READ - Carnegie Mellon University

In this series, members of the Carnegie
Mellon community pose with favorite books.
Based on the American Library Association’s READ campaign,
which associates popular celebrities with books & reading.
Jared & Maureen
 J.R.R. Tolkien.
The Lord of
the Rings.
 Ann Rice.
The Witching Hour.
Dr. Cohon is President of
Carnegie Mellon University.
Erroll B. Davis Jr.
& Elaine Davis
 Stephen Hawking.
A Brief History of
 Jung Chang.
Wild Swans.
Mr. Davis is past chairman and
a member of the Carnegie
Mellon Board of Trustees.
Tod & Mary
Caroline Hunt
 David McCullough.
John Adams.
 C.S. Lewis.
The Four Loves.
Mr. Hunt is a university Trustee
and charter member of the
Libraries Advancement Board.
His grandparents built Hunt
Library, which opened in 1960.
Noël Newell
Virginia Schatz
Margaret Cyert
Norene Christiano
Left to right:
Barry Paris. Song of
Haiti: The Lives of Dr.
Larimer & Gwen Mellon.
J.R.R. Tolkien.
The Lord of the Rings.
Anna Freud.
Ego and the
Mechanisms of Defense.
Frances Mayes.
Under the Tuscan Sun.
Mark Kamlet &
Charlee Brodsky
 Adam Smith.
An Inquiry into the
Nature and Causes
of the Wealth of
 Retrospective
catalog of the
photography of
Walker Evans.
Dr. Kamlet is the university
Provost. Ms. Brodsky is a
School of Design professor.
Lucian & Rita
 Palace Museum of
Court Paintings of
the Qing Dynasty.
 Inder Malhotra.
Indira Gandhi:
A Personal and
Political Biography.
Mr. Caste is a Lifetime Emeritus
Trustee, and he and Rita are
charter members of the Libraries
Advancement Board.
Carbonell, Raj Reddy,
Michael Shamos,
Gloriana St. Clair
Clockwise from left:
 Q.A. Castellano.
Vocabulario Poligota
 A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Ignited
Minds: Unleashing the
Power within India.
 Maurice Daly.
Daly’s Billiard Book.
 J.R.R. Tolkien. The Return
of the King.
Directors of the Universal
Clockwise from top:
Mary Jo Dively
William Elliott
Robbee Kosak
 Jane Austen.
Pride and Prejudice.
 Robert McCloskey.
One Morning in Maine.
 Louise Erdrich.
The Bingo Palace.
Celebrating the university’s
vice presidents (2004).
Richard & Susan
 Ron Chernov.
Alexander Hamilton.
 Jay Winik. April 1865:
The Month that Saved
Mr. Hamilton is a Trustee and
past president of the Alumni
Association. He and Sue are
charter members of the Library
Advancement Board.
Takeo Kanade
Joseph Traub
 Jeffrey McQuain.
Power Language:
Getting the Most
Out of Your Words.
 Miguel de Cervantes.
Don Quixote.
Even as they continue to
work, Drs. Kanade and Traub
(the latter now at Columbia)
have committed their papers
& research to the University
Archives, to be digitized for
online use and preserved.
Clockwise from front:
Eileen McConomy, MM ‘56
Regina Spanos, MM ‘61
Evelyn Murrin, MM ‘57
 Sena Jeter Naslund.
Ahab’s Wife, or the
 Thea Halo. Not Even
My Name.
 Bernhard Schlink.
The Reader.
This wonderful trio planned the
Margaret Morrison centennial
celebration in 2006, the year
that Maggie Murph Café opened
in Hunt Library.
Celebrating Carnegie Mellon Deans
West Coast Campus Jim Morris & Susan
Mellon College of Science Rick McCullough & Jai Vartiker
 Jared Diamond.
Collapse: How
Choose to Fail
or Succeed.
 Thomas Mann.
 Charles Dickens.
 Complete Works
of Shakespeare.
Celebrating Carnegie Mellon Deans
Qatar Campus Chuck Thorpe & Leslie
Mellon College of Science Randy Bryant & Janice
 Robert Pirsig.
Zen & the Art of
 Patricia Holton.
Mother Without a
Mask: A Westerner’s
Story of her Arab
 Thomas Friedman.
The World is Flat.
 Madeleine L’Engle.
A Wrinkle in Time.
Celebrating Carnegie
Mellon Deans From lower right:
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Pradeep Khosla &
Thespine Kavoulakis
Heinz School Mark Wessel &
Linda Babcock
 Charles A. Chapman. Seamanship
and Small Boat Handling.
