Do Nows

Marine Biology
Do Nows
Chapter 1
Look in the book and find your
favorite chapter. What is your
favorite chapter and why did you pick
How many oceans are there? What
are their names?
What structure can be found in the
middle of the Atlantic?
What can creatures of the deep
Who invented SCUBA?
Why do lots of small fish swim
List 4 reasons why you should
study Marine Biology?
How much money are the
ocean’s living systems worth?
What is the difference between
physical and geological
What is Marine Biology?
Who Am I?
Who is considered to be the 1st marine
Who is Charles Darwin? What did he
Who was considered to be the most
influential marine biologist of his day?
Who lead the Challenger Expedition?
What did the Challenger expedition
Where was the first marine lab
Where was the first marine lab in the
US located?
Who developed the basic technology
Who devoted his life to scuba diving
and the oceans?
What can satellites measure?
What can remote sensing technology
be used for?
Chapter 2
What is a habitat?
What do geological processes
What are the four major ocean
Which ocean is the largest and
Which ocean is the smallest and
How old is earth?
What is the equation for
What are the three layers of
How is earth’s magnetic field
How does the mantle behave?
Two Types of Plates Make Up the Earth’s Crust
Made of
Age (oldest rocks)
What did Bacon observe about the
What did Alfred Wegner propose? Why was
it not accepted?
What did sonar help to find in the oceans?
What are the two main ridges in the ocean?
What island sits on the mid-Atlantic ridge?
Where are most trenches found?
What did the Glomar Challenger determine
about rock age and sediment build-up?
What does earth’s magnetic field do every
once in a while?
How are bands located around the midocean ridge?
What are rifts known as?
What is the lithosphere broken up into?
What layer do the plates float on?
What happens in the asthenosphere that
helps move the plates?
What is subduction? Where does it occur?
Explain how sea floor spreading works?
What is a Hot Spot? What can they make?
What are the two main regions of the sea
What are the most productive areas in the
Which area of the ocean floor contains lots
of sediments?
Where is the deepest spot on earth?
What is the difference between seamounts
and guyots?
What happens when an oceanic plate
collides with a continental plate?
What happens when an oceanic plate
collides with an oceanic plate?
What happens when a continental
plate collides with a continental plate?
What is subduction?
What is a convection current?
Chapter 3
What does a water molecule
look like?
What is polarity? Draw it in a
water molecule?
What three states does water
exist in?
What is a solvent?
What is an ion?
What two factors determine where
an organism lives?
What are hydrogen bonds?
What is heat capacity?
Why does water have a high heat
As water cools, what happens to its
Why is waters high heat capacity
Why is water the universal solvent?
Where do the salts in the ocean water
come from?
What are the two major ions in salt
What is salinity?
What does the rule of constant
proportions tell us?
What happens to salinity if: Water
evaporates? Water freezes? It rains?
What is a water column?
What are the 3 most important gases in the
How do the gases get into the water? What
is this called?
What is the relationship between
temperature and dissolved oxygen?
Why is carbon dioxide so soluble in water?
What color penetrates water the most? The
What causes turbidity?
What happens to pressure as you go deeper
into the ocean?
What one factor determines the three
dimensional structure of the sea?
Compare deep water with surface water?
What is an unstable water column?
What is overturn?
What three factors determine the salinity of
the open ocean?
What is a water mass?
Why is thermohaline circulation important?
What is a thermocline?
What are the three layers of the ocean?
Where does most of the motion in the ocean
What causes the motion in the ocean? What
causes that?
What is the Coriolis effect? What happens
to an object in the northern hemisphere?
Because of the Coriolis effect, water moves
at what angle from the direction of the wind?
How are currents responsible for weather?
What is a gyre?
What causes waves?
Draw a wave and label the
What is the fetch?
How does water move in a
What is a tsunami?
What happens in a spring tide?
What happens in a neap tide?
What is the tidal range?
What is a fetch?
Where can we find a very large
tidal range?
Chapter 10
What is Ecology?
What are some abiotic factors?
What controls populations?
What is the carrying capacity of
the environment?
What is competition?
What is a habitat?
What is the difference between
abiotic and biotic factors?
What is a community?
What is a population?
What is competition?
How much energy is passed on from trophic
level to trophic level?
What is Biomass?
In fig10.13, what are the producers?
Primary consumers? Secondary consumers?
Autotrophs? Heterotrophs?
In fig. 10.14, list two food chains you would
find this food web? What are three tertiary
consumers? 4th level consumer? Top
If the diatoms have 1000 calories, how
much would the krill have? Petrel? Skua?
What are some predatory
What is coevolution?
What is a symbiont?
What is commensalism?
What is parasitism?
What is mutalism?
What are two examples of
What is DOM?
What is detritus?
What is productivity?
What two factors limit primary
Chapter 13
What are the three major nutrient
Where can you find a benthic
Where can you find a pelagic
What are sessile organisms?
What are nekton?
What are the depth zones of the
pelagic realm?
What are some of the riches of the
continental shelf?
What zones do the continental shelf
communities live in?
What are the two factors that affect
the shelf’s fundamental
What are lithogenous sediments?
Why are continental shelf
communities more at risk than
other communities?
What factors determine the
distribution of soft bottom
Why is there higher diversity in
the soft-bottom communities?
What are infauna?
What are epifauna?
What is Zostera marina?
Why are sea grass beds so
What are suspension feeders?
What are deposit feeders?
What is a kelp?
What physical factors do kelp
need to grow?
Explain the relationship
between kelp, sea urchins and sea
Chapter 15
What are three characteristics of the
What types of organisms are common in the
What organisms form the basis of the food
Why are protozoan zooplankton important?
Which type of zooplankton do whales eat?
Why are jellyfish considered part of the
What are holoplankton?
What are meroplankton?
What are some adaptations
plankton have to stay in the
Draw a copepod.
Draw a dinoflagellate.
What are Neuston?
What are some examples of nekton?
What are the requirements for prey
in the epipelagic?
What are the two problems
organisms face in the epipelagic?
What adaptations do plankton have
to help them stay afloat?
What are most of the adaptations of
epipelagic organisms related to?
What are some of the sense organs of
the epipelagic?
What is countershading? How does
it work?
What are some adaptations that
nekton have for swimming?
Why are epipelagic food webs of particular
interest to us?
What is a basic food chain in the epipelagic?
What two things do phytoplankton need to
perform photosynthesis?
What are the 3 major nutrients that control
primary production?
Where are nutrient rich waters found in the
How do nutrients get into the epipelagic?