ON AUGUST 11, 2014
Members Present:
Donald Monty, Acting Mayor
Ron Mitchell, Village President
Robert Butler, Mayor
Julie Peterson
Greg Smothers, Proxy
Carrie Nelson
City of Carbondale
Village of Crainville
City of Marion
Jackson County
Williamson County
Others Present:
Betsy Tracy (by phone)
Kevin Baity, City Manager
Kyle Harfst
Tom Caldwell, MPO Manager
Patti Barone
Mirian Link-Muillison
Cary Minnis, Executive Director
Margie Mitchell, Program Director
City of Carbondale
Jackson County Health Dept.
Greater Egypt
Greater Egypt
1. Welcome and Introductions
Ms. Peterson called the meeting to order at 1:02 pm and welcomed everyone present.
Betsy Tracy is participating by phone.
It was noted that
2. Approval of July 14th, 2014 Policy Committee Meeting Minutes
Action Item
Mr. Baity moved to approve the July 14th, 2014 Minutes of the Policy Committee Meeting. The motion
was seconded by Mayor Butler. The motion passed.
3. Director of Transportation Planning
Action Item
Mr. Minnis discussed the situation of the Director of Transportation Planning position. The job
requirements were changed, the ad was reposted. Only received two new applications and two
resubmitted their applications. The committee (Greg Smothers, Julie Peterson, and Mr. Minnis)
interviewed three applicants. Consensus was to leave the position open and keep searching. Until the
position is filled, current staff will continue keeping up with the committee and administrative work.
Betsy Tracy noted that staff is doing a good job. The committee agreed to leave the position open.
4. Traffic and Access Management Study of Giant City Road RFQ
Action Item
Mr. Minnis discussed the RFQ for the Traffic and Access Management Study on Giant City Road in
Carbondale. This project was discussed at several meetings. The RFQ has been reformatted to include the
information provided by Ms. Nelson at the last meeting. Some of the products were pulled out and the
requirement of two public meetings, one at the beginning and one at the conclusion was added. Ms.
Tracy noted the project looked good and fits with the purpose of the MPO and a good use of the planning
funds. Discussed when the manual traffic count would be taken. Can traffic counts be taken on
weekends? Ms. Nelson noted counts are not taken on weekends. Also traffic counts need to be taken
when the students are in town. If the RFQ is approved to be released, it will be sent out this week.
Ms. Nelson moved that the RFQ for the Traffic and Access Management Study on Giant City Road in
Carbondale be released. The motion was seconded by Mayor Monty. The motion passed.
The RFP will be out for 30 days with the earliest award being in October. We hope to have the kick off
meeting around the third week of October.
5. Other MPO Business
Discussion Item
Since the major requirements for the MPO are being met this year we need to be thinking about problems
and projects in your area or community for planning studies for next year. Ms. Nelson mentioned two
possible studies for next year, a regional bike plan and a study for a railroad over/underpass on Route 13
on the East side of Marion.
The Technical Committee will be reviewing the consultants for the Long Range Transportation Plan at its
next meeting and making a recommendation to the Policy Committee. The Policy Committee will act on
this recommendation at its September meeting.
The SIMPO finished under budget last year and we did not spend all the local share funds. We will
collect local share to hold in case the state no longer matches the federal funds.
Ms. Link-Mullison said the Jackson County Health Department is continuing its built environment
promotion. The next Committee meeting will be September 17.
9. Adjourn
Action Item
Ms. Nelson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Mayor Butler. The meeting adjourned at
1:38 p.m.