Show what you know game

Objectives: Children will learn about …
 The Annunciation and Visitation
 Mary as Mother of Jesus and the Church
 Review of concepts covered so far
Date: November 24
Finding God: Chapters 14 & 15
Group 1
The Annunciation
On desks: Rosary worksheet or crossword
Opening Prayer
Group Work (20 minutes each)
Explain what the Annunciation is.
Say: The Annunciation is what we call the event when the Angel
Gabriel came to Mary and told her she would be the Mother of the
Christ brought into the world to save us all.
Play scripts
Use the scripts to put on an Annunciation play. Choose children to
play the parts of Narrator, Mary, and the Angel Gabriel.
Mary as Mother of Say: Mary trusted God and gave herself over to him completely.
Mary said yes! God entrusted her with the most wonderful gift we
the Church
could ever receive in Jesus. Mary is considered the Mother of the
The Magnificat
The Visitation
Have the children read p. 108 and p. 109 Explain that Mary’s words
of praise are now known as the Magnificat. If there is time, have the
children read from Luke 1: 46-55.
Group 2
Chapter 15
Concept review
Say: Let’s go over what we have learned so far. Who wants to play a
There are two teams. Each team will choose a spokesperson to tell the
teacher what answer they have decided on. The two teams will
hear a question, huddle quietly to decide on an answer, and then
the spokesperson will give the answer when asked. Each correct
answer is worth a point. In the event of two correct answers, a
point is awarded to each team. Points are recorded on the white
board. One point will be taken away if someone from the team
calls out the answer before being asked. Winner gets bragging
Closing prayer
The Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be
Prayer challenge if time allows
Dry erase
The Annunciation Play
Narrator, Mary, Angel Gabriel
Narrator: In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, the Angel Gabriel was sent by the Lord to the town
of Nazareth to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph, of the house of David. The virgin’s name was
Mary. Coming to her Gabriel said…..
Gabriel: Hail favored one. The Lord is with you.
Mary: (act afraid and make a surprised gasp or noise)
Narrator: Mary was frightened and wondered what sort of greeting this could be.
Gabriel: Do not be afraid for you have found favor with God. You shall have a son and name him Jesus. He
will be great and shall be called Son of the Most High. In his kingdom there will be no end.
Mary: How can this be? I do not understand.
Gabriel: The Holy Spirit will come to you. The Child will be Holy, the son of God. Behold, your cousin
Elizabeth is also with child even in her old age. Nothing is impossible for God.
Mary: (Mary knelt before the Angel) Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me
according to your word.
Narrator: After she said this, the angel departed from her.
Show what you know game
Name the writers of the 4 Gospels.
Matthew, Marc, Luke, and John
In the creation story, what did God do on the 7 day?
In what book of the Bible do we find the Creation story?
Name the Patron Saint of farmers.
St. Isidore
Name the first man God created.
Amen means?
I believe
Hod did Joseph find out Mary’s son was God’s?
from an angel in a dream
Tell me what a tabernacle is.
It houses the consecrated host or something along that line
Show me how you Genuflect.
In prayer, we call asking God for what we need a_____ .
When we pray thanking God we call that____________ .
What is the name we give to the one God with three parts?
The Holy Trinity
What does the dove symbolize?
The Holy spirit
Name one of Mary’s parents.
St. Ann or St. Joachim
We call a person who was a friend of God in life and now lives with Him forever in Heaven a . Saint
The Great Commandment says what?
Love God above all else and love thy neighbor as thy self
Where did Mary and Joseph find Jesus after He had been missing for 3 days?
The temple
I took my friend’s candy without asking. What commandment did I break?
Thou shall not steal
I said I did my homework but really didn’t do it. What commandment did I break?
False witness
How many commandments do we observe?
In the parable of the banquet, who did the man invite?
Who was the first Pope?
Give 3 other names for Jesus.
Good Shepherd, Messiah, Son of God, Emmanuel….
During Mass, how many readings do we have and where do they come from? 3 Old testament, new
testament and Gospel
Jesus is the ____________. The Father is the vine grower.
Name the Sacraments you have had.
Baptism and Reconciliation
Baptism rids us of _____________.
Original Sin
Name the tax collector who became a friend of Jesus.
Confession is also called _______________.
After reconciliation, the Priest gives us this to make up for our sins.
This is the name for the sadness we feel when we know we have sinned.