Identifying Training Programs for EMS Providers

Identifying Training
Programs for EMS Providers
Lou Romig MD
Miami Children’s Hospital
FL EMSC Program
Medical Director for Pediatrics,
National Association of EMTs
2008 EMSC Grantee Meeting
It used to be…
“There’s so little good stuff
out there for us…”
Now it’s…
“Little people, little budget.
Deal with it.”
So here’s how to deal with it!
The Courses
Pediatric Education for Prehospital
Professionals (PEPP)
CME for EMTs, paramedics, nurses,
physicians’ assistants
ALS course, 2 days, $48 text
BLS course, 1 day, $38 text
Recertification - online didactics plus 1 day
classroom, $20
Cost to student depends on provider
The Courses
Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC)
CME for EMTs and paramedics
Newly revised
ALS course, 2 day classroom ($15) or
“hybrid” course combining online didactics
and 1 day classroom ($33)
BLS course, 1 day classroom ($15)
No required text
Recertification details pending
Cost to student depends on provider
The Courses
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Advanced Pediatric Life Support
Neonatal Resuscitation Program
Emergency Pediatric Nursing Course
Disaster Preparedness for School Nurses
Pediatric Disaster Life Support
The Courses
Widely recognized
PEPP & EPC specifically developed for
EMS providers
Can be done in modular format
Can be cost effective after initial start-up
Time, instructor and equipment intensive
Alternative Resources
Education comes to the student
Reasonable cost
EMSC National Resource Center
65 publications, many downloadable
18 CD/DVD resources
3 online training program links
Low to no cost
EMSC NRC: Toolboxes
Resource links, bibliographies
Coalition building
Pediatric equipment guidelines
Facility categorization
Interfacility transfer
Medical direction
Prehospital education
Pediatric disaster preparedness
Pediatric pain management
From the Toolboxes:
Prehospital Education
Special Children’s Outreach and Prehospital
Education (SCOPE)
CNMC, Washington DC
Downloadable student and instructor manuals (free)
Jones and Bartlett text $40, instructor resources
Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN)
CPEM, New York City
Free download
From the Toolboxes:
Disaster Preparedness
Disaster Preparedness Exercises Addressing
the Pediatric Population
Illinois EMSC program
Scenarios for pediatric-focused disaster exercises
Free download
Pediatric Disaster Toolkit: Hospital
NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene
Free download
More Gems from the NRC
On the Same Team: Involving the Family in
Prehospital Care (NAEMT)
Injury Prevention for Medical Personnel
School Nurse Emergency Care Course
Child Maltreatment
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies
Teaching Resource for Instructors in
Prehospital Pediatrics (TRIPP) BLS and ALS
Kids in Disasters (K.I.D.) Kit, FL EMSC
Other Training CD/DVDs
Critical Illness and Trauma Foundation
7 pediatric programs available, $15/disk
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
The Decontamination of Children
Single copies provided free
Download at
Modular Online CME
Virtual School Nurse and EMS Online
Learning Project
Modules for nursing (15) and EMS (8)
CME (? for personnel from other states)
$4 per contact hour for nursing curriculum,
EMS curriculum is free
New modules to be added
Modular Online CME
Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin
Trauma Preparedness
12 modules covering pediatric aspects of
weapons of terrorism, approx 2 hours
? CME accreditation
Modular Online CME
Emergency Medicine Learning and
Resource Center
$10/contact hour
Pediatric assessment, respiratory
emergencies, SIDS, childbirth
EMT and paramedic CME credit
Modular Online CME
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies,
Online CME modules to come
Let your fingers do the walking
Search terms:
Pediatric emergency care
Pediatric EMS education
Pediatric online courses
Don’t forget the internet as a resource for
public education products too!
Hi quality, low cost pediatric education
resources for EMS are available
Break out of the 16 hour classroom
model for modular CME
Consider distance learning
Start at the EMSC NRC
Congratulations to the EMSC Family!
Thank you and good luck!
Lou Romig MD