Semester 2 Review Answers for Odyssey

Review for Final Exam
Spring 2015
The Odyssey:
The Odyssey- Review All Notes. Answer the following questions.
Book 11. What is an invocation? Prayer
2. Who is called to come tell the story? Muses- daughters’ of Zeus known for diving inspiration
3. Who appeals to Zeus for Odysseus? Athena
4. Odysseus’ son’s name? Telemachus
5. Odysseus’ wife’s name? Penelope
Book 56. Zeus sends ____Hermes____ to tell ___Calypso_______ to let Odysseus go.
7. She is only to help him build a __raft______ to leave the island.
8. Odysseus leaves Calypso’s Island and lands on __Scheria_____, after 20_ days.
9. A HOMERIC Simile is also known as an __epic_____ simile. It compares two things in great detail.
10. Though Odysseus “lay” with Calypso every night, he still wanted to ____return home____.
11. Calypso offers him _____immortality__ if he stays with her.
Book 912. The king on the island of Scheria is King _________.
13. Do they know who Odysseus is?
14. Odysseus introduces himself as the son of ____Laertes.________.
15. He tells them the stories of what happened as a flashback. The first place they landed after leaving
____Troy_____ was the city of Ismarus, the land of the _________Cicones___.
16. Odysseus’ men raid, rob and _____kill_____________ when they get there, so the Ciconian army inturn kills
___72________ of their men and drive them off to _The Lotus Eaters_.
17. Then they land on the Island of the ___Lotus_____ eaters. Here they eat the ___magical/lotus plant and forget
that they were on their way __home_______.
18. Odysseus has to _______tie______ his men down to the _____rowing benches______ to get them back on
19. Next, they land on _____Cyclops________ island.
20. Cyclopes do not _____plot__ the land, nor do they _______sow_ the ground to grow grain. Wild ___wheat____
and __barley__ grow, and _______graoes_______ in clusters and that is what they eat and live off of.
21. “Dawn with finger tips of rose,” means the sun is ____rising_____ and time is passing.
22. This is an example of _____epithet_____________.
23. They go into a cave, that is personified as “_____________________,” and see a huge or __________________
man sleeping. This was _________________________.
24. Odysseus’ men want to take the sheep and run away, but he wants to see the ___caveman________.
25. Odysseus says they are from, “____Troy____,” blown off course by winds on the Great South Sea. … “We served
under ___Agamemnon___,” and as a part of custom he expects that they will be treated well or “_____Zeus will
avenge,” those who don’t treat guests well. Why does he say this?
26. Does Polyphemus care about what Zeus thinks? Why? Polyphemus does not care. He does not hold the same
beliefs as Odysseus, and therefore does not fear Zeus.
27. Odysseus first lies about his ___what happened to his ship_____.
28. Then he says his name is “___Nohbdy (nobody)_______” so that Polyphemus does not know his real name.
29. What is the “dark drink” they give Polyphemus? wine
30. Once he is drunk they ____stab him in____ his eye. They don’t kill him because they want him to move the
___huge stone blocking the entrance/exit to the cave.
31. They run out with his ____rams_________.
32. Before they sail away, Odysseus tells the Cyclopes his _______real ________ name.
Book 1033. The ____wind_____ king of Aeolus lets Odysseus and his men stay with him for a ___month______.
34. He gives them two bags: one is the __fair west wing_______ wind to get them towards ___Ithaca___ and
second, that has all the ___unfavorable____, _____stormy_____ winds.
35. His crew opened the bags thinking they have __gold_____ and ___silver________ in them.
36. They meet the ___Laestrgonians__________, who are fierce cannibals that shower them with
37. Circe’s Island is called _____Aeaea_______.
38. Foreboding means? Threating, ill-omened, ominous
39. The men are turned into ___pigs_________
40. Hermes______ helps Odysseus to get around Circe’s witchery, by telling him to eat _____moly_______.
41. Circe tells Odysseus he must stay for __1___ year, then visit the _Land of the _______Dead___, where he must
get a prophecy from ______Tiresias ________.
42. Who is “sovereign Death” refer to? Hades
43. He meets _____Elpenor__ first who died in ____Circes_________ ‘s hall.
44. Elpenor says he ___drank____ too much __wine____ and fell off the roof.
45. ________Anticlea_____ is his mother.
