Logical Order

February 20, 2014
Get all handouts off of the back counter.
Write in your agenda:
• I can rearrange a multi-paragraphed work in a logical and
coherent order. (0701.3.4)
At the bottom of your Caught’ya! paper rewrite the following
Win you are righting something four my
class, bee shore that you are using the write
homophones. There are know excuses four using
the wrong words because you have the education
to know better.
3 Things Make a
Good Paragraph:
What do these mean?
• A coherent paragraph is one in
which all of the sentences
logically fit together.
• When a paragraph has coherence,
your reader can easily see how all
of the details are connected.
“How can we create
There are
2 ways!
1.Order details in a way
that makes sense.
2. Show a connection by
using transitional words.
“Order, please!”
Not that kind of order!
Organizing your details in a specific order
is one way to make your paragraph clear
and coherent.
Presents details in
the time order they
Spatial Order
Presents details
according to
Order of
Details are least
important to most
or the reverse
Steps that follow a
logical order thus
forming a pattern
“Look at
the chart!”
2nd Way to Create
Coherence: Transitional
Transitional words help
the reader see a
relationship between ideas.
“We want to see a
They tie things
Parallelism, or repetition of grammatical
and structural forms, can help you make
clear the similarities among ideas and
clarify your train of thought.
A train of thought can be derailed by a
shift of verb tenses. Once you’ve started
with a certain verb tense, keep all verbs in
that tense unless there is some clear
reason for using more than one tense.
When you must shift tenses, make sure
you reasoning is clear.
A train of thought can be derailed by a
pronoun whose reference is not
immediately clear.
Exit ticket– Answer the
following questions.
1. Most people agree that exercise is good for both body and soul.
_________________ Additionally, exercise causes the release of
endorphins which stimulate our sense of well being. In general,
exercise simply makes us feel better.
Choose the sentence that best fits in the blank.
a. Walking for twenty minutes a day is considered a good
b. Combining work and play makes the days go faster.
c. A regimen of daily exercise helps maintain a steady calorieburning metabolism.
d. Exercises need not be difficult for anyone to complete.
(1) Many people believe trains to be one of the most
romantic ways to travel in the world. (2) Once a necessary means of
transportation to the west, trains have become carriers more of
freight than of people. (3) Trains took longer to traverse long
distances than modern planes. (4) They are, however, the preferred
mode of travel for people who are more interested in style than
2. Where should the following sentence be added?
In our fast-paced world, people want to get to their destinations as
quickly as possible.
a.after sentence 1
b.after sentence 2
c.after sentence 3
d.after sentence 4
A student wrote a paragraph about a trip to the video store. There
are some mistakes that need correcting.
(1) After school, we went to the video store. (2) Looking at all the
new releases. (3) We stayed in the store for a whole hour, but we
still weren't able to decide on a movie we would all like. (4) We
decided to play a game instead.
3. Where would this sentence best fit in the paragraph?
That way we'd get more exercise anyway.
a. after Sentence 1
b. after Sentence 2
after Sentence 3
d. after Sentence 4
The Sleeping Lady
(1) One day when the land was still populated by giants, a
young warrior and a beautiful girl fell in love. (2) They planned for the
day when they could marry and having children. (3) Unfortunately,
their people were at war with a neighboring people, and the young
man had to leave his beautiful maiden for battle. (4) Battles revealed
a man's true character. (5) She sat down to wait for him and soon fell
asleep. (6) He never returned, but she can still be seen lying down.
(7) She is waiting for her young warrior to return.
4. Which sentence does not belong in the paragraph?
a.Sentence 1
b.Sentence 2
c.Sentence 4
d.Sentence 7
(1) There are many incredible trails to hike in South Central Alaska.
(2) These trails have a wide range of difficulties. (3) Eklutna Lake is one of
the best hikes for beginners or those looking for a fairly easy grade. (4) The
trail hugs the lake and eventually reaches the glacier. (5) Gull Rock is an
excellent, fairly easy hike as well. (6) The setting of this hike is more rustic,
however, and people should be prepared for possible bear encounters. (7)
Bears eat mostly fish and berries. (8) Requiring more skill and physical
conditioning, the Falls Creek Trail lays just off the Seward Highway beyond
McHugh Creek. (9) This trail goes almost straight up for what seems like a
mile then connects with the Bird Ridge trail and the original Iditarod trail which
actually begins in Seward.
