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The World’s Best
Carpet Protector
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Without question, protector is
your golden goose. There are
very few occupations out there
that allow the service provider
to make $480 per hour. Maxim
can do that and more.
Protector Stats
What’s sad is the rather small percentage of
cleaners that actually offer protector. Here are
some alarming statistics:
• The highest priced companies (top 10% - 15%)
offer it on every job
• The average priced companies offer protector
only about half the time
• The lowest priced companies may have once
heard of protector but didn’t really pay much
Protector Stats
I have heard just about every excuse why a cleaner will not offer
protector. Here are a few of the more common ones.
• “The product is too expensive”
• “My customers cannot afford that stuff”
• “I don’t really believe it works”
• “It takes too long to apply”
Protector Stats
• “My customers don’t need it”
• “It’s not healthy”
• “What a scam”
• “I want to give my customers the best deal”
Protector Stats
• If protector truly did not work, then fiber
producers, carpet mills, furniture
manufacturers, chemical companies, auto
makers and cleaning and maintenance
companies have all collaborated to execute one
of the largest scams in our nations history.
• This is literally a multi billion dollar industry.
• The product works.
Protector Stats
Instead of looking for reasons not to offer
protection services, look for reasons to offer it.
Here are three pretty good ones:
1. It is extremely beneficial for those that need it.
2. It is extremely profitable for those that apply it.
3. It is recommended by the manufacturer.
Congratulations, you’re
doing well as a carpet
cleaner, right?
* Carpet Cleaning (typical) = $100 - $150 per hour
1,000 square feet of carpet cleaning @ .32 per sq ft
Cleaning, moving furniture, set-up, tear down, etc
Rate per hour earned
3 hours
Now how are you going
to put your kids through
* Maxim Advanced Protector = $480 per hour, +
1,000 square feet of carpet cleaning @ .32 (3 hours)
Apply Maxim Advanced Protector at 16 cents per square foot
Time to apply protector: 20 minutes - Rate earned per hour
Why should you and your
technicians be offering Maxim
Advanced on every job?
Every major survey done of consumers
who have had their carpet professionally
cleaned has confirmed that over 80%
were interested in the benefits of having
a protector applied following the
Why should you and your
technicians be offering Maxim
Advanced on every job?
With the tools we are going to show
you, you don’t need to convince the
customer. All you need to do is make a
commitment to simply ask for the order
Reasons your customers
will love Maxim Advanced
• Spots and spills clean up much easier, usually with just
a damp cloth.
• More time to clean up spills before staining occurs
• It reduces carpet wear, particularly in high traffic areas
• Makes subsequent vacuuming more efficient
• Leaves their carpet cleaner, brighter and fresher
• Safe for children and pets
Why Maxim Advanced?
How does it stack up to the competition?
They’re a little intimidated
Why Maxim Advanced?
Premium ingredients not available in competing brands
Dilutes 1 : 2 with water
Covers 1200 – 2400 sq ft per gallon
Freeze thaw stable
Dries faster than other water base protectors
Easy to demonstrate the amazing effectiveness
Maxim Advanced renews the finish that was originally
factory applied – Most current fluorochemical & dye
blocker available
Why Maxim Advanced?
Application Guidelines for Maxim Advanced
For pump or electric sprayers, use 35-60 PSI with 8004 or 8005 tip.
With Hydroforce Sprayer, use 8006 tip (1:4 dilution)
Apply evenly in overlapping motion and rake into carpeting.
Cost to apply Maxim - .03 - .04 per sq ft depending on pile density
and purchase level.
• Coverage rate per diluted gallon:
• 400 sq ft
Deep saxony
• 600 sq ft
Mid/low pile or low ounce
• 800 sq ft
low pile commercial
Why Maxim Advanced?
• Kool Aid demo
• Dry soil demo
Maxim Advanced for Wool
• Premium ingredients not available in competing
• Added stain resistant technology to protect
against wool’s greatest threat, permanent stains.
• Technology designed specifically for special
properties of wool.
• Excellent penetrating capability for added
• Dye stabilization technology.
• Dilutes 1 : 2 with water.
• Covers 200 - 400 sq ft per RTU gallon.
• Freeze thaw stable.
