HONG KONG TAIWAN P&G Management Recruitment

P&G Hong Kong-Taiwan Marketing Elite Program 2014
Dear future leaders,
Do you want a challenging and exciting job like a CEO?
Do you want to own a leading brand since day 1 of work?
Do you want to manage an extensive portfolio of 400 brands over 80 countries?
Now, here is a golden opportunity to fulfill all your aspirations - Join us at P&G Marketing Elite Program
2014, which will give you a privileged quick start in your pursuit of Marketing & Brand Building career at
As a Marketing Elite, you would receive benefits of:
1) Exclusive tour to experience the life of P&G Brand Artists from Hong Kong & Taiwan
2) Advanced screening process from interview to final offer
3) 4 times higher chance of getting the job offer compared to open application
We welcome final year Business major students who are:
1) Graduating from either under- or post-graduate program before July, 2014
2) Obtaining an accumulative GPA of >3.5 or rank top 30%
3) Passionate about marketing and brand building
4) Strong leaders with passion for winning
If you are interested in this Elite program, please find the timeline for MKT Elite Program Application:
Register and Apply
Dec 24- Jan
Step 1: Register via Application Link 2014 Taiwan Graduate Program - Marketing Assistant Brand Manager (Select Country : Taiwan)
Step 2: Log in and apply with your most updated CV and the application form (see appendix)
Online Screening
Step 1: Candidates who complete application would receive online test notification
Dec 24- Jan
Jan 16-20
Jan 22
9:30 - 17:00
Step 2: Candidates who complete the online test should send an email to
to let us know you’ve finished the online test.
Email Subject: P&G TW MKT Elite Program
Email address should be the same as that of your CV.
Elite Confirmation:
Candidates who passed the online test would be notified via call and invited to the Elite Day
Marketing Elite Day:
A day of exclusive experience to explore the world of P&G brand building
 If you have any questions, please contact us on facebook www.facebook.com/pgtw.recruit or by email
[About P&G Marketing]
Being an Assistant Brand Manager in P&G gives you the best brand building experience - you will own a
leading brand, experience an extensive portfolio in different geographies and lead multiple parties from
strategic development to executions. Join us if you want to be a leader in the world of brands as follows:
SK-II, Olay, Vidal Sassoon, Rejoice, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Pampers, Whisper, Oral-B, Gillette, Braun,
Fab, and more.
Are you ready to take this challenge?
Build leading brands global consumers love
P&G Marketing is a global community of the world’s best Brand Builders and Business Leaders. We are
dedicated to growing Brand and Category share leadership, and to empower our succeeding generations to
do the same. In short, we are passionate about building Brands that last forever.
Key Responsibilities
Starting as an Assistant Brand Manager in P&G, you will typically develop skills in brand strategy,
advertising, PR, consumer bonding, direct-to-consumer marketing and project management. Specifically,
you will recommend, develop and execute marketing strategies, plans and programs that build on consumer
and customer insights, for a consumer brand in Greater China. You will be responsible for initiatives,
projects and day-to-day operations on all aspects of the brand business. You will also be using your skills to
analyze the consumer, trade, market dynamics and business status, and turn them into business plans.
Under the leadership of Brand Manager, your key responsibilities will include,
 Developing brand strategies and plans (strategy/concept/packaging development, product/marketing
qualification and forecasting);
 Advertising (strategy/creative brief development, copy evaluation, copy clearance, commercial
production and copy testing);
 Below-the-line consumer communication (include print, outdoor, direct-to-consumer marketing, public
relations and point-of-sell materials, etc.);
 Media (develop and execute media strategies to reach target consumers including level, mix and market
 Manage multi-functional project team to ensure excellence in execution (initiative/promotion/pricing plan
development, planning, execution and summarizing results/learning);
 Consumer/Customer/Market Understanding (sound understanding of consumer/customer/market and
detailed business analysis to identify business drivers and opportunities);
 Complex Business and Financial Analysis; and
 Interpersonal Projects (coaching/training, recruiting, multi-functional teamwork)
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P&G Hong Kong-Taiwan Marketing Elite Program 2014
Application Form
Please fill in below information for application & to help us better understand you.
Chinese Name: _________________________
English Name:
Contact no.:
Your Working Experience(s)
Have you ever worked/interned in marketing/brand building field? Please use less than 100 words to
describe your experience including your role, major responsibility and the results you have achieved.
Please upload the document and you most updated CV on/before 12th Jan, 2014 via Application Link: 2014
Taiwan Graduate Program - Marketing - Assistant Brand Manager (Select Country : Taiwan).
Thank you very much for your time and you will be notified individually by 16-20 Jan, 2014 if you are
nominated after you finish online screening test.