5. Which sentence does not belong in the report.
a.Sentence 1
b.Sentence 4
c.Sentence 6
d.Sentence 7
6. Choose the concluding statement that best fits the paragraph.
Many people enjoy reading in their spare time. The mystery
and suspense of Agatha Christie and the horror and surprise twists of
events found in novels written by Stephen King make them among
the most popular authors in America. Danielle Steele is a
tremendously successful author who appeals to readers who enjoy
love stories and intrigue. _________________________
Books of mystery, horror, and romance satisfy America’s hunger
for possibilities.
Agatha Christie, however, was British.
Two of these three popular authors are still writing today.
Reading is more popular today than ever.
Maria wrote this report about skyscrapers. There are some mistakes that
need corrections. Read the paragraph. Then answer the question.
(1) Towards the end of the nineteenth century, American cities were
growing rapid. (2) Because of the high price of land and limited space, building
vertically seemed practical. (3) Due to the development of sufficiently strong metal
frameworks which were able to support many floors, the giant buildings we know
as skyscrapers emerged. (4) The first metal-frame skyscraper, the Home
Insurance Building, was built in Chicago between the years of 1884 and 1885. (5)
It was torn down about forty-five years later. (6) In the motion picture Godzilla, the
giant beast is perched upon the Empire State Building. (7) The world’s tallest
skyscrapers are found in Chicago and New York City.
7. Which sentence does not belong in the paragraph?
a.Sentence 2
b.Sentence 3
c.Sentence 6
d.Sentence 7
Writing in Action
In class we have done the following:
•Use appropriate transitional words/phrases to enhance the
flow of a writing sample
•Select and appropriate concluding sentence
•Choose the supporting sentence that best fits the context
and flow of ideas
•Select the method to correct a run-on sentence
•Use a variety of sentence-combining techniques.
Writing in Action
Now that we have looked at all of these things in isolation, it
is time for us to examine a piece of writing and use what we
have learned.
We are going to look at ONE body paragraph from our novel
essay test. Take a look and choose the one that you would
like to work with today. (Hint…you might choose the one with
the most evidence or supporting details.)
What is the difference between revising and editing?
Revision literally means to “see again,” to look at something
from a fresh, critical perspective. It is an ongoing process of
rethinking the paper. The process of rereading a text and
making changes (in content, organization, sentence
structures, and word choice) to improve it.
Editing is correcting the standard conventions of English
that include correct spelling, punctuation, mechanics, and
Let’s look a little closer at
If you did the item well, check YES and explain WHY you think you
did this well. If you check NO explain how you will correct it. If you
are on the right track, check MAYBE and explain how you will
correct it.
Look at your revision Checklist
Do you have a topic sentence?
Do you have a controlling idea?
Do you have supporting details? How many? What are they?
Do you have a concluding sentence?
Do you have transitional words and phrases?
Do you have any irrelevant sentences?
Are your sentences in a logical order?
Do you have an original title?
Let’s Look at Little
Closer at Editing
Now that you have made the content of your writing better, it
is time to correct editing errors.
Check YES, NO, or MAYBE on your chart and don’t forget to
explain your responses.
Do your sentences have a subject and verb?
Do you have correct use of commas?
Did you use a semicolon?
Do you have correct capitalization?
Did you correctly punctuate the title of the book?
Now that you have had some time to read, reflect, and correct
your writing, it is time to rewrite your paragraph.
Please do so in the lines below. (Don’t forget to indent)
1. Think about which part of revision and editing you need to
focus on for our next large piece of writing?
2. How will you accomplish this goal?
Turn your paper in when you are finished.
QUIZ tomorrow
What is a topic sentence? What is included in it?
What is the purpose of the controlling idea?
Why do you need to know how to outline? 2 reasons
What do you call a sentence that doesn’t belong in a paragraph?
What is a concluding sentence?
What are transitions?
Can you identify the topic and controlling idea in a sentence?
Can you outline a paragraph?
Can you take out sentences that are irrelevant?
Can you identify transitional words/phrases?