Unit 5 Assignment Sheet - Warren County Public Schools

Algebra 2 – Unit 5
Solving Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Systems
Fri. 9/20
Lesson 4.4
Mon. 9/23
Algebra 1 Review – I can find the
greatest common factor (GCF) and
factor a polynomial expression.
I can factor quadratic expressions for
I can factor quadratic expressions for
𝑎 = 1.
Lesson 4.5 – Part 1
Tues. 9/24
I can simplify radical expressions
(Algebra 1 Review).
Lesson 4.5 – Part 2
Wed. 9/25
I can solve quadratic equations by
I can solve quadratic equations by
I can solve quadratic equations using
the quadratic formula.
I can use the determinant to determine
the types of roots a quadratic equation
will have.
I can perform operations with complex
I can find complex number solutions of
quadratic equations.
I can solve quadratic equations by
factoring, graphing, finding the square
root, or using the quadratic formula.
Lesson 4.7
Thur. 9/26
Lesson 4.8
Fri. 9/27
Lesson 4.6 and
Review 4.5, 4.7, &
Mon. 9/30
Lesson 4.9
Tues. 10/1
Name __________________________
o Review from Algebra 1
Finding GCF
Group and Factor Method
Special Cases
Diamond Method
Guided Practice
4-4 Standardized Test Prep (DO NOW)
Guided Practice
o Technology Notes
o Guided Practice using Workbook
Practice 4-5
o 4.4 and 4.5 No Risk Quiz
o “Quadratic Formula” song
o Compare and Contrast (Types of Roots)
4-4 Workbook Practice #6-24
(multiples of 4), 40, 42, 44
(For 2-1-0 Grade Check)
Kuta Worksheet – Simplifying
(For 2-1-0 Grade Check)
4-5 Workbook Practice #1 – 7
odds, 15 – 19 odds, 25-31 odds
(For 2-1-0 Grade Check)
4-7 Workbook Practice #3, 5, 9,
11, 16, 17-22
(For 2-1-0 Grade Check)
o 4.8 Vocabulary Chart
o Notes / Guided Practice
o DO NOW – Converting from Standard
Form to Vertex Form
o 4-5 – 4-8 Extra Practice Worksheet
(Worth 10 points – Due tomorrow!!!)
I can solve quadratic systems of
equations and/or inequalities.
Unit 5 – Factoring Worksheet
(Worth 5 points)
o Notes and Guided Practice
o Begin reviewing
Wed. 10/2
o “I Can Review”
Thurs 10/3
Fri 10/4
o Unit Test
Practice ACT (60 Questions)
4-8 Workbook Practice #3-30
multiples of 3, 32, 36, 38, 40
(For 2-1-0 Grade Check)
Finish 4-5 – 4-8 Extra Practice
Worksheet (Worth 10 points –
Due tomorrow!!!)
*** Bring Graph Paper for
tomorrow!!! ***
4-9 Standardized Test Prep
(For 2-1-0 Grade Check)
Begin working on “I Can Review”
Finish “I Can Review” (Worth 10
points – Due on Test Day!!!)
Have a great fall break!
Algebra 2 – Unit 5
Solving Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Systems
Name __________________________
 Dates for this unit are tentative.
 Homework will be checked at the start of the period the following day… NO WORK SHOWN = 0 Points Earned, Partially
Complete with Work Shown = 1 Point Earned, Complete with Work Shown = 2 Points Earned (unless otherwise noted)
 If 80% of the possible homework points are earned for this unit, 5 bonus points will be awarded OR the opportunity to
re-test will be afforded. The better score of either the original exam plus the bonus OR the re-test grade without the
bonus will be used.
 See Ms. Miller’s website for daily notes (especially if you have missed a class).
 It is your responsibility to stay caught up on lessons and assignments. If you have questions, ask!
 Late assignments will NOT be accepted unless you were absent the day it was assigned or the day it was due.
 Missed quizzes/tests must be made up during ESS. (You have 2 ESS sessions to take the test from the original test
date, otherwise a zero will be recorded in the grade book).