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Project: Tuck Everlasting
DUE DATE: December 13
You will pick ONE of the following project ideas:
This will be worth 2 test grades so be thorough!!
1. Diary of Winnie Cooper – this diary is a 20 entry minimum of Winnie’s experiences from the
time she leaves her yard to the end of her life. The first ten need to be her experiences from the
time she leaves her yard to the end of the story. The second ten need to be after the book ends
until her death. Remember – this is a diary entry so it needs to be in first person. Be creative
and use details from the novel to help enhance your diary. It can be typed or hand written.
2. Webquest. Go to the following site and complete the web quest project. (The web quest tells
you to do it with a partner, but you are to do it alone.)
Your obituary can be typed or handwritten neatly. Make sure that you read through all the
tasks and do all of the research before beginning to write.
3. Power Point - You are to do a 20 slide power point about Tuck Everlasting. You need to use all
the following literary terms: theme, symbolism, characters, setting, plot, irony, conflict, and any
others that you choose. One slide needs to be a title page and one slide needs to be a reference
page. Make sure that the font and color of slides are easy to read. Check for spelling and
grammar errors.
4. Video – you are to create a video of Winnie after the book ends. This project offers the most
creativity and freedom. You can act out any part of Winnie’s life after the book. The video
needs to be at least 3 minutes long.
5. Written Summary – This is a two page summary of the book Tuck Everlasting. You must include
the 5 parts of a plot within the summary. You must give some examples of theme, symbolism,
metaphors and similes within the summary. May be hand written or typed.