3rd Grade - Cobb County School District

Our Goals for Student Achievement
Teachers, Parents, and Students – Together for Success
District Goals
The following are Cobb County School
District’s goals:
Vary learning experiences to
increase success in career paths.
Differentiate resources for
areas/schools based on needs.
Develop stakeholder involvement to
promote student success.
Recruit, hire, support, and retain
employees for the highest levels of
Clarkdale Elementary School Goals
In the 3rd Grade Classroom
At Home
The 3rd grade staff will work with students and
their families to support students’ success in math.
For our families we will:
Clarkdale parents joined staff to develop ideas
about how families can support students’ success
in math. At home, parents will:
Conduct math fact drills, games and the Ice
Cream Sunday motivator to help students
know all multiplications facts by memory.
Conduct math fact drills and quiz
students nightly with flash cards
provided by the teacher.
Display the Problem of the Day, use K.W.L.
problem solving charts, emphasize steps
and key words in a problem and provide
examples of word problem interactive
notebooks so the students will be able to
solve multiple step word problems.
Make sure students are following the
examples and steps of a word problem
in the interactive notebook; check word
problems for accuracy.
Make sure that his or her student has
access to multiple resources: First in
Math, flashcards, interactive notebooks,
etc. Resources that will help increase
math study skills.
Provide multiple resources: First in Math,
anchor charts, manipulatives, flashcards,
and interactive notebooks to help students
increase their math study skills.
Clarkdale administrators and teachers have
studied our student performance data to decide
on the most important area of improvement for
our school.
Math- To achieve the goal of 80% of all students
meeting or exceeding standards on the math
portion of the Georgia Milestones, our school will
concentrate on the following:
Developing number
Number Talks.
Increasing daily math instruction time to
100 minutes.
Clarkdale Students
Clarkdale students joined staff and parents to develop ideas about how they can succeed in school and
become champions in math. Students thought of the following ideas to make connections between
learning at home and school.
Practice their math facts using First in Math and flash cards. Learn all multiplication facts by
memory to receive an Ice Cream Sunday reward.
Utilize examples of word problem interactive notebooks, K.W.L., and problem solving charts to
solve multiple step word problems.
Study using multiple resources that will help increase math study skills at least 20 minutes a
Activities to Build Partnerships
What is a School-Parent Compact?
This School-Parent Compact for Achievement is an
agreement that parents, students, and teachers
develop together. It explains how parents and
teachers will work together to make sure all of our
students reach grade-level standards.
An Effective Compact:
 Focuses on student learning skills
 Shares strategies parents can use at home
 Explains how teachers and parents will
communicate about student progress
 Describes how teachers will help students
develop those skills using high quality
 Describes opportunities for parents to
volunteer, observe, and participate in the
Jointly Developed
The parents, students and staff of Clarkdale
Elementary School developed this School-Parent
Compact for Achievement. Teachers suggested
learning strategies, parents added ideas to make them
more specific, and students told us what would help
them learn. Meetings are held each year to review the
compact and make changes based on student needs.
Parents are welcome to contribute comments
at any time.
If you would like to participate and/or observe in the
classroom, please contact your student(s) teacher at
770-819-2422 or through his or her email. If you
would like to volunteer, please contact: Xandria
Johnson at xandria.johnson@cobbk12.org or 770-8192422 Ext. 046.
Join us for our “Bring Your Parents to School”
days, September 9, and November 11, 2015 and
January 13, 2016.
Come and experience the day in the life of your
child. Bring your backpack and be prepared to
“dive deep" into the curriculum.
MARCH “MATH” MADNESS, March 24, 2016
Enjoy fun, family friendly math games designed to
be great learning tools for use at home as well.
School-Parent Compact
for Achievement
Revised March 9, 2015
3rd Grade Focus for
Student Success
More family fun events coming throughout the
year! Detailed information will be sent home.
Communication about Student Learning
Clarkdale Elementary is committed to frequent
two-way communication with families about
children’s learning. Some of the ways you can
expect us to reach you are:
Weekly folders
Notes or phone calls
Updates on the school website
Midterm progress reports
Parent-teacher conferences in October
Cardinal Communication email every
Text, emails, phone calls via Blackboard
Connect (out dials)
ParentVue grading and attendance
Do you have questions about your child’s
progress? Contact your child’s teacher by phone
(770) 819-2422 or email.
Dr. Liss Maynard, Principal
Tangela Hendrix, Assistant Principal