Taher Ahmed Ghaleb

1st International Conference on Open Source
Software Computing (OSSCOM 2015)
Toward Open-source Compilers in a
Cloud-based Environment: The
Need and Current Challenges
Presenting Author:
Taher Ahmed Ghaleb
[email protected]
Related work
The required framework
Prospective features
Target stakeholders
Potential challenges
Problems of Conventional Compilers
Being installed
Platform independent
Being closed-source
Creating new languages.
Bug fixing.
Related work
Open-Source Compilers
Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK)[4], 1983
Open64[5] and GNU Compiler Collection[6]
Polyglot[7], JastAdd[9], abc[10], etc.
Online repositories for Open-Source Programs
GitHub, SourceForge, CodePlex, etc.
Cloud-based Compilers
Cloud compiler fro C/C++ [17].
Browser-based IDE [18].
Online compilers:
CompileOnline, Ideone, CodeChef, etc.
The Required Framework
The Required Framework (2)
Portal & Dashboard Layer
Project Management Layer
Collaboration Layer
Web-based Interface Layer
Compilation Layer
Prospective Features
Prospective Features
Efficient Processing
Code Sharing
Collaborative & Real-time Team-work Programming
Target Stakeholders
Academic Institutions
Potential Challenges
File System
Networking APIs
GUI-based Programs
Security Issues
Conclusion and Future Work
A combination of two aspects (Open-source & Cloud)
computing for compilers.
Future recommendations:
 Real-world implementation and deployment.
 Further investigation of the features provided by current
cloud-based compilers.
 Use of the shelf (existing open-source compilers and cloud-
based repositories and hosting providers).
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