46. __Tiresias____ says the Odysseus and his men should not eat the grazing herds of ____Lord Helios_____ or his
_____men will perish.
Book 1247. The Sirens are described as “those harpies’ (with) thrilling voices…” what does that mean? Delightful voices of
horrible creatures
48. Circe is a friend or foe of Odysseus? friend
49. Who is Amphitrite? Sea-goddess (Wife of Poseidon)
50. Scylla has how many legs? 12
51. How many heads? 6
52. The opposite to Scylla is __Charybdis__________.
53. _______3 times_____from dawn to dusk, she sucks down the water.
54. Circe says it is better to “mourn _the loss of 6 men than lose than ____all____, and the _ship____, to too.” She
is suggesting it is better to lose the 6 men, than face _Charybdis_ and lose the whole crew and _____all the
belongings (ship)________.
55. Circe warns not to steal ____Helios_________’s cattle or he will take _____revence_______. Zeus will destroy
his ____ship____ and ___crew_____ with a ______thunderbold___ because __the sun (Helios)___ says he will
stop shining.
56. After all is destroyed, Odysseus lands on ___Ogygia____, Calypso’s island.
Part II- Book 161. King ___Alcinous_ sends Odysseus on his way home.
2. ____Ahtena_____ awakens Odysseus and tells him he is truly home.
3. She disguises him as an __beggar________.
4. He first goes to visit ___Eumaeus__ who is a swineherd.
5. Odysseus finds out from him what has been going on in his palace. _____Athena__ goes and tells
___Telemachus_______ to return home.
6. She also warns ___Telemachus__ of the suitor’s plans to kill him and advises him to stay with Eumaeus_ the
7. In the morning when Odysseus wakes up on Eumaes’s home, he says, “here is one of your crew come back… I
can hear footsteps…” He actually runs in to ___Telemachus for the first time as a grown man.
8. Years earlier, Telemachus went to ___Pylos to search for information on his father.
9. When Telemachus talks to the swineheard, he says he came first to his Uncle, ___Eumaeus__, to find out if his
mom is still at __home____ or if she was ___married_______ off to someone else.
10. The swineherd replies that she is still in the women’s hall waiting. Telemachus enters and sees a man inside.
Who is the man inside? Odysseus
11. Who tells Odysseus he should reveal himself to Telemachus? Athena
12. She tips her ____wand___ on Odysseus and makes him look _young___ again.
13. Telemachus thinks this man is a __god_____.
14. T’s reaction is that the spirits have made a trick to twist a knife in him.
15. Odysseus tells him he has had __bitter_________ fortunes, and wandered for 20 years, and he is back now.
16. __100 Suitors_____ are waiting back at the house. Odysseus says he will follow him home, disguised as the
____beggar____ And they should pretend not to know one another. He tells Telemachus to lock away all the
__weapons___ and ___armor___.
Book 2117. Two particular suitors are rude and annoying to Odysseus; they are __Atinous__ and ____Eurymachus.
18. Penelope asks the ______beggar_______, who is really Odysseus, if he has heard anything about Odysseus’
19. She has given up and decides there should be an __archery contest.
20. Penlope________ is the prize.
21. Penelope gets Odysseus’ _bow__ out, sits down and ___cries________.
22. Then, she goes and faces the many men waiting in the great hall. What does “commandeered” mean?
23. She says whoever can _string_________ the bow and pass an arrow through _____12________ axe heads, in
line, will be the one she joins in marriage.
24. Despite trying to ___string______ and even ___shoot_____ the bow, suitors cannot string it.
25. _Eumaeus_______ and ___Philoetius__, the cowherd, join the beggar outside to make a plan.
26. He promises them that if Zeus helps him kill the suitors, he will help them by getting them _married____, give
them _cattle___ and build ___houses______ near his own home. He shows them an old ____scar___ he got
from a __boar____’s tusk to prove he is really Odysseus.
27. He tells _Telemachus_______ to bring him the bow and put it in his hand even though the other suitors will be
against it.
