Sell yourself in an interview

Dennis Teschler
The Everest Group
The Everest Group
■ The Everest Group was founded in 1992
■ Operates as a full service retained executive search firm, working with both Fortune
50 and 500 domestic and international clients.
■ Specialize in the functional areas of Operations, Distribution, Supply Chain
Management, Logistics, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Sales, & Marketing
■ Enjoy working with both Fortune 50 and 500 domestic and international clients.
■ I have been with the company twenty years as the Managing Partner placing mid to
senior executives
Interview Preparation
■ Resume
■ Certificates
Develop a separate package that
includes the following documents:
■ Letters of recommendation
■ Honors, GPA, scholarships
■ Academic clubs and/or Industry associations
■ School team projects
■ Volunteer work
■ Internships
■ Look up the company page (also visit website
prior to interview)
How to utilize LinkedIn to help
prepare for the interview:
■ Look at the interviewers LinkedIn page
■ Look up profiles of people currently in the
position you are interviewing for
■ Find the job posting and review the
requirements and qualifications
The Interview Process
Telephone Interview
The Non-Scheduled call
■ In most cases the first contact will be a phone call from someone
from HR, Internal recruiting or an outside recruiter.
■ These are usually impromptu calls. Don’t feel like you have to
interview just because you were called
■ Don’t forget about voice reflection
The Scheduled call
■ Usually the first question will be ”tell me about yourself”
■ The remainder of the conversation
■ They will ask if you have any questions
Face to Face interview
How you present yourself is determined by the company you are
interviewing with
Understand the culture of the company
■ Be friendly and personable
■ Stand to shake their hand
■ Engage the interviewer
■ Body language
■ Be clear, detailed and to the point
Types of interview questions
Questions about experience and background
Behavioral based question
Other questions they might ask
Be prepared to answer negative questions
Tell me about a class that you had a hard time with and how you managed to
overcome it
Tell me about a group project were someone didn’t do their part, what did
you do about it, and what were the results
Your knowledge of the company
They typically will ask if you familiar with the company
Do you have any questions?
Have a set of questions to ask once the interview is done.
Knowing what to do and what not to do
■ Be on time! By on time we mean 15 minutes early in the lobby
■ Turn off you cell phone. Don’t just put it on silent. Even better,
just leave it in the car
What to do:
What not to do:
■ Have a list of question to ask
– What are some key traits of successful employees in this
– Do you think I possess these key traits?
■ Discuss religion and politics
■ Interview the interviewer
■ Ask about vacation time or holiday schedule
After the Interview
Send a Thank You note
■ Send a personalized follow up email
■ Gracefully accept rejection