Summary Report to C-II Committee on the 32 nd International

Summary Report to C-II Committee
on the 32 nd International Conference
on High Energy Physics
Hesheng Chen
Institute of High energy Physics
Conference Date
Conference Venue
Scientific Program
1. Conference Date
August 16 (Monday)
August 22 (Sunday), 2004
2. Conference Venue
Beijing International Convention Center (BICC)
No. 8 Beichen East Road
Chao Yang District, Beijing 100101
3. Committees
For successful organization, the following
committees had been created:
the International Advisory Committee,
the Scientific Program Committee
the Local Organizing Committee.
a. International Advisory Committee
G.Z. Zhou (Honorary Chair)
L. Maiani (CERN)
S. Bertolucci (LNF)
W. Namkong (POSTECH)
H.S. Chen (IHEP, Chair)
A.N. Skrinsky (Budker)
M. Davier (LAL)
M. Tigner (Cornell)
J. Dorfan (SLAC)
S.C.C. Ting (MIT)
E. Iarocci (INFN)
Y. Totsuka (KEK)
T. Kirk (BNL)
A. Wagner (DESY)
M. Koshiba (University of Tokyo)
M.S. Witherell (FERMILAB)
T.D. Lee (Columbia University)
C.N. Yang (Stony Brook)
V. Luth (C-11)
b. Scientific Program Committee
A. Astbury (TRIUMPH)
W. Bardeen (FNAL)
R. Cashmore (CERN)
K.T. Chao (Peking Univ.)
H.F. Chen (USTC)
P. Dornan (Imperial College)
D.S. Du (IHEP)
J. Ellis (CERN)
P. Franzini (Univ. Rome)
D. Gross (UCSB)
T. Huang (IHEP)
M. Kobayashi (KEK)
S. Komamiya (Univ. of Tokyo)
Y.P. Kuang (Tsinghua Univ.)
W.G. Li (IHEP)
A. Martin (Durham Univ.)
G.V. Middelkoop (NIKHEF)
M.E.Peskin (SLAC)
P. Roy (TATA)
H.S. Song (SNU)
S.L. Wu (Univ. of Wisconsin)
D. Hitlin (CALTECH)
P. Zerwas (DESY)
Z.X. Zhang (ITP)
c. Local Organizing Committee
Weiguo Li (Chair)
Yueliang Wu
Dongsheng Du (Co-chair)
Zhizhong Xing
Yuqi Chen
Tongzhou Xu
Shan Jin
Chuansong Yu
Chuan Liu
Xinmin Zhang
Caidian Lu
Yuanyuan Zhong
Jianping Ma
Chuanjie Zhu
Qing Wang
Pengfei Zhuang
Yifang Wang
Binsong Zou
4. Attendance
About 850 people had registered for the conference.
Actual attendance
About 730 people actually showed up.
Foreign participants: 527
Chinese participants: 204
5. Scientific Program
During the selection process, we had solicited
opinions from members of the Scientific Program
Committee regarding many issues such as the selection of
parallel session conveners, plenary session talks, and time
allocation to the sessions and the plenary talks. In general,
there had been very good input, but in many cases replies
came too slow.
Topics for plenary sessions had been selected on the
basis of the most recent developments in the field with
some considerations given to regional balance. The
responsibilities for selecting topics for parallel sessions
had been largely given to the session conveners who had
full authority in organizing topics in his/her session. Details
are as below:
a. 13 Parallel Sessions
1. Neutrino Masses & mixings Number of presentations: 22
Conveners: Fumihiko Suekane (Tohoku Univ.)
Andrea Romanino (CERN)
Zhizhong Xing (IHEP)
2. Quark matter & heavy ion collisions Number of presentations: 16
Conveners: Nu Xu (LBNL, Ep.)
Ralf Rapp (Texas A&M)
3. Particle astrophysics & cosmology Number of presentations: 18
Conveners: Slava Mukhanov (Univ. Muenchen)
Pierre Binetruy ( Orsay)
Roberto Battiston (INFN)
4. Electroweak Physics Number of presentations: 27
Conveners: Marcela Carena (FNAL)
Martin Grunewald (Dublin, L3)
Jin Shan (IHEP)
a. 13 Parallel Sessions
5. QCD hard interactions Number of presentations: 30
Conveners: E.-C.Aschenauer (DESY)
Yuanning Gao (Tsinghua Univ.)
