Diboll Junior High School Scope and Sequence

Diboll Junior High School
Scope and Sequence-Year at a Glance 8th Grade Reading Warren/Heath
First Semester
Second Semester
1st Nine Weeks
3rd Nine Weeks
Unit 01: Analyzing Fiction and Drama (20 days)
8.Fig19ABCDEF; 8.2ABE; 8.3ABC; 8.5A; 8.6ABC; 8.8A; 8.13BC;
8.14ABCDE; 8.15Ai-v; 8.16A; 8.17C; 8.19Aiii,vBC; 8.20ABi; 8.21A; 8.28A
PI: After reading a fictional text, complete a graphic organizer
that identifies the linear plot development including the
type of conflict and the central character’s role in that
conflict. In a paragraph, determine whether or not the
conflict was resolved and if so, how. Provide textual
evidence to support your response. (8.Fig19A, 8.Fig19B,
8.Fig19C, 8.Fig19D, 8.Fig19E; 8.6A, 8.6B; 8.17C; 8.20A,
8.20Bi) 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4I, 4J; 5B, 5C, 5F, 5G
Unit 04A: Creating Connections Across Literary Text (10 days)
8.Fig19BCDEF; 8.2ABCD; 8.3ABC; 8.4A; 8.5A; 8.6ABC; 8.7A; 8.8A;
8.14ABCD; 8.15Ai-v; 8.16A; 8.19C; 8.20Bii
Unit 04B: Creating Connections Across Informational Text (10 days)
8.Fig19BCDEF; 8.2ABCD; 8.9A; 8.10ABCD; 8.11AB; 8.14ABCD; 8.17Ai-vB;
8.19C; 8.20Bii
Unit 05A: Creating Connections Across All Genres (10 days)
8.Fig19BCDEF; 8.2ABCD; 8.3ABC; 8.6ABC; 8.10ACD; 8.14ABCD
Unit 02A: Analyzing Nonfiction and Poetry (14 days)
8.Fig19ABCDEF; 8.2ABE; 8.3C; 8.4A; 8.7A; 8.8A; 8.13ABC; 8.14ABCDE; 8.15Bi-iii; 8.16A;
8.17C; 8.19Ai,vBC; 8.20ABi; 8.28A
PI: Write a personal narrative about an event in your life that
has had a significant impact, using the conventions of
language and a range of literary strategies and
techniques. (8.14A, 8.14B, 8.14C, 8.14D, 8.14E; 8.16A)
5C, 5D, 5E, 5F, 5G
2nd Nine Weeks
4th Nine Weeks
Unit 02B: Analyzing Persuasive Text (10 days)
8.Fig19ABCDEF; 8.2ABE; 8.7A; 8.8A; 8.9A; 8.10B; 8.11AB; 8.13ABC;
8.14ABCDE; 8.18ABC; 8.19Ai,vBC; 8.20ABi; 8.27A; 8.28A
PI: Choose a topic of interest, take a stand on the issue, and
write a persuasive essay to influence the attitude or action
of a specific audience. (8.14A, 8.14B, 8.14C, 8.14D,
8.14E; 8.18A, 8.18B, 8.18C)
5B, 5C, 5D, 5E, 5F, 5G
Unit 03: Analyzing Informational Text (20 days)
8.Fig19ABCDEF; 8.2ABCDE; 8.9A; 8.10ABCD; 8.12AB; 8.13BC;
8.14ABCDE; 8.17Ai-vB; 8.19Aii,iv,vBC; 8.20ABi,ii; 8.22AB; 8.23A; 8.25AC;
8.26AB; 8.28A
PI: When provided a sequencing organizer, create a
procedural text, explicitly outlining how to best perform a
familiar procedure. Include multi-step directions and
legends for diagrams and/or graphic aids to support the
clarity of the text. Exchange with a partner and evaluate
the partner’s procedural text for clarity and missing or
extraneous information. (8.12A, 8.12B; 8.26B)
1C, 1E, 1H; 4D, 4F, 4G, 4H, 4I, 4K; 5B, 5C, 5E, 5F, 5G
Unit 05B: Media Literacy (10 days)
8.Fig19BCDEF; 8.2ABCD; 8.13ABCD; 8.14ABC
Unit 06: Producing Research (20 days)
8.2CD; 8.10ACD; 8.13BC; 8.14ABC; 8.17D; 8.22AB; 8.23ABCD; 8.24AB;
8.25ABCD; 8.26C