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B L Lifesciences
BL Lifesciences
Medical Device Manufacturing & Distribution
Established in 1984
Part of 75 years old BL Group of companies.
Started as family owned business run by the Aggarwal
Group activities include one of the largest & oldest
Pharmacy in Delhi, Exports of Apparel… besides
Manufacturing & Marketing several Bio Medical Devices in
India and Internationally
BL Lifesciences
specializes in the fields of
Cardiovascular Surgery
Cardiac Anesthesia
Critical Care
Interventional Cardiology
Blood Banking
BL Lifesciences
several own branded
representing several world
leaders in the fields of high
end Medical Technology..
Distribution Products
Integra Luxtec, USA (Head light source, Camera system)
Integra Omni-Tract, USA (Retractors)
Scanlan, USA (Surgical Instruments)
3M - Arizant, USA (Patient warmers, Fluid/Blood warmer)
Chase Medical, USA (Cardiovascular shunts)
Helena Lab., USA (ACT machine)
Minntech, USA (Hemoconcentrators)
Medos, Germany (Oxygenators and others)
Vitalitec Corpn., France (Hemostasis Clips)
On-X, USA (Heart valves)
Cryolife, USA (Surgical glue)
Thoratec, USA (Left Ventricular Assist Device)
Novalung, Germany (Membrane ventilator)
Rontis, Swiss (Coronary stents)
Oscar, USA (Angiography catheters and other)
Minvasys (Bifucation stents)
Nonin, USA (Cerebral Oxymetry)
Purple Surgical (Laproscopy Instruments)
BL Manufacturing
Cardiovascular Surgery
Heart Lung Pack / Perfusion Pack
Cardioplegia Delivery System
Arterial Filters
Chest Drainage System
Chest Drainage Catheters
Accessories – Connectors, Gas line filter
Anesthesia & Critical Care
Pressure Monitoring Kits
Closed Loop Arterial Blood Sampling kit
Dome & Dome kits
Pressure Lines, Extension Lines
Flow Regulator Lines, IV Filters
Anesthesia & Critical Care
Central Venous Catheters
Anesthesia & Critical Care
Respiratory Circuits
Respiratory Filters / HME Filters
Accessories of Respiratory
Lung Exerciser
Interventional Cardiology
Customized Kits for Angiography & Angioplasty
Introducer kits
Cathlab Procedure Packs
Manifolds 2 core, 3 core, 4 core
High Pressure Tubings
Inflation device
Contrast Media Sets
Hemostasis Y
Torque Device
Introducer Needle
Dialysis Catheters
AV Fistula
General Surgery
Cautry Pencil
Cautry pad
Sharps collector
Silicon loops
Chest Drains
New product launch in 2015
Blood bags
Collection, Storage & Transfer of
whole human blood
` Alliance
BL branded
Package –
BL is in unique position to offer perfect package deal to
…. Combining manufacturing capability with the products
from alliance partners.
Employing over a total of 400 in the medical division..
With strong sales force of 80 personnel..
Spread over 11 branches and additional 10 regional / representative
offices across India..
•Corporate Office :
A 245, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 1, NEW DELHI, 110020, India
•11 Branch offices INDIA :
New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Calcutta, Lucknow,
Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Pune
•19 Regional Representative Offices INDIA :
•2 Manufacturing Facilities INDIA :
Greater Noida (Facility 1 & Facility 2 –under construction/renovation )
•3 Rep Offices OVERSEAS :
Singapore, Dubai UAE, Italy (EU Rep)
BL’s NETWORK All India Presence
BL Manufacturing facility at Greater Noida
Manufacturing facility
• Located in Greater Noida , India . About 32 kms outside of the
Delhi .
• State of Art Building designed in Compliance to all Statutory /
Regulatory requirements , our product requirements & future
growth in mind
• Total built up area
• Ware House
: 68,000 sq. ft.
: 25,000 sq. ft.
Manufacturing facility
• Current Staff Strength of over 200 operators and 50+ support
functional staff
• Seasoned design team , skilled production personnel and competent
Quality Control Team .
• Procurement & Supply Chain management team is experienced &
well versed with the dynamics of Business .
Manufacturing facility
• Class 10,000 Clean room for Assembly of products .
Clean Room ISO class 7 : 4,200 sq. ft.
• Additional space available to add another Clean room of 4000 sq ft.
Space available to add another ISO class 7 clean room of 4,000 sq. fS
• In house Molding & Tray forming
: 3,000 sq. ft.
• In house EO Sterilization Facility –750 cu ft.
• Fully Integrated Microbiological Lab.
Certifications & Compliances
• Compliance to Indian FDA
• Factory and Premises : The Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 &
Schedule M-III
• ISO 9001 : 2008 /13485:2003
• CE Mark
Certification ISO
Certification CE
Certification & Compliances
•Compliance to all Statutory & Regulatory Requirements
•Cleanroom and associated environments : ISO 14644-1:2009
•Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices : ISO 10993:2009
•Symbols to be used in Medical device Labels : ISO 15223-1:2007
•Application of Risk Management : EN 14971:2009
•Sterilization of health Care products : ISO 11135-1:2007
Manufacturing at BL
Controlled entry into
the production area
Class 10,000
Two Sterilizers 540 & 200 Cu ft
Total Sterilization volume per day is 750 packs
Quarantine &
Storage Area
High Quality Products
Competitive Cost
Fast Track Processing
Quick processing of drawings & price offer
Fast sampling
Customized label options
Flexibility on minimum order quantity
Expansion Plans of BL
In Addition to the Present Assembly Area; space available
to add another Clean room of 4000 sq ft
Adequate Storage Capacity Available too
Capabilities on OEM
Customized production
Private labeled products
Flexibility on MOQ – Min Order Quantity
Vertical Integration of processes
- Assembly with Customer supplied parts
- Extend the cooperation for vertical integration of
products & processes.... by developing new products
& procedures for assembly
Capabilities on OEM
Injection moulding
Microbiology & physical testing
OEM Services & Private Labeling
BL manufactures products on OEM basis for several
multinationals in India & overseas; besides several
companies in various countries.
Nipro, JMS, Philips, Terumo, Nihon Kohden & GE are
some of our esteemed customers
• GS1/GTIN barcodes
• Custom Labels available
Strong knowledge of the domain & experience of 29 years
Countrywide coverage through own branches & distribution network
Highly experienced & Incentive driven dedicated sales force
Excellent reach to all public and private hospitals
Strong relationship with customers
Focused marketing strategies
Support from supplier company in terms of marketing and promotions
Strong financial background
Marketing Strategies
•Direct approach to the hospitals and Customers
• Dedicated Business Unit Head for every vertical
• Emphasis on brand launch & stabilization alongwith sales
• Sales performance and strategy evaluation on quarterly basis
International Marketing & Exports
BL branded products are exported to various
countries in Europe, Middle East & Far East region.
Middle East….Saudi, Iran, Dubai etc..
South east …Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh
Far east…Singapore, Malaysia….
South America
Europe…England, Italy, Poland……
Thank you