.

And if you’re dealing with chronic pain, you can drink one cup of this gentle tea to help relieve your pain, without ever having to step into a pharmacy or consult with a doctor.

Those three random examples are in the special health guide, How to

Beat Agonizing Pain . The guide is written by Dr. Richard Foxx, a world-renowned pain management expert, and one of the many prestigious physicians on our Doctors Health Press Editorial Board.

How to Beat Agonizing Pain gives you simple, gentle, yet amazingly powerful natural treatments. No harmful side effects, no adverse reactions, no addictions, no drugs in your system, and best of all, your pain could vanish naturally.

Normally, How to Beat Agonizing Pain is valued for $19.95. But I want you to have it for free.

The Common Foods That Can Free You of Horrible Pain

Would you ever think to use cayenne pepper to ease cluster headaches, or horseradish for coughs?

How about using bananas to soothe stomach pain and blueberries for sore throats?

Pineapples for knee pain?


You might feel you’ve been blessed with a miracle when the pain’s gone, but it’s the specific compounds found in foods that are responsible.

In your free guide, Foods That Heal Pain

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Foods like:

 A common berry which can combine with soybeans to reduce painful symptoms of osteoarthritis, plus it reduces arthritic damage. (Why risk taking Vioxx® or similar drugs when you have

 this information at your fingertips?)

This specific type of chocolate works wonders on almost any pain.

 A fruit which works as a natural antibiotic can also help your teeth stay white. Plus, it’s great for relieving toothache pain.

This is just a sampling of some of the foods you’ll find in the free guide,

Foods That Heal Pain

. And yes, it’s also yours free.

Next, let me show you the “other side of the coin” and reveal the foods that can do harm to a certain group of people.

Food is Mother Nature’s miracle. It’s natural medicine. But for millions of people with diabetes, food can also be poison.

For example, those with diabetes should stay away from white bread, white rice, even canned corn, if they want to stay healthy.

But the right foods can also be a natural cure for diabetes. It’s too bad most doctors aren’t up to speed on this. It’s easier (and more profitable) for them to prescribe you dangerous drugs like Avandia® than to educate themselves. But, thanks to your free report, Diabetes: Little-

Known Natural Cures

, you’ll discover:


The essential trace mineral which plays a vital role in your blood sugar much you might need...the safest, most effective way to introduce it to your system...and why prolonged use might not be advised.

One of the three vitamins you normally see listed together in multivitamin pills that may delay or even prevent type 1 diabetes from setting in.

The mineral which gets little respect, but should be a hero because it decreases fasting blood glucose levels as well as insulin sensitivity.

And just like those other articles, I want you to have it for free.

Why you might never need drugs again

I’ve already told you about the dangerous and deadly outcomes of taking some popular prescription drugs, but I don’t want to dwell on the horrific facts.

Instead, I’d like to give you a reason for hope that the prescription drugs you might currently be taking for an illness or disease could be easily replaced with a natural remedy.

Even better, these natural remedies might be more effective than the drugs you’re taking now.

For instance…

 Certain vitamins can help defeat colds, inflammation, high blood pressure, digestion problems, and fatigue. Plus you avoid the dangers of drugs like Ketek®.

There’s a natural compound which treats and prevents heart failure, high blood pressure, even heart injury, cardiomyopathy, and chemotherapy side effects.


 A certain spice increases energy and physical stamina, and even reduces menstrual problems and the symptoms of menopause.

Once again, this is just a sample of what you’ll find in the health expose called 21 Alternatives to Popular Prescription Drugs . The Doctors

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The Little-Known Energy Boosters Your Doctor May Not Even

Know About

Has this ever happened to you?

You tell your doctor you’re feeling tired lately. You can barely make it through the day. So he pokes and prods you and asks about your sleep habits, and he may prescribe you some sort of sleeping aid.

But what he might be doing could be putting your life at risk!

Recently, the FDA put out warnings on the potential dangers of sleeping pills, and forced drug companies to put strict warnings on their product labels. But this is only half the problem.

Your doctor should know the underlying problem to your tiredness could be much more serious than lack of sleep.

It could be anemia, diabetes, heart disease, infection, or chronic fatigue/immune dysfunction.


Or it could be dietary imbalance, food allergy, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxicity, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), or low-grade depression.

Most doctors would never even think to tell you, because they don’t know themselves...

There are all-natural vitamins and supplements to treat those problems without any risk of dangerous side effects from drugs like Paxil® and


Specific vitamins can work wonders for those with low energy, heart problems, diabetes, or immune dysfunction. Which vitamins, specifically?

They’re all revealed in the special guide called

12 Vitamins and

Nutrients That Can Increase Your Energy .

Inside, you’ll discover the natural supplement long-distance runners take to improve their times by seven to 15 minutes over a 20-mile run.

Competitive swimmers take this same supplement and their times improve, too.

It works because the supplement triggers the neurotransmitters responsible for a great number of hormone activities and muscle contraction.

Or how about the single nutrient shown to reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels by maximizing fat utilization?

This same nutrient also helps with weight loss, muscle building, and endurance. All without harmful chemicals or injections.


This is just a sample of what you’ll find in 12 Vitamins and Nutrients

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Thank you for watching this presentation. I’m Helen Martyre, Publisher for The Doctors Health Press , and I look forward to helping you achieve the best health through alternative and natural cures.

Oh, and one last thing. I know the powers that be want to continue spreading the epidemic of lies and deceit as best they can. They have the resources and connections to make sure of it.

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