Maxim Advanced for Wool
• Application Guidelines
– Dilute 1:2 with water
– Apply to freshly cleaned rugs with electric
or battery sprayer at 35 – 50 psi with 8004
or 8005 jet
– Apply evenly and brush or rake into pile
– Consider second application for rugs with
no prior protection for best performance
– Part Number CP10GL RTU pH 5.0 – 5.2
Maxim Advanced for Upholstery
Latest and most advanced technology available
Uses proprietary resin not available anywhere else
Stretchable polymer provides greatest amount of protection for longest
period with less reduction in performance
Contains special dye-locking and color stabilization additives, making it
safe and effective to use on most delicate and natural fabrics or
Unique surfactant spreads evenly and consistently across the entire fabric
Contains special level of protection against most problematic upholstery
soils. oils and stains – body oils, airborne oils and beverage spills
Exceptional repellency provides enhanced cleanability and soil release
Freeze -Thaw Stable
Major step towards making Solvent-based Protectors unnecessary – no
spraying dangerous solvents in the customers home or place of business
Extremely effective for investment textile rugs
The simplest way to ask
for the order…
When pre-bidding the
job, while you are doing
the cleaning, or
immediately after the
cleaning is done, simply
hand your customer the
Maxim Advanced Sales
Maxim Advanced Sales Brochure (Pack of 50) LB215
The simplest way to ask
for the order…
Run the blotter card under the
kitchen sink while explaining
the premium protection they
receive from Maxim
Advanced. Let the customer
touch the card. Give the
customer the price, and then
say “It’s an amazing product
isn’t it, which rooms would
you like protected?”
Maxim Advanced Blotter Card (Pack of 50) LB03
This technique alone will sell 20-50% of your
Want to increase your
bottom line even more?
This step can easily earn an
80% closing rate and over
$60,000 additional revenue
per year, per truck.
Use this step to separate yourself
from all the other protector sales
Show them how Maxim Advanced
works on carpet with your Maxim
Advanced Demonstration Kit.
Maxim Advanced Demonstration Kit (AC008)
Want to increase your
bottom line even more?
Add over $60,000 profit
each year*!
Your cost for Maxim is approximately $33 per 1000 square
feet. With a labor rate of $15 per hour, your profit from selling
protector is over $432 per hour. ($480 – cost and labor)
If you sell Maxim on 80% of your jobs (easy with this kit) and
average 10 jobs per week, that’s 416 protector sales per year
(52 weeks X 8 jobs a week).
Your added profit will be: 416 jobs / 3 per hour = 139 hours x
$432 profit per hour = $60,000 profit per year per truck!
Want to increase your
bottom line even more?
Step 1
Four step process to achieve 80% closing
ration with Maxim Protector:
• Explain the benefit of Maxim to every customer and provide the
Maxim Advanced Sales Brochure.
• An ideal time to do this is in the middle of cleaning the family room
or dirtiest area. Simply ask the customer if anyone has ever
explained to them, the value of Maxim Protector.
• No matter what the answer, this will give you the opportunity to
demonstrate the product.
Want to increase your
bottom line even more?
Step 2
• Take the customer and your demo kit
to the kitchen sink.
• Saturate one treated and one untreated carpet square with the red dye
and allow to dwell for several minutes.
• Using the brochure and explain the
value of Maxim to the customer.
Want to increase your
bottom line even more?
Step 2 – Continued
• After several minutes, have the
customer rinse the samples with
water and show the customer the
difference between treated and
untreated carpet.
Want to increase your
bottom line even more?
Step 3
• Following the demonstration, offer the
customer one of two options.
• Offer the protector and quote
them your price, or!
• Offer the protector and an
additional spot and spill warranty
(additional fee optional)
Warranty Sheets LB20A
Want to increase your
bottom line even more?
Explain the “Spot and Spill” warranty
• Give the customer a bottle of Home Pro Spotter.
• Explain to them if they ever have a spill they cannot
remove with Home Pro, simply contact your office
and you will return to the home and remove the spot
free of charge.
• The length of the warranty is determined by your
• If they do not opt for the warranty, still sell the
protector and give/sell them the bottle of spotter.
Want to increase your
bottom line even more?
Step 4
• Apply Maxim Advanced after cleaning.
• Fill out the warranty card if applicable.
• Give/sell them a bottle of Home Pro
Spotter and explain how to use it.
Why Maxim Advanced?
– Maxim Advanced can be sold with a warranty that is covered by you,
the cleaner.
