Fellowship update

Fellowship Update (September 2014 to May 2015)
Dear Asha Supporters
First I would like to thank you all for your continued encouragement in the
development of underprivileged children and young people through education and life skills
training, and your acknowledgment towards my works.
My work can be seen in six different aspects in the year of 2014-15.
1. Working for Madurai Seed children and young people
Direct Beneficiaries : 282 children
2. Working for Sevalayam Boys Hostel program
: 136 children
3. Working for rural children associated with CESCI
: Children of 10 villages
4. Responsibilities in other organizations
5. Providing awareness about government schemes
6. Developing my personal skills
At Madurai Seed:
I am the one working full time at Madurai Seed. The others are working part-time in the
evening, and other holidays. This year, there was a situation of vacating two education centers
except the Vandugal Arangam (My house). So, there was a lot of work including shifting the
materials, racks, library books, and electrical works to the new places. Now, the centers are
functioning with better facilities comparing to the older places. Friends of Madurai Seed have
helped to pay the Building Advances. Apart from this, we are able to get helps from people
through facebook, and website pages. Some of the former friends also helped some
developments. Volunteers and Internship students are coming every year through facebook,
and website.
My important work in Madurai Seed includes “Channelizing resources”, that is why the
donors, interns, abroad volunteers, former students, local persons are always connected with
children and young people in a better way where knowledge sharing is possible.
Hariharan Mani and Vasutha from USA are taking “Sunday Science Classes” through
Skype. Naveen, MBA student from Bangalore came for internship in December. Yogalakshmi,
social work student from Madurai worked as an intern in May. Janeziah, a study abroad student
from USA worked as an English tutor for children during October- November. Ms. Sujitha and
Rajesh, IT professionals from Madurai get inspired about Madurai Seed, helped to buy chairs
for the Library. Karthik Natarajan, an engineer from USA helped to set windows in the library.
We are trying to bring Indian friends, supporters, well-wishers under one roof in the
name of Friends of Madurai Seed, India and an Alumni association in the name of Vizhuthugal.
The groups are active in facebook. Step by step, the two groups will be built into very strong.
They’ll be utilized for minimum level finance requirements, academic, and skill development
activities for children and young people.
Last year, Dr. Laura’s friend has helped to set up a projector in Vandugal Arangam. This
year, Hotal North Gate has sponsored an LED TV. It was fit in the Vergal Arangam. Another LED
TV was sponsored by International Tamil Language Foundation to undertake SPARC science
classes. So, now there are three audio/visual classes. We are planning the best ways to utilize the
equipments in this year.
There are 12 out-going young people this year. Among 1 M.Phil graduate, 2 male teachers,
3 female teachers were provided complete educational sponsorship. 25 children finished 10th std.
15 students finished 12th std. Educational and vocational guidance were provided to all of them
and their parents.
Sevalayam Hostel Program:
Sevalayam is a free hostel for village children (boys) from poor economic and social background.
The children are from 64 villages in 8 districts of TamilNadu. All the students are studying in a
nearby corporation school. Many of them are single-parent children.
What we do: New supplementary education program is initiated for children of Sevalayam
Hostel. There are 5 volunteers to help the children every evening. Among 136 students, 102
children are having problems in basic reading, writing abilities in both Tamil and English, and
basic arithmetic skills. Volunteers are helping to improve their basic skills. Volunteers teach
two hours a day. 10th and 12th standard students are provided help in Math and English
Benefited age group
: 10 to 17 years old
Working hours
: 7.00 to 8.30 PM weekdays
Number of volunteers : 7
 In 10th std, 17 passed the exam. 100% result. Top score was 447 by Subramani.
 In 12th std, Among 12, nine passed the exam.
Apart from the regular classes, a sports meet was conducted
for the first time in the history of the hostel. Children were
provided with certificates, and gifts.
10th and 12th std students were given stationeries for board
Guidance, goal setting sessions was organized.
Our former volunteer Saranya sponsored one day lunch to the
10th std and 12th std topper will be given endowment prizes
from Madurai Seed’s scholarship fund.
Number of Beneficiaries
CESCI Rural Programs:
CESCI is the organization works for rural children and women development. They are
conducting Dreams Summer Camp every year for the rural children from 10 villages. So, far they
have conducted 6 camps. Among 4 camps were designed and coordinated by me. In the previous
years, I also conducted brain-storming sessions for their volunteers. In a small amount, I am
assisting them designing some activities and coordinating some activities. We are working hand in
hand in exchanging ideas, resource persons, etc.
Other Organizations:
I am a member in School Management Committee of Elango Corporation Hr.Sec School. I
am taking part in the committee meetings.
I am also a board member of “Aadharsh” a rural development organization functioning in
Government Schemes Awareness:
I am continuously giving awareness about bank loans, benefits in studying in government
and corporation schools, RTE act, etc. This year one engineering student got bank loan. I gave
awareness about RTE to the people in Karumbalai. Around 10 people applied for nearby schools.
Personal Skills Development:
As I am the one working full time at Madurai Seed, I am giving the leadership training, skill
training to the volunteers every year. In every three year, a trained group so far around 60 people
went out after their graduation. This year, 12 are going out. So, every year there is a need for
responsible and skilled group. As I can’t do every thing, I depend on some people for example
English and Computer related tasks, documentation, photography, etc. ArunKumar, who was
helpful in the last seven years, is going for another job.
With the help of Dr. Laura, Dalyan Foundation based in Switzerland has given me the
opportunity to learn English in the British Council, Chennai which will help me to sustain on my
own. I have spent 7 weekends (14 days) in Chennai. There are improvements in my English.
This year, I have to train the volunteers to run the education centers, and other holiday
activities because the most of senior volunteers (around 12) are out-going. We are soon going to
make an annual calendar and share responsibilities.
I am also thinking of extending evening tuition support to nearby hostels run by government
and trusts for poor students. But, this needs enormous volunteers and adequate funds to provide
I pledge my 100% commitment to the less privileged children and young people in
providing guidance, encouragement, scholastic and co scholastic resources for their development.
I am very thankful for Asha for supporting me to these works.
Thanks for your Kind & Support.