28. He says that they should lock their doors, and if they ___hear___ groans of men, no one should show her face
29. Philoetius should __lock__ the outer gate.
30. Penelope urges that the _____beggar _______ should also get to try to string the bow.
31. In lines 94-100, why does Odysseus take so long to string the bow? Checking it over, reflecting, and looking for
termite damage
32. What does “heft” mean? weight
33. Odysseus in one motion __strings_____ the bow.
34. Thunder is heard over head, a sign from __Zeus__ that the gods are on his side.
35. He picked an _arrow________ from the table, aims it, and makes it through the arrow heads.
36. At the end, we see ___Telemachus_______ and ______Odysseus__ standing side by side ready to face the
Book 2237. Using his own bow, he stood at the door way ready to kill the suitors. He asks ____Athena________ to help
38. The first to get hit was _Antinous__________. He gets hit under his______chin _____________.
39. The blood came out of his ___notrils___, like a ____river________ or mortal red.
40. As the other suitors look around the room, they could not find a ____sheild______, nor a good
______spear_____ to throw. All they could do was ___yell_____ in outrage.
41. Odysseus calls them _yellow dogs________ that thought he would never make it home from Troy.
42. Why did he choose to call them “yellow”? cowards
43. What does Eurymachus try to say about Antinous? He was the ring leader. He is to blame for everything.
44. He says to Odysseus to “___Spare______ his own people”
45. What is restitution? Tithe? Repay everything they ruined plus each would give 20 oxen and gifts of bronze and
46. What is Eurymachus’ motivation in lines 45-59? What is he trying to accomplish? Save himself and his friends
47. Odysseus does not accept what Eurymachus is saying and in turn says there will be _killing___ till the score is
48. When Odysseus does not believe Eurymachus, the suitor runs towards Odysseus with his __sword____ drawn.
Just then, Odysseus shoots an ___arrow______ piercing Eurylmachus in the __liver______ and his _head___
slamming into the ___table________.
49. What does “revulsion” mean? disgust
50. What does “…shrouding wave of mist closed on his eyes.” Mean? He died
51. Telemachus kills ___Amphinomus______.
52. What similarities do you see between Telemachus and Odysseus in this scene? Bravery/loyalty (characeristics of
an epic hero)
53. Why is that important? They needed to be united to take back his house.
54. ____6__________ suitors attempt to kill Odysseus, and ___Athena___ deflects their arrows.
55. The suitors realize Athena is present when her __sheild________ becomes visible.
56. Odysseus and his men are compared to ____falcons____ who show no __mercy__ to other prey.
Book 2357. Athena makes him more beautiful; she makes him ____taller________, and ____more massive__________ too.
His hair is compared to ____wild hyacinth____, a flower, but ___red-golden_____ in color.
58. Hephaestus is ? god of metalworking
59. Who is he referring to when he says “strange woman…”? Penelope
60. Why does Odysseus say this to Penelope, “…the immortals of Olympus made you hard…” What kind of reaction
was he expecting? To be embraced—he wanted her to be excited
61. Penelope refers to him as a __ strange man.
62. She tells Eurycleia to make a bed for him outside the bed chamber_.
63. What is Odysseus’ reaction to this? angered
64. Odysseus says no one could possibly __move____ the bed, even with a crowbar.
65. He says he built the bedroom around an old _olive_ trunk, and gave the room _____smooth fitting______ doors.
He decorated the room with _silver___, gold and __ivory__. Why did he go into this detail about the room? He
had to prove that he knew exactly what the bedroom looked like…prove loyalty to Penelope
66. How did Penelope react? Cried and ran to him
67. What does “tremulous” mean? trembling
68. With tears in her eyes, Penelope _run to him and wraos_________her __arms__ around him and
__kisses_________ him.
69. What does “prime and flower years…” mean? Their youth
70. She says she armed herself against ________men_____.
71. Penelope talks about Helen of Argos who had ______slept___ with a stranger and then had to come back to her
own _country___. She committed ___adultery________.
72. Penelope says this as a reason she has been so careful, and show how much she has protected herself from
other men. She says no ___man______has even seen her _______room___.
73. What does her speech in lines 58-80 reveal about her; what character traits can you use to describe her
personality? loyal
74. Re-read lines 81-91; it is another epic simile. What is Penelope being compared to? A safe shore where a tired,
shipwrecked swimmer comes to rest
75. After their reunion, Odysseus goes to visit __Laertes his _____father____________.
76. The townspeople get ____angry_____ about the death of the suitors, but ___Athena_____ steps in and makes
peace_______ amongst them all.
The Color of Water: Questions cover characters, plot events, the significance of the events, and the themes of the story.
Be sure to review your guided study questions.
Literary Terms: You will match the example or definition with the term
3 types of irony
Point of view
 Requirements for MLA format (font size, margin settings, heading, etc.)
 Works Cited Page
 In-Text citations
 Citing Sources
8 skills based questions over 2 poems
Summarizing and paraphrasing poetry
Analyzing rhyme scheme
Comparing and contrasting like themes
Analyzing tone and diction
Indirect Characterization
Direct Characterization