– On average, less than 5% of your customers will call you to service the
warranty, but most will pay extra to have it in place.
– If they do call you back, you have the option of returning to their home
to offer additional services and tie the customer to your company for
– When you service the warranty, there is no risk of a third party having
your customer list or referring competition to your customer
– Your maximum risk is refunding the amount the customer paid for the
Why Maxim Advanced?
Review of ways of help you sell Maxim
– Consumer Demonstration Kit
– Sales Brochures
– Blotter Cards
– Sales power point or video
– Certificate of Authenticity for application
– Warranty Forms
Why Maxim Advanced?
Customers will think you are a hero
Spots and spills clean up easily
Carpets last longer and look better all the time
Vacuuming is faster, easier, and more efficient
True stain resistance, soil protection, and oil
• Maxim dries faster than competitive products
• Safe for children and pets
Give your customers carpets they
can actually live on…
Maxim Advanced Consumer
Demo Kit
Convenient travel bag
50 Consumer Sales Brochures
50 Blotter Cards
Quart bottle and Red Dye
20 Maxim Advanced Treated Carpet
20 Untreated Carpet Squares
10 Warranty Sheets
Sales CD
Certificate of Authenticity
Customizable Sales Letters
Narrated Powerpoint
Video Files of Presentation
Your sales pitch to the
Copyright 2007 – Bridgepoint Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Maxim Advanced
Restores your carpet to
“like new” condition Just
as if it came from the
carpet mill. It is not just
a surface protection
Oil resistant: Tracked
in oil, cosmetics or
spills don’t stick to
fibers, making them
much easier to clean
Deep, Penetrating Stain
Maxim Advanced prevents
staining from acid dyes such as
those found in foods,
sports/energy drinks and
Resists and Repels Dry Soil:
Allows for much more efficient
vacuuming. Grit from these soils
can work like sandpaper to make
carpet fibers look dull and worn.
Why your carpet needs
Maxim Advanced Protector…
When your carpet first left the mill, it had
a stain resistant protector applied. Maxim
replenishes this protection maximizing
carpet life and performance.
Why Your Carpet Needs
Maxim Advanced Protector
No protector is permanent.
Normal everyday use can alter or break down
the protector. This includes, but is not limited
• Exposure to oily soils / wear / traffic
• Cleaning to some degree
• Sanitizers / disinfectants or improper
Why Your Carpet Needs
Maxim Advanced Protector…
Maxim Advanced carpet
protector will help your
carpet stay cleaner and stainfree longer.
Each time your carpet is
professionally cleaned, reapply
Maxim Advanced to prolong
the life and your enjoyment of
this valuable investment
Why Your Carpet Needs
Maxim Advanced Protector…
If you leave your carpets
unprotected, they are more
vulnerable to:
Permanent stains
Worn-looking traffic areas
Spills that won’t clean up easily
Soil that clings to the carpet
What Maxim Advanced will do
for you…
Maxim Advanced will provide you with
the highest level of carpet protection
available today.
Maxim Advanced will provide you with peace
of mind because you know that your carpets
are protected from everyday soils spots and
spills which provides for a healthier indoor
Why Maxim Advanced is the
world’s best carpet
Maxim Advanced is the ONLY protector that
restores your carpet protection to factory newcondition by providing ALL of the protection,
including dye blockers, originally applied during
Maxim Advanced is safe
and effective on all carpets
When you purchased your carpet,
they may have told you that the stain
protection was permanently built-in.
Applying Maxim Advanced protector
will help olefin and polyester carpet
actually resist oil based soiling and
enhances their stain resistant
Maxim Advanced is safe and effective to
apply to all man-made carpet fibers (nylon,
olefin, and polyester) and is perfectly suited
for wool.
Why our company applies
Maxim Advanced Protector
Not all carpet protectors are equal. Neither are the
companies applying them. We choose to apply
Maxim Advanced because it restores the same
dual kind of protection your carpet had when it
was new.
Not only that, it employs the very latest
technology demonstrated to be safe for the
environment and your family.
Why our company applies
Maxim Advanced Protector
We take extra steps to assure you receive the
highest quality application available. We follow
manufacturer recommended application rates
to the exact letter. We groom the carpet with a
professional grooming tool to ensure proper
product distribution and to leave your carpet
looking great.
Copyright 2007 – Bridgepoint Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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