6. QCD soft interactions Number of presentations: 24
Conveners: Markus Diehl (Desy)
Zhiqing Zhang (Orsay)
7. Computational quantum field theory Number of presentations: 8
Conveners: Zvi Bern (UCLA)
Jonathan Flynn (UK)
Chuan Liu(Peking Univ.)
8. CP Violation ,Rare Kaon Decay & CKM Number of presentations: 36
Conveners: C.S.Kim (Yonsei Univ.)
G.Isidori (INFN)
James D. Olsen (Princeton Univ.)
a. 13 Parallel Sessions
9. R&D for future accelerator & detector Number of presentations: 20
Conveners: S. Komamiya (Tokyo Univ.)
Zhi-Yuan Guo (IHEP)
Chris Adolphsen (SLAC)
10. Hadron spectroscopy & exotics Number of presentations: 29
Conveners: E.Klempt (Bonn Univ.)
Bingsong Zou (IHEP)
11. Heavy quark mesons & baryons Number of presentations: 39
Conveners: Dan Pirjol (MIT)
Stefano Giagu
W. S. Hou (NTU)
12. Beyond the standard model Number of presentations: 31
Conveners: Georg Weiglein (Durham)
Yueliang Wu (ITP)Teruki
Kamon (Texas A&M)
13. String theory Number of presentations: 5
Conveners: Piljin Yi (KIAS)
Miao Li (ITP)
Micha Berkooz (Weizmann)
b. 26 Plenary Talks
1.Recent results of CP violation in B decays
2.Recent results of B decays
3. Rare K decays and CP,CPT violation
4. CKM and CP violation
5. Charm physics
6. Electroweak physics
7. New results for top and Higgs (Tevatron)
8. New results for heavy flavor and QCD tests (Tevatron)
9. Searching for new physics
10. Physics at Linear colliders
11. Quark matter at high density/temperature
12. Hadron Spectroscopy-an overview (theory)
13. New results on hadron spectroscopy (experiment)
b. 26 Plenary Talks
14. Review of heavy quark physics
15. Neutrino physics (accelerator based experiments)
16. Neutrino physics (non-accelerator based experiments)
17. Neutrino physics (theory)
18. QCD at high energy at HERA
19. QCD review (theory)
20. Recent results on lattice calculations
21. Particle astrophysics & cosmology
22. Strings, branes and extra dimensions
23. Future accelerators
24. Future detectors
25. Reports by various committees
26. Conference Summary
c. Posters
We had organized both lab and individual posters. The
following 19 labs joined the lab poster session:
We solicited through session conveners, but only a few
individuals participated.
6. Finance
a. Income
The registration fee was a little less than 200,000 USD.
The financial support from various sources was about 45,000 USD.
IUPAP 14,500 USD
10,000 USD
NSFC 20,000 USD
1,200 USD
Total income: 245,700 USD
6. Finance
b. Outlay
Conference rooms
Tea breaks
Conference bag
6,000 / day x 3 days = 18,000 USD
8,000/day x 3 days = 24,000USD
38 x 900 copies = 34,200 USD
25 x 900 persons = 22,500 USD
45 x 1,000 persons = 45,000 USD
2.5 x 900 x 12 = 27,000 USD
14$ x 1000 = 14,000$
6. Finance
Office Equipments (mainly for computers and the registration
room) 15,000 USD
Support to students and participants from developing countries
35,000 USD (China Pakistan Russia Argentina Czech
Vietnam Ukraine Serbia and Montenegro India Korea
Meeting support 5,000USD (Including two C-11 meetings,
ICFA, ILCSC one day, Interactions Collaboration two full
Total outlay: 250,700 USD
In addition to pay the deficit of 5000 USD, IHEP also
supported a large amount of manpower, postages, office
supply in total about 12,000 USD.
6. Finance
The conference should have more income, and the
relatively larger expenditure was mainly due to
1) Number of people showing up was much less
than expected, and yet most contracts had been signed
on the basis of 900 or 1000 people, proceedings and
the banquet for instance,
2) We had supported too many local students and
participants from poor local institutions.
7. Proceedings
Proceedings (two volumes)
were contracted to WSP,
Singapore and are now
ready and are being
8. Summary
The conference had been very successful in that it
had been carried out in full conformity with the IUPAP
values and principles, through the conference scientific
ideas had been exchanged among the participants,
friendship and cooperation had been strengthened.
Hereby I would like to be on behalf of the host
institution to express my thanks to all the sponsors and
everybody here who made it available for us to host