1. Project Name: “Money counter with Image analysing counterfeit-detection”
Company Name: Kaixun
Project information: The company has two business fields: domestic and overseas banking market
and civil market (malls, supermarkets, enterprises and factories). This project developing is in
accordance with “RMB discriminating device common technology requirements”. Its international
standard requires technologies as follows: spectrum image analysing and discriminating, special
optical character analysing and discriminating, MG character quantitative analysis and
discriminating, MG character quality analysis etc.
Qualification required: Must have worked on electronic industry for years, be goog at image
analysis and identification
Deadline: 2012
Contact person: Mr. Lin Changqiu and Ms. Amy Foo
Tel/Fax: Tel: 0086-577-65590668, Fax: 0086-577-65592816
Address: No. 2-6 Linzheng Rd. Linyang Ind. Zone, Rui’an 325207, Zhejiang Province, China
2. Registration code: G20113300041
Project name: “New synthesis process of Aliskiren-New Cardiovascular Drugs”
Company name: Zhejiang Tianyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Project information: Aliskiren is new RI for blood pressure-lowering effect in patients with
hypertention, inverted by Novartis company, approved by FDA. It has long-term effect to
reduce blood pressure and has minor side effects. Research and development of new synthesis
study, reduce production cost by 10%, apply for 1 patent.
Qualification required: Rich experience in chemical synthesis
Contact person: Mr. Zhang Yi
Tel/Fax: Tel: 0576-89189668, Fax: 0576-89189661
Address: Jiangkou Development Zone, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China
3. Registration code: G20113300042
Project Name: “Energy-saving, high efficient, mechanical-electrical integration industrial sewing
Project information: The research and production of an all-in-one automatic servo system for
industrial sewing machine, which will be integrated into formal industrial sewing machine so as to
release energy saving, high efficiency and high automation. The project improves the products by
theory, reduces the cost of servo system, visually breaks the structure of traditional servo control
system for sewing machine, and integrates reasonably, skillfully, organically the servo motor, control
system and industrial sewing machine so as to realize the new design concept. The project includes:
a. the research in combination of servo driver and encoder, b. the research of precise magneto
electric encoder, c. the research of intelligent operation panel, d. the technology of servo driver, e.
the design of permanent magnet synchronous motor, f. the design of mechanism optimization. It
seeks to create a new type of industrial mechatronics sewing machine so as to achieve goals of
informationization, intelligentization and low energy consumption
Qualification required: Professional experts majored in Electronic information, mechanical-electrical
integration, auromatic control
Deadline: Before December 2011
Contact person: Liping Lu
Tel/Fax: 0576-88201439 Fax: 0576-88202667
Address: No.638 Donghuan Road, Taizhou Economic Development Zone, Taizhou, Zhejiang,
China, 318000
4. Project Name: “The research of the AdBlue (Urea) pump for the car tail gas treatment
Company Name: Zhe Jiang Ailipu Pump Co., Ltd
Project information: In order to decrease the discharge of the harmful gas from the car, every
country draws up the more strict discharge regulation one after another. This project is researching
the national solution in order to meet the satisfaction of the coming IV Standard. Main principle is
to study the operation mechanism of the catalytic reaction and reduction system (SCR), then
building a dealing with platform after SCR through a combination of practical and theoritical
methods. The major work that need to be completed is: a. Based on the platform above, SCR control
tactics and automatic on-board diagnostic system designed to simulate, verify the rationality and
effectiveness of the tactics, b. this subject adopts CAN line to use for data communication and
control, which let the motor ECU, urea DCU, GROUDFUS metering pump and VDO Nox-Sensor line
node data exchange effectively and verify the effectiveness of the control node strategy.
Qualification required: Metering pump expert, who is well familiar with the metering pump,
especially good at the AdBlue (Urea) pump, which is used in the car tail gas treatment.To be familiar
with the structure of the SCR system, be able to control Adblue dose, finish the design of the test
system, and through the platform experience to verify the validity and reliability of the control
Tel/Fax: 0576-83371856, Fax: 0576-83351667
Address: Shangye Beishan, Sanmen County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang province, China, 317100
5. Registration code: Z20103300013
Project Name: “The designation and manufacturing technique of AI power module IPM”
Company Name: Zhejiang Guidu Electronic Parts Co., Ltd.
Project information: The company specializes in manufacturing electronic parts. Its products
include ordinary gate transistor, fast gate transistor, double direction gate transistor, and modules
in series. The problems that are supposed to be solved by the expert are: the hot, electric and
mechanical designation of modules, the quality control and test of solder on CMOS chips, the
confect of cyclic-oxygen pitch, quality control of prime.
Qualification required: To be specialized in electronic modules, good English, rich experience
Deadline: Before December 2011
Contact person: Wu Hai
Tel/Fax: 86-578-2091221 Fax: 86-578-2091215
Address: China Lishui International Senior Expert Exchange Center, 323000
6. Project Name: “Advanced cooling module development”
Company Name: Zhejiang YinLun Machinery Co., Ltd.
Project information: Up to date only American, Europe and Japanese suppliers can design and
develop engine cooling modules for auto OEMs. The company needs to hire some international
cooling module experts to develop cooling modules for domestic OEMs such as 1st motor, Shanghai
motoe and Geely.
Qualification required: Good experience on design and development of cooling modules for Ford,
GM, VW or Honda, Toyota…Good to understant English
Duration: Sept. 2011, for 3 years
Contact person: Zhonglin Li
Tel/Fax: 13736561919
Address: Automotive & Machinery Industrial Park Fuxi District, Tiantai, Zhejiang Province, China
7. Project name: “Hi temperature resistance Al alloy brazing expert”
Company name: Zhejiang YinLun Machinery Co., Ltd.
Project information: There is a strong demand of brazing high temperature resistance Al alloy
which has higher Mg content of over 0.2%. For example, CAC coolers with high temperature
resistance up to 220 to 250C are necessary for meeting EuroV and VI requirement. For brazing
such products, there is technical difficulty to overcome due to Mg’s inference on brazing
process. Therefore, an experienced expert is needed on this field to support the company’s
product design team.
Qualification required: Good experience on high Mg content Al alloy brazing massive
production experience. Good to understant English
Duration: Sept. 2011, for 3 years
Contact person: Zhonglin Li
Tel/Fax: 13736561919
Address: Automotive & Machinery Industrial Park Fuxi District, Tiantai, Zhejiang Province, China
8. Project name: 1.“SCR Urea supply system development”
2. “DCU development of Euro 4 to 6 SCR system”
Company name: Zhejiang YinLun Machinery Co., Ltd.
Project information: After-treatment technology of disel including SCR and EGR, CR Urea
supply system with/out air-assisted, DCU development for Euro 4 to Euro 6 disel engine
Qualification required: Major in engineering , English
Contact person: Guodong Lu
Tel/Fax: 0576-83938810 Fax: 0576-83938251
Address: Automotive & Machinery Industrial Park Fuxi District, Tiantai, Zhejiang Province, China