 Linda Babcock & Sara Laschever.
Ask for It: How Women Can Use
the Power of Negotiation to Get
What They Really Want.
 Bertrand Russell.
The Conquest of Happiness.
 Lewis Thomas. The Lives of a
Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher.
Celebrating Carnegie Mellon Education
Vice Provost for Education & Professor Indira Nair & Bala Nair
Vice Provost & CIO of Computing Services Joel Smith &
Sandra D. Mitchell*
 Stephen Mitchell.
The Bhagavad
Gita: A New
 Daniel Quinn.
Ismael: An
Adventure of the
Mind and Spirit.
 Charles Darwin.
Origin of the
 Sandra D. Mitchell.
Complexity and
*With Emerson & Libby, the Smiths’ Welsh Corgis.
Listening to Students*
PhD candidate Janice Tsai, Tepper senior Evan Osheroff,
PhD candidate Patrick Gage Kelly, Tepper junior Brian Wade
 Bill Buford. Heat: An
Amateur’s Adventures
as a Kitchen Slave,
Pasta Maker, and
Apprentice to a DanteQuoting Butcher in
 Henry David Thoreau.
 J. G. Ballard.
Complete Short
 Random House
Dictionary of the
English Language,
2nd edition
*These terrific students were charter members of the Libraries’ Student Advisory Council (2008).
Celebrating Carnegie
Mellon Deans From left:
College of Humanities & Social
Sciences John Lehoczky &
Mary Lou
Mellon College of Science
Fred Gilman & Barbara
 Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
The Black Swan: The Impact
of the Highly Improbable.
 Louis Untermeyer.
Modern American Poetry
and Modern British Poetry.
 Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
Crime and Punishment.
 Ernest J. Gaines.
A Lesson Before Dying.
Stephanie & Raymond Lane
Ray is chairman of the CMU
Board of Trustees (2009-).
 Isabel de Madariaga.
Russia in the Age of
Catherine the Great.
 Roy Jenkins.
Celebrating Carnegie
Mellon Deans From left:
College of Fine Arts Hilary
Rema Padman & Heinz
College Dean Ramayya
 Shakespeare. Sonnets.
 Jane Austen. Seven Novels.
 Carl Shapiro & Hal Varian.
Information Rules: A
Strategic Guide to the
Network Economy.
Recognizing Help Hunt
and the Archies From left:
Arthur Notaro CFA 2012
Erica Spiritos CIT 2011
Sam Faller CFA 2011
 John Galsworthy.
The Forsyte Saga.
 Paul Coelho.
The Alchemist.
 Bible.
Katherine Jennings &
Larry E. Jennings, Jr.
(MCS 1984 , TPR 1987)
Mr. Jennings is a university
Trustee and member of the
Libraries Advancement Board.
 Michael Barone.
Our First Revolution:
The Remarkable British
Upheaval that Inspired
America’s Founding Fathers.
 David McCullough.
Brave Companions:
Portraits in History.
Edward J. Grefenstette
(GSIA 1998) & Mark Laskow
Mr. Grefenstette is CIO of the
Dietrich Charitable Trusts.
Mr. Laskow is managing
director of Greycourt & Co.
 William S. Dietrich II.
Eminent Pittsburghers.
 Thomas Pynchon.
Gravity’s Rainbow.
Roger Sorrells (1936-2011)
Roger was sketched by his daughter Alexandra in
two of his preferred activities, walking and reading,
as she looks on from a small self-portrait. Roger took
Alexandra to the library weekly to check out books
for bedtime reading because he did not like to read
the same books over and over. A drunk driver killed
Alexandra in 1982 when she was 20.
Roger and Gloriana St. Clair came together
at Texas A&M in 1984. They subsequently travelled
extensively in projects related to digital libraries in
general, and Carnegie Mellon’s Million Book Project
in particular. With Gloriana, Roger was a founding
member of the Highlands Circle donor society.
Roger died on September 2, 2011, from Advance
Stage Parkinson’s disease. In spring 2012, Carnegie
Mellon University renamed the Engineering & Science
Library as the Roger Sorrells Engineering &
Science Library with an endowment from Gloriana.
Roger’s personal library included books on
computer science, mathematics, physics,
nature, biographies of scientists, history and
Shakespeare. One of his favorite novels was
J. M. Coetzee’s Slow Man.
